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We have normality..

I repeat we have normality, anything you still can't deal with...

Well you get the picture, I've made it and all is well smiley - smiley

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I really wish they wouldn't do this to me...

(Screen shot from about 17:45 2011-06-14)

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Popped back in...

... just to see how things were ticking over.

Looked on the who's online list and realised I was at the top smiley - groan

Think I'll disappear back into the ether!

For anyone interested I'm writing up my PhD and working as a researcher, still doing sign language recognition smiley - smiley

smiley - towel

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What do we pay them for?

On the way into uni today I noticed that the back of someone's garage had been knocked in, there was a large gaping hole in the brick work and the roof was looking precarious at best. Being the kind of person I am, and related to my earlier journal post, I went round to the front of the garage and tried to see if there was a number to link it to a house. (they are detached garages and there is a line of them that belongs to a group of houses in the road nearby) It had no number on it but the one next to it did.

When I got into the office I decided to try phoning the police to see if they could send someone round to investigate, after being redirected through their call system to various different departments I was finally told that they couldn't do anything about it as I wasn't the owner and I didn't know who the owner was. Could they send someone round to look? no they don't have the resources. Could they phone the council to find out who owns the garage (I had given them the number on the garage next to it)? no, that wasn't part of the procedure. They would however take my name, phone number and address and note that I had reported it and that they had done nothing about it smiley - grr

So next I phone the crime prevention (neighbourhood watch) office at the council and asked if they could do anything. Certainly madam, we have a warden in that area I'll phone him right away, can I take your number in case he needs further directions? sure.

So the police who are paid to investigate crimes refused to do anything and instead a voluntary warden will go and investigate, hopefully notifying the owners and preventing the theft of anything that might be stored in said garage.

Bureaucracy has a lot to answer for. smiley - erm

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As I was travelling into work today I noticed that there was more than one person who having got on the train after me did not show their tickets when the guard came past asking 'any unseen tickets?' Now although I realise it should be the Guard's job to check all the tickets I do regret not having said anything about the people who for all I know could have been fare dodging.

The question is what can be done about people who do not appear to have enough social responsibility to own up to not having bought a ticket (one which is likely to be of the £30 value)?

Just the other day a lad standing at the station threw his empty drinks bottle over a fence into the 'green bit' behind, I confronted him about it and told him that it was our taxes that were going up year on year to pay for socially irresponsible people like himself and that next time he couldn't be bothered to walk the 10m to the bin he should think of how he was going to explain himself to us. He looked sheepish and did nothing and I later realised that it was because his mother was sitting on the train station bench.

How can we expect the next generation to grow up politely when the current one just stands by and accepts this sort of behaviour.

So I'd like to start something, I'd like people to stand up when they see something being done that is impolite or socially irresponsible, (I'm not asking anyone to counter groups of young lads though if there's a larger group of older lads who feel like taking on the task of politely reminding them that they are not alone in the world then I wouldn't mind! - not vigilante style just safety in numbers)

I've decided that I'm not going to stand idly by and watch my country go to waste, I'm going to tell tales on fare dodgers, I can't afford not to, I'm going to confront litter droppers, I want a clean neighbourhood, but I think most importantly I'm going to smile at people in the street, just to let them know that I've noticed them and that I thought they were worth a smile.

I'm not sure I agree with the governments new 'Respect Laws' but I do agree with the sentiment. You can't enforce respect from the top down but you can instigate it from the bottom up.

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