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This is why God created the internet

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

So we could have things like

Incidentally, he is kind of a douchebag. But I'm voting for him anyway.

This is why God created the internet

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

That is a suprise. Are you not at all interested in Michael Badnarik?

This is why God created the internet

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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

Not terribly. I'm shocked to discover a Democrat that I actually respect. And my normal statement about how the two major parties are actually a single party called the Republicrats, and you can't tell your ass from an elephant without a scorecard, is invalid this year. The current situation has really polarized the two parties, and there is a real choice between them. I think Kerry is strong enough on his own right (other than the occasional doucheness) that I would have to consider him seriously in any election year. That he happens to be running against that dangerous buffoon just makes the decision easier.

This is why God created the internet

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - applausefor voting.

I do hope you'll welcome Mrs. Blair to your shores on her mega-bucks speech-tour this coming week.
Can't be resheduled even though her hubby has just (Friday) had a heart operation, because - well, they've just bought a £3.2million house.
All her security will be paid for by the British taxpayer, so please make sure they're doing their job, and looking after the lady while she's lining their own bank account.

Strange how she's Mrs. Tony Blair when she's wanting free security and negotiating massive discounts on designer clothes, but she's Ms. Booth Q.C. when writing books and doing the tour circuit.

smiley - grr

This is why God created the internet

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Edward the Bonobo - Gone.

Feelings amongst left-leaning US voters must be akin to those of UK socialists in '97. We knew we had to get rid of the other b*****ds who'd been ruining the country for the previous 18 years - but knew that Blair wasn't one of us.

Distressingly, there was a wave of euphoria at the time (which, admittedly, we shared in the early hours of 2/5/97 - who, for instance, could forget the look on Portillo's face!) amongst the very fools who had been keeping the Tories in power.

So - my only words of advice are: Vote for Kerry - then give him hell the very next day!

(A moot point. He's cruisin' for a bruisin', isn't hesmiley - sadface)

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This is why God created the internet

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