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I'm guessing that this page was done w/ HTML?? If so is there any way that you can put in the section headers (IE if you go to my page, I have a section for local hitchikers, and I think a section for Myrtle Beach). If so could u tell me the code, I'd like to convert to HTML as I know HTML, but have to look up any codes that are in GML as I don't know it nearly as well. Thanks



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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

It looks like you already did a pretty good job of it, all things considered. I would recommend you change to GuideML if you want that appearance, though, because the XML parser does some things to the code that you would rather not have to do yourself. It builds the graphic by sizing it to the correct specifications for the number of characters you have, and builds a table of the correct proportions. When you change to GuideML, you're not losing anything that you would have in HTML, but you are gaining features, one of which is the ease of use of the tag. Other stuff you gain:

Error checking. When you click on "preview," a page in GuideML will automatically be checked to verify all your tags are properly opened and closed.

Reference column: when you use the tag in place of the tag, you get a list of all referenced links in the column to the right of the page. Use for Referenced Researchers, for Referenced Entries, and for Referenced Links

Stuff you lose:

In all XML variants, every single tag must be closed. That means that things you could leave open ordinarily in HTML have to be closed. This makes things like definition lists a real pain to code, but cut and paste makes it easier.

So basically, you can use all the tags you already know from HTML when you write a page in GuideML, and you're just adding a few new tags to make things easier. The only reason my homepage is in HTML is because that was all I knew when I made it, and after I learned GuideML, I just decided that it would be too much work to re-code, and too little to gain from it, but all of my articles since have been in GuideML.


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My web page is in GML, but I would like to convert to HTML, I was wondering if there was any way to make the headers in HTML though, as that's the reason I decided to convert to GML, but prefer HTML


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Blatherskite the Mugwump - Bandwidth Bandit

There is a way, but as I said, they'll be difficult, and would take forever to explain. Besides, all your HTML tags can be used in GML.

If you wanted to cheat, though, you could do it. Just make whatever header you're trying to make in GML, upload it to H2G2 so you can see the result, and then check the source code. Poke around in the source code until you find the bit for the header, and copy it. Your browser doesn't deal with GML... the H2G2 parser converts it all into HTML for you, so the resulting code would be the HTML equivalent of the header tag. Paste that result into your page when you edit it into HTML, and you're all set.

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