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Hello it's me

 Why do people who call you on the phone say 'hello it's me'. If you know who they are they don't need to tell you and if you don't know who they are then you still wont know!

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English Food

 Whilst driving to work today I was thinking about tourists and what they think of English Food. This inspired me to sumbit entries on Yorkshire Puddings and Cowpats. I do apologise to any Yorkies that I have offended but you have to admit that on the whole English food is pretty dire and the average Yorkshire pudding as served to a tourist is nothing to be proud of.

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 Wouldn't it be nice if someone invented a Chameleon skin handbag so that women could buy just one handbag that would match all of their outfits. The only problem might be that it would be difficult to find when going out.

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