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Is it just coincidence that my first journal entry appears on the same day as Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (hereafter referred to as SWE1:TPM … or somesuch) is released in the UK? Or perhaps it was a complex ploy by myself to have the film released today instead of tomorrow so I could name my first entry Episode 1. You’ll never know.

I have now seen SWE1:TPM. If you want more information, look elsewhere. If you want my opinion … I saw it twice. I’ll be seeing it again tomorrow. Draw your own conclusions.

I had a Wimpy for lunch. I thought that I had better while I still could, as that particular chain seems to be losing a lot of links. I know that there is one in Holborn and another in Twickenham. The one in Kingston has recently closed. Where are the rest? Answers on a postcard …


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