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Trying to sense and control, that's the wrong word, be with, the energy
that surrounds us and makes us. It's tricky but it can be done. Positivity
is created firstly in your mind then if enough is there, passed out to others
who likewise pass on their own.

If only everyone did this. All the time. But who am I to speak, I can only do
it rarely as well. More practice and remember - think happy thoughts.

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Here I sit quietly not working and what do I find?
The IT dept has installed websense to keep a track of what I,
a humble internet developer, am doing. Do they expect me to work all
the time?
How am I meant to see whats new on the Net and expand my knowledge
with this nosey program either shutting me out of my favourite sites
or grassing me up for looking at them.
Something will have to be done.........

UHF anyone?

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