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Damnable fridge/freezer

In the course of the grand move out from lanna's trailer to lanna's mom's house, we had cause to move much of the furniture and the appliances today.. we grabbed the two couches, the washer and dryer, and the fridge freezer.

The fridge freezer. Which is the heaviest godd*mned object I've *EVER* had the displeasure of moving. The immense hassle that that took two strong (one more so than the other - I'm making no claims of herculean strength) men to move that mofo was *RIDICULOUS*.

That fridge freezer is incarnation. smiley - tongueout

(yes, nyssabird, the fridge/freezer is what it took. smiley - laugh)

In other news, I love my wife. smiley - loveblushsmiley - kiss... that is all!

(smiley - grr at fridgefreezer... haha! you have to sit in the yard!)

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I'm naughty. See the bottom of uspace for details. *whistles innocently*

In any case, lots of things to write about - none of which I'm going to go into in depth, because I'm lazy. And tired. smiley - cdouble In any case, since last month's installment, I've.. continued being happily married. smiley - winkeye.. notable experiences include my first 4th July (don't worry.. not a patch on bonfire night) and "Zeb's Hot Springs". Don't.. even.. ask.

America is such a unique place. smiley - laugh

Lanna have almost finished our website ( - by which I should say I've finished (not having included any content in my site) and lanna almost has (having included *lots* of content in hers. Keep watching the skies. smiley - whistle

Most blessedly, today, Lanna got hired (on the spot, I should add) for a job! smiley - biggrinsmiley - bubbly.. blessed day, what. smiley - winkeye .. she really is a sweetie - the dear darling decked out the living room with decorations for my birthday, only to have me woken by a phonecall from one of my parents and stumble out to take it, half-asleep. Somewhat anticlimactic, but I appreciated everything just as much. Lanna *is* a darling, for the record. smiley - loveblush

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marriage announcement

Thanks to the grace of deity (or simply each other), it appears that nyssa and I have got on more sparklingly than ever we had imagined; we're spending most of our time at the moment organising from the future. Few things are as exhilerating as a future with lanna, but one of the most exhilerating of the few is that in approximately three weeks, we're getting married. smiley - angel

our most excellent friend marv, who has thus far shown us the most kind of kindnesses, is both to be present and to be the best man at the wedding; possibly the most h2g2 of h2g2 marriages which have yet occurred - we like to think so. And of course, any and all of our frisnds from h2g2 are more than welcome to make an appearance at the ceremony in idaho should they be able to; most likely is that we'll be holding it in a state park around an hour from Moscow, and staying the night there the night before.

We've so far settled upon a wedding dress and entourage for the groom, and found coordinating outfits for joseph and nyssa, lanna's little ones.

Here's hoping that everything proceeds as beautifully as it has already done! smiley - rose

smiley - loveblush

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things in general

I've spent the last several hours being able to sleep, and being totally unable to for reasons unclear to me, so I'm sitting online at 7, which is a horrible hour in the morning, and posting to my journal. Hideously exciting, I know, but I needed something to do. So I'm updating whoever reads my journal with details of my life. smiley - winkeye

Nyssa and I have settled into some sort of pattern-like life, and she's currently looking for gainful employment in order that we have a little more money to play with. Whilst I came to the US with the intention of leaving and working in the UK for a few months, it's increasingly looking like we might end up getting married over here, or at least, I think. smiley - erm

Somehow, I've managed to catch what seems to be a consecutive half dozen of american illnesses - which is extremely annoying. I haven't managed to be without headaches, stomach aches, aches and pains, snivvly noses, unhappy digestive system, and general unhappiness for several weeks, which isn't helping either nyssa nor my states of mind. We're generally a bit stressed out. At least, I think that's all it is. smiley - blue

Hopefully, at some point in the future, we'll settle into a routine and both find solace in each other, but at the moment smiley - blue seems to be the best way to describe things, although life has ups as well as downs. Seven in the morning just isn't an appropriate place to discuss them, I'll warrant. smiley - winkeye.. at least I'm not considering leaving just yet. smiley - whistlesmiley - loveblush

smiley - rose

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the obligatory progress report.. after arriving at the airport, no-one was there to meet me. I sat around for an hour or so before being paged over the airport intercom system - which, after getting confused as to how to collect paging messages, informed me that "my fiancée had been in a car wreck". smiley - yikes

I managed to collect call Lanna, who was more than a little unhappy, and we ended up sticking me in a hotel overnight - which for an airport hotel was fairly impressive. I maintain that the "cheapest room in the hotel" shouldn't have three rooms, two double beds, a microwave, a fridge, and as much floorspace as the upstairs of a sizable house. smiley - winkeye.. not that I'm complaining. smiley - angel

So, rather than at 11 at night at Spokane airport (and after 36 hours of plane journey), I met nyssa again standing in a hotel doorway of the Ramada Inn at Spokane airport. smiley - angel.. (having peeked through the security window in the door to see whether it was her at the door and scurried around my room to try and make myself look presentable for a few seconds). smiley - bigeyes

She's even more wonderful than she was in London, and being around her as often as I'm now able to is such a rare pleasure. smiley - wow.. her kids are also quite exceptionally sweet. (and she makes rather excellent food. smiley - run).

Here's to staying here for as long as possible (or until my visa runs out, whichever is the latter) - smiley - cheers

smiley - rose

smiley - loveblush

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