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Hey Y'all

It is soooo god to be back so soon I though i would be offline for weeks and ive missed the net sooo sooo much (ME HUGS ME PC) i LOVE THE NET !!!!

Well just a wee note to say hello all and IM BACK !!!!!

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As I am moving next week Im just posting to say that I will be offline from thursday 27th July until further notice. Posably 2-3 weeks till I get my new connection in the new place.

I will catch up with you all when im back on line and that is also when I will be taking up peer reveiw and writing my own articles seriously.

I have enjoyed catching up with old friends in the BTVS Admiration society and look forward to being back online and helping out with things for them.

I wont be online much this week as im packing and orginising but my sis faith will keep anyone updated on when i'll be back online.

I will miss speaking to you all whilst im offline but look forward to my return in august at some point (I HOPE)

Speak to you all later xxxxx

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to do

Egypt Entry
Fancy Rats Entry
Buffy entry
Ange Entry

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Has anyone ever been to egypt if so send me a message and let me know about it. smiley - smiley

Im fascinated by the ancient Egyptian culture and history but dont know a lot about today's goings on. It would help me lots if I had an insight or different view points on Modern Egypt.

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