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OK so I'm another one who heard about the de-merge from the BBC, and thought " Hey - didn't I have something to do with that once? "; and decided to log back in and see what it was all about.

Have actually been much more active on wakipedia - but find their stringent 'no original research' ethos a bit difficult to take sometimes. So have decided to come back to where original writing is encouraged..smiley - biggrin


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Lanzababy - Guide Editor


Just dropping by to say hello - and how nice it is to see people revisiting the place.

I'm a comparative newcomer, but subscribed to Editorial Feedback, which is where I saw your posts re the Salvation Army and Booth.

No doubt the curators will respond to you in those threads to update the Entries after your input.

It's really great that you might think of contributing to h2g2 - we really want to revive the sense of purpose and freshness once we've successfully completed the handover from the BBC.



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Freshness and purpose - man I fel like I'm on the crest of a wave.. can't get fresher than that... smiley - laugh

Seriously coming back to h2g2 after a spell over on wikipedia... I do look a some of the articles and think..

"love the style... but some of the FACTS... ouch"


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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

Yes - seriously we need a lot of updating. I totally agree, and we have it on the agenda as an Important Item.

There are 10,000 Entries though so it may take a while as they have been written since 1999 onwards. Some can be classified as Mostly Harmless, but others are seriously wrong. If we find them we do something about them as soon as possible. Hence the Feedback forum - but there are lots of outdated Entries out there.


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Icy North

Hi jpb,

I came here for exactly the same reason - welcome back!

And thank you for taking the trouble to update the Salvation Army entry. I remember that one going through Peer Review, and it's good to see it refreshed.

This one's surely due another airing on the Front Page. I'd like to see more of the newly updated entries re-featured, and I'll see if we can get something going post-BBC. For one thing, it encourages people to keep their entries bang up to date.

smiley - cheers Icy


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Lanzababy - Guide Editor

smiley - biggrin

There are all sorts of new things in the pipeline too - so please feel welcome here. We need new faces and insights as we develop the site.

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