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Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin

So I've changed usernames again, from KimikoMuffin to Dizzy H. Muffin. (The "H" is silent.)

I also haven't said this anywhere before, but I'm also retiring Kramer as a character. Apart from anything else, I've basically always done this thing where "my RL is reflected by this character", so I've decided that I should reimagine this character as *also* a depressive trans girl who doesn't know what she's doing. Probably won't roleplay as her, though. (I've got a few other ideas ...)

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Latest reply: May 10, 2017

Oh, whoops

Haven't been around in a while.

My mental health has not been great, but I'm filled with determination. smiley - love

... except when I'm not. smiley - brokenheart

BUT IT REFUSED smiley - love okay I'm done with this tortured video game reference

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Broken Arm

Whoops, I haven't been on the H2G2 in a while ...

On August 19th my bicycle hit a pothole. My hand went out to catch myself, and ... it worked, from a certain point of view! smiley - erm

The people at the emergency room in the local hospital took one look and decided they weren't touching it, so I had to get taken to a different hospital which is over an hour's drive away; over the weekend I stayed at my mother's house. My arm got surgery and was in a split for a couple of weeks; I stayed at my dad's house after the surgery because my mom and stepdad had some Business Stuff which really couldn't wait.

The splint got taken off on Tuesday at hospital #2 and replaced with a removable bracer; the doctor prescribed getting tiny amounts of exercise for it, and said I was absolutely forbidden from having long soaking baths, hot tubs, saunas etc. for at *least* three days. The next appointment will be on October 20th, at which point I'll be getting OT at the local hospital, which is only a 20 minute walk away.

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Weird Gender

Contains discussion of gender, and various things that this entails. Thought I'd put my thoughts down there ...

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*looks around*

Oh ... hi.

Been a while. Must be time to drift back again.

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