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Oh Wailey, Wailey, Wailey!

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Well, that news was a bit of a blow wasn't it? What news, I hear you ask? The news that's made me creep out of the woodwork to post this, and if you STILL don't know what I'm talking about then you must have emulated the metaphorical ostrich and had your head stuck in the sand (except, as it turns out, ostriches don't do that. But I digress)

The news that Auntie Beeb, in her infinite wisdom, has given H2G2 the boot and is leaving it wandering the streets like a lost kitten looking for a new home with a kind owner and a big fireplace for cold winter's nights (Yes, I know it hasn't happened exactly like that. It's called Artistic Licence or, to give it a more accurate name, lying cos it sounds better) And the whole place puts me in mind of a bunch of Nac Mac Feegle panicing at the inevitable arrival of the Crosssing O' The Arms and the Tappin O' The Feets. But the thing about Feegles is they LOOK small and harmless. More often than not, however, they look bigger and more dangerous as they climb up your trouser leg and give 'ye a face full o' heid, ye scunner!'

Which brings me, by a rather convoluted path, to my point. Right now, people are panicking. It's a knee-jerk reaction to the news. All we need to do is calm down, take a few deep breaths and formulate a Plan (spelling is optional, of course) There are some fantastic ideas being banded around right now, and at least ONE of em is bound to take off.

There was a point to all this but unfortunately I've quite forgotten. Also, why the sudden obsession with the Feegles? Ah, well, answers on a postcard please. Double points if you can answer both questions.

Oh yes, also: Hi everyone! I'm back.

Oh Wailey, Wailey, Wailey!

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Hi Aximili,

One plan is being formed at h2g2 Community Consortium. The idea is that we the h2g2 members end up as the new owners and operators of h2g2. Details can be found at A80173361. It is a google group:

Please consider joining the group.

A second group, n2g2, seemed to form at yahoo groups, but their stated purpose is a backup plan if we ever have "nowhere to go 2". It seems their active members are currently at the google group.

I hope to see you there.

Oh Wailey, Wailey, Wailey!

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Oh, Axi, what a time for you to come back! smiley - hug

Oh Wailey, Wailey, Wailey!

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Hi Happy. Yes, I noticed that quite a few people do seem to be stepping up to the ante and formulating plans. It'll certainly be interesting to see which ones (if any) come to fruition.

Hi lil. I might not come here as often as I used to but H2G2 still has and always will have a special place in my heart.

Oh, I say, this new look is a bit fancy isn't it? But it'll never have the classic timelessness of Goo.

Oh Wailey, Wailey, Wailey!

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smiley - space
&#3!9;&#3!9;smiley - space&#3!9;&#3!9;&#3!9; stupid blasted silly mess
a brouhaha of ridiculous &#3!9;&#3!9; proportions


this makes it so eaaasy to swear smiley - wow


it is possible some &#3!9;&#3!9;&#3!9;&#3!9;ing &#3!9;&#3!9; will come out of this tho

Oh Wailey, Wailey, Wailey!

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smiley - space
smiley - orangefish why the sudden obsession with the Feegles?

oh i dunno... could it have anything to do with... ohhhh....
someone wearing midnight?

smiley - smiley

and what was the second question?

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