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Lower Hutt, New Zealand

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An additional and somewhat remarkable feature of Lower Hutt is an ever-expanding mall known as Queensgate.
Like the blob from that 1950s horror film... er, The Blob, Queensgate is slowly engulfing the small city in a tide of lineoleum and muzak.
As extension is added on to extension, there are fears that soon the entire lower North Island of the country will be enveloped in the "monstrosity for the whole family" that is Queensgate.
Good icecreams though.

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

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Good ice cream, there is the thin end of the wedge don't get sucked in.Next thing you know you'll be going out of your way to lunch there
.Then it's just a short step to "Lets do some shopping while we're here"

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

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Chances of finding anything purchasable in Queensgate Maul (apparently featuring in the new Star Wars movie) are fair to slim. Unless you are an enthusiast of budget clothing for fat people (who coincidentally still have skinny mannequins) or shops where the only cohesive factor is that all products are below some infinitesimal dollar value, you are doomed to wander the fluorescent aisles avoiding wailing children, pregnant teens and old people with unweildy motorised scooters. (Biased? Me?)
NB: Please accept my apologies if you happen to be a wailing child, pregnant teen or immobile geriatric.

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