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Hi Looney!

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Jimi X

Hi there!

In the time I've been on h2g2, a lot of new people have signed up and joined the volunteer schemes. There was a time when I knew everyone by name, but that's impossible as this grand experiment continues to thrive. So I've decided to pay a visit to each Researcher in the various volunteer schemes and say 'hello'.


I too have an entry lost in the depths of Peer Review. It sometimes makes me long for the 'good old days' of the queue! I've got a major project I've been working on for weeks about Milton Hershey and his candy company, but with the Peer Review, I'd hate to submit it and have it torn asunder by the Scouts in a piecemeal fashion.

Maybe the University scheme is a way round this...

Keep your chin up! smiley - winkeye

- X

Hi Looney!

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

G'day Jimi.

I fully agree with your torn asunder complaint. It is interesting to note how many of the h2g2 quality control experts (Scouts) haven't actually written anything of an acceptable standard (or very little at most) themselves.

There is an interesting conversation going on at the soapbox forum about the pros and cons of Peer Review. Alas, most of the feedback is coming from the above-mentioned "experts". I hope a few of the subs will say something.

Hi Looney!

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Jimi X

I'm going, I'm going....

smiley - winkeye

Just be warned that when I submit that Hershey project to the University I'm going to be looking for a Sub!


- X

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