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Kia Ora LOOneytunes

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Hi there!

Gretings from a Kiwi newbie! smiley - ale cheers!

I've been having an absolute ball wandering around the community and most things seem to make sense... but one minor question, not the end of the universe type significance but hey, what is?

In your personal space, you mention Offsite Topic Drift, where the only condition for membership is that you be a registered researcher, which I am, but when I tried to subscribe I was rebuffed... is there something I'm missing? How do they know IF I'm registered?

And one other thing whilst I'm here, which has the potential to sound a bit insolent, but I promise, that's not what I want to be...

Anyhow... I'll spit it out, so to speak. In you referred to Australia and New Zealand as being "real freedom-loving-democracies" which jarrs a bit with me, esp given the state of our internal race-relations. To me, freedom and justice are inextricably interwoven and whilst most of us love the principles, we still condone the antithesis.

Hope this doesn't p**s you off, I am tempted to delete this but my conscience says do it...

OK... I'll look forward to your reply

SixSevens smiley - smiley

Kia Ora LOOneytunes

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

SS, I have no idea why you were rebuffed by the ODT mailing list. I suggest you ask Asteroid Lil - who manages the list - if there is a problem with the hosting website - being registed at h2g2 has nothing to do with your problem. Her home space is at

The real freedom-loving throw-away-line referred to the fact that Aus/NZ do not have 31 government agencies spying on their citizens - as the Yanks do.

In my opinion, New Zealand's race relations, while not prefect, are streets ahead of virtually any other country in the world. I speak as a person who has visited over 60 countries worldwide. Utopia was not among them...

Kia Ora LOOneytunes

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Fair call, and with a mere 15 stamps in my passport, I'll grant you more cred smiley - winkeye

Post Franco Spain strikes me as a contender, at least the indiginous populations of each province have self determination - apart from the Basques of course...

Utopia isn't in my atlas... and their embassy's number is ex-directory.... hmmmmm

Kia Ora LOOneytunes

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Oh BTW, thanks for the link... much appreciated

Have a happy smiley - smiley

See you in the soup

Kia Ora LOOneytunes

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

The World Audit page has some interesting comparative statistics about countries - democracy, press freedoms, etc. The link is to New Zealand's page... all countries are featured on the site

Kia Ora LOOneytunes

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Thanks for the link, I have added it to my fav's for 'leighter'...

BTW, do you prefer to be addressed as LOOneytunes? or is there a suitable contraction - LOO?? LOOney doesn't quite roll off the tongue without sounding a tad rude...

smiley - winkeye

Kia Ora LOOneytunes

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Loony sounds just fine.. it's an older male thing smiley - laugh

Kia Ora LOOneytunes

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Hey old man! smiley - winkeye

How's your Sunday afternoon?

Autumn is most definitely here, the trees are ablaze with colour and shadows are getting longer...

Hope your swell up in that the wee island up there...

Fingers crossed for the AB's huh? what a disgrace...

smiley - cheerssmiley - ale

six7's smiley - winkeye
Kia Ora/G'day Two is *not* a politics free zone


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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Almost every day for two or three weeks, I walk around dazed by the loveliness of autumn, and I keep feeling that there is some memory of happiness at play, but I have no idea where it comes from - something from a childhood in Mt Maunganui, or living in Te Aroha or Wellington or Greymouth or Palmerston North, or mucking about in Napier or Hanmer Springs or Huka Lodge or Wainuiomata or Wanganui or Bluff or Uruti and I want to walk for days, to all those places, I want to see autumn in every town and farm road in New Zealand, beneath street lights and on sand dunes and in backyards, but what I do is go home and fossick about in a tin trunk and drag out pages from old diaries, and I look for autumns past, I look for whatever memories of happiness have me in such a swoon, and at the end of it I suspect, that the happiness is absolutely right now.

Or it could be the bottle of Hawke's Bay shiraz I'm drinking smiley - bubbly

The Lights are on...

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but there's nobody home...


Anyone there?

Wherever you are Looney - I hope you're swell... and enrolled smiley - winkeye

The Lights are on...

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here


I'm enrolled and will be voting for Saint Helen - long may she reign over us

Mount St Helens???

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I was wondering where you were as I've seen neither hide nor hair of you for what seems like ages...

Have you been busy with that, what's it called... *RL* thingy?

six7's smiley - winkeye
*gleefully anticipating another 3 years of relative sanity in Wellington*

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