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Someone replied to my first journal entry (TWO someones, in fact) and it made me very happy. I've been looking for something to perk up my spirits a bit lately, after my most recent vacation to New York City. It was quite a lovely trip, until the last night I was there. Dancing along quite happily at a club, getting ready to go back to my friend's apartment, when I suddenly felt quite dizzy, blacked out, and woke up at 1:30 the next afternoon on some random steps in Brooklyn, a good hour from where the club was. Sans my money, my credit cards, my cell phone, etc. A bit of mad dashing about and collect phone calls got me to the airport, where I was JUST in time to miss my plane, a bit of begging and pleading to get me on a new plane, just so I could get HOME, which I finally do at a little after midnight. Waiting for me when I get home, to top things off, is a letter saying that someone else had been hired for the job I went to NYC to interview for. Meanwhile, all of my luggage, my shampoo, my razor, etc. are all sitting in my friend's apartment, since I didn't have time to go get them before my flight.
So that story explains why I've been looking for a pick-me-up. And someone replying to my journal seems to have done the trick. I enjoy that immensely. smiley - smiley

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I'm wasting time at work.

Yes, that's right. I'm at work. I'm supposed to be productive right now. Am I being productive, you may ask? Why, no. I'm not. I am, in fact, spending my time surfing the web. That's one of the great dangers of working somewhere that has computers. Especially computers hooked up to the Net. One spends their time looking up random things like where to find a more interesting job.
Oh well. At least I stumbled across this rather fascinating web site. That makes me quite happy, really. I'm busily spending time finding my way around it, so I am successfully continuing to avoid anything that might be construed as "useful," "productive," or "worth paying me for." I would be made almost ecstatically happy if someone responded to this. That would be quite exciting. Ah well, I'll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

Anyhow - here shall end my first journal entry.


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