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I'm wasting time at work.

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Yes, that's right. I'm at work. I'm supposed to be productive right now. Am I being productive, you may ask? Why, no. I'm not. I am, in fact, spending my time surfing the web. That's one of the great dangers of working somewhere that has computers. Especially computers hooked up to the Net. One spends their time looking up random things like where to find a more interesting job.
Oh well. At least I stumbled across this rather fascinating web site. That makes me quite happy, really. I'm busily spending time finding my way around it, so I am successfully continuing to avoid anything that might be construed as "useful," "productive," or "worth paying me for." I would be made almost ecstatically happy if someone responded to this. That would be quite exciting. Ah well, I'll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

Anyhow - here shall end my first journal entry.


I'm wasting time at work.

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Jake the Snake

What a coincidence! Here I am, wasting time at work myself, surfing aimlessly, and what should I stumble upon but your journal entry, done while you were wasting time at work. Now, you should know that my entire life's philosophy is based upon the premise that work is a state of mind. If one enjoys what one is doing, it is not work, but rather pleasure. So a happy "worker" would say "I'm enjoying my pleasure!" See, it's all in the perception, isn't it? I hope to be enjoying my pleasure soon, as well. On that note, gotta ramble on. Been a real good experience!

I'm wasting time at work.

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I often think that I'm wasting time at work. I'd sooner be surfing... or having my tonsils removed or my thumbnails or my eyeballs.....

Work vs. pleasure

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You do seem to have a good point there - work shouldn't properly be called "work" if you like it. It almost seems disrespectful. Now, in MY case, for example, I wouldn't have to worry about the distinction. My work is not particularly enjoyable, and hence, not very pleasant. I might be tempted to phrase it as, "Ooops, gotta get back to some rather bland drudgery now!" Of course, on the positive side, my job *does* keep me stocked in food, gasoline, and books, so it's not ALL bad.
In any case, I do have a bit of whatever-I-feel-like-calling-it-today in my in-box, so I'd best get back at it. After, of course, I surf the web for just a *few* more minutes. smiley - smiley

Work vs. pleasure

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Fancy 'trading places'? You can come and stack my beans, and I'll come and ignore your 'work' and surf the web!!

Still, who knows, this time next millenium.....

My aim is to get a job where I can spend all day messing about on computers at someone elses expense, rather than all night (cheap rate!) at my own!

smiley - winkeye 'sus

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