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jenny and fred the cheese, hello but not really

well, this identity is one i had a long while ago. i've just come back in order to be nostalgic, always good, and maybe look into recontacting some old, er, contacts. those were the days. anyway in reinstating this page i couldn't be arsed to find out how to do all that guideml shmung, do you know how long it took me to find out about html in the first place?! so i just deleted all the bits that weren't plain text. this page used to look a lot better believe you me. but anyway i've been through a number of online incarnations in the long while since i was last here, and now i'm back in my most recent as good plan, you might see me about. basically this page is now technically obsolette, but don't let that stop you wandering in. if anyone ever does which i don't see why they should. there's probably some futons or something around under the dust and the fridge is always well stocked of course. fare well.

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hey i'm back.

Apologies from those who had not noted my absence on a postcard to the usual address, please include a stamped addressed envelope.

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You know when your trying to draw something, and you just cant get it to look how it does in your head? And then people insist on saying how good it is. What do they know? Curse my lack of artistic genios. At least i can speel.

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cheese oi!

Ugh! why do i bother?!

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Wasn't feeling particularly happy so decided to have some quality time with my computer. Ah *sigh* smiley - smiley

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