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1-30.11.2016 - Najopomo

I'll add my Najopomo stuff here.


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15-16.10.2016 - Beer and Bus Weekend

It was the third annual Isle of Wight Beer and Bus (and walk) weekend. Think of a pub crawl across the whole Isle of Wight, only you are transported from pub to pub on a classic 20th Century smiley - bus (dating from the 1930s to 1990s), and all pubs involved serve real alesmiley - ale.


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11-25.8.2016 - Crete

We recently returned from a fortnight's holiday in Crete. Alas the first week was a bit of a write-off due to the family being ill; we sadly learnt that the barbaric, bureaucratic private healthcare's only interest was in ensuring no-one bleeds over the red tape. The second week we got to get out of the hotel room and visit places including Lychnostatis Open Air Museum, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, the Historical Museum of Crete, the Natural History Museum of Crete (which, as the name obviously implies, is all about South American dinosaurs), CretAquarium, Dinosauria Park, Spinalonga (Europe's last leper colony) and of course Knossos, as well as take the children to a waterpark which my son loved, but my daughter was unsure of and she spent her time trying not to get splashed.
The hotel we stayed in had its own theme song and dance and had performances each night. My son starred in a production of 'Peter Pan' as Mr Smee, while I freely gave the world my performance as the titular character in a production of 'Cinderella', only for the world to ask for its money back.


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22-25.7.2016 – Popping to Poland

I went to Gdynia in Poland for the weekend, in order to see the oldest surviving Isle of Wight-built battleship, do a Polish Parkrun, oh and attend my brother-in-law's wedding. Never been to Poland before, but only got to see a two mile stretch of Gdynia.


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15-17.7.2016 – Walking the Peregrin Trail

It is almost four years since Ian, h2g2's own Peregrin died. Earlier this year my friend Will and I decided to celebrate his life with a walk to his gate, which had been erected on a footpath to commemorate his memory. I also invited his other Uni friends, including h2g2's former Roasted Amoeba, who now lives in Taiwan but would briefly be in the UK and able to take part this weekend. As I hadn't seen my former housemate since the funeral, I didn't want this opportunity to go to waste. We let Corrine, his fiancé, know she was welcome to join us, and she asked if she could bring some of her friends who knew him along as well.
So in the end three of us camped, five of us walked the full 2-day route to his gate from the Needles along the Tennyson trail, and I believe 15 of us met at his gate to celebrate and commemorate his life.


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