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6.2.2018 – 1918 Representation of the People Act

A century ago my Great-Grandfathers and Great-Grandmothers got the vote! Yes, before 1918 only the wealthiest 60% of men held the franchise – it was felt that only if you owned a fair portion of the country should you have a say in how it is run. Also before 1918, you had to be resident in the UK in order to qualify to vote, so any man who had served his country during the Great War had been disenfranchised, leaving only rich old men allowed to vote – until a century ago today!

So we all owe a huge debt to Dame Millicent Fawcett, suffragist and President of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies.


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22.1.2018 - Oliver Twist

We took our smiley - cat Oliver to the vets for his inoculations and microchipping, only to be told that Oliver is a girl. So we now call her 'Ollie' (my wife doesn't like the name 'Olivia').


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9.1.2018 - Oliver

We've now got a smiley - cat 16-week old kitten from a home where they just discovered that they were allergic to cats. My son named him 'Oliver' and he's very cuddly. After spending the first few hours after we got him nervously hiding behind the sofa, he now seems very happy as long as he's with someone. He's eating well and enjoys playing and being very cuddly so all the signs are good, though he doesn't like being on his own at all.


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28.12.2017 - Childermass

The 28th of December is Childermass, a day to commemorate the Massacre of the Innocents. This, which can be read about in Matthew, took place when Herod the Great decided to kill all boys born in Bethlehem when he heard from the Wise Men, Kings or Magi, whichever you want to call them, that a baby had been born who would be king. The Coventry Carol is a Christmas carol all about it:

smiley - angelHerod the king, in his raging,
smiley - angelCharged he hath this day
smiley - angelHis men of might in his own sight
smiley - angelAll young children to slay.

Traditionally in England before the 17th Century, Childermass was commemorated by dragging children out of bed and beating them, in order to make them grateful for being alive. This tradition fortunately has died out, but I couldn't resist telling the children about it and saying that instead of being beaten, today they'll be tickled. All morning whenever they've spotted me they've burst into giggles, and run away before shouting in a giggly manner, 'We're hiding in our room!'


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1-30.11.2017 - BB's NaJoPoMo 2017

Follow the link here: A87898388


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