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19.6.2019 – Sung in Sixty Sessions

Our choir has now sung 60 different songs, and to celebrate I wrote a little missing words quiz which I can share with you. Simply identify the song and the missing word(s) that has been smiley - bleeped out of each line.


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2.6.1999 - 2.6.2019 - It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

That I joined h2g2.


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13.3.2019 – The Goat Escape

Today we have a petting zoo outside out office, complete with smiley - bunnys, smiley - sheep, ducks, guinea pigs, alpaca, donkey and smiley - pony. The goats are very good at escaping from their cages and running round the quad's courtyard, much to the delight of those by the window.


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5.3.2019 – Silly Love Songs

This month I've started listening to all my albums in alphabetical order. So far I've heard:
smiley - musicalnote'1' – The Beatles
smiley - musicalnote'3 Bats Live' – Meat Loaf
smiley - musicalnote'18 Til I Die' – Bryan Adams
smiley - musicalnote'1962 Live at the Star Club in Hamburg' – The Beatles
smiley - musicalnote'1962-1966' – The Beatles Red Album
smiley - musicalnote'1967-1970' – The Beatles Blue Album
smiley - musicalnote'2001: A Space Odyssey' (Soundtrack)
smiley - musicalnote'ABBA Greatest Hits' – Abba
smiley - musicalnote'Abbey Road' – The Beatles
smiley - musicalnote'All Over the World: The Very Best of ELO'
smiley - musicalnote'All the Best' – Paul McCartney
smiley - musicalnote'All Things Must Pass' – George Harrison


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17.1.2019 – Filmed for Radio

On Tuesday lunchtime our staff choir was filmed by the BBC to appear as a news item for local station BBC Radio Solent today, which they've also decided to show on the local television news. I heard that our performance would be on at 7:35am so I turned the radio on at 7am, only to hear my own voicesmiley - yikes This was broadcast at 7am as part of the News in the Julian Clegg show – I'm on at 33:40, with the main bit broadcast at 1:06:30:
'A choir has existed for over 5 years' was apparently the 3rd biggest local news story following Saints' smiley - football defeat and 'Warsash Woman gets stuck up tree', on a slow news day where nothing much has happened except for Theresa May scraping through another vote of no confidence with under 20 votes to spare…
Apparently while I was listening to the radio, at 7am the BBC's South Today programme also broadcast us on the telly as a 'coming up on tonight's show' bit.


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