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14.5.2017 – Wight Walker

This year a friend and I took part in Walk the Wight, a 26.5 very hilly mile walk across the Island from Bembridge in the East to the Needles in the West, which it claims is the biggest sponsored walk of its kind in Europe. It certainly was busy, with groups of walkers stretched and snaking all along the spine of the Island – I'm sure that the number of traffic lights on the Island must have tripled as every road the route crossed had a set of temporary traffic lights installed to aid walkers.

There were a number of walks as well as the full 26.5 mile walk, with two half-distance routes (Bembridge to Carisbrooke or Carisbroooke to the Needles), a child-friendly 4-mile walk from Freshwater to the Needles, the flat wheelchair and pushchair route (Sandown to Newport – some felt that using a mobility scooter on a sponsored walk count as cheating, but if it raises money for charity and gets people out and about, why not?) with many schools doing their own bit from walking round the school's playing field for the youngest children to full-on cross country routes.

My friend was very keen to take part as it is in aid of the Island's hospice, which is where his father died last year. He had been worried he might not be able to take part due to being quite ill at the start of the week, but aside from a few coughing fits and rest stops made the distance with only a few plasters. As the walk is along the Island's spine, it was predominantly chalk that we were walking on, which is not the kindest or most comfortable surface.


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10.12.2016 – Watermark

On Saturday 10th December the new extension to Southampton's WestQuay shopping centre was officially opened – the WestQuay Watermark.(Only about a quarter of it has actually opened). To celebrate my work choir, which I am a member of, was chosen to join other choirs to perform in the shopping centre's performance area, which is located outside between the shopping centre and the mediæval walls.
After carrying a 6-foot Christmas tree on a train (the smiley - xmastree was, of course, loose and not packed up in a box – you don't half get strange looks when you're carrying a 6-ft tree along a carriage looking for an empty seatsmiley - raisedeyebrow) when I arrived in Southampton sadly the weather really was tipping it down, but as they say the show must go on. At 4:30pm we all lined up against the wall and I ended up stood in the front row, in a puddle.
As part of our performance we do a step to the right and a step to the left in time to the music, which for me meant Splash! Splash! All the way through the performance. Songs we sung were:
smiley - musicalnote Get Ready – The Temptations
smiley - musicalnote Beat it – Michael Jackson
smiley - musicalnote Rhythm of the Night - DeBarge
smiley - musicalnote Shut Up & Dance – Walk the Moon
smiley - musicalnote Sunrise – Simply Red
smiley - musicalnote Rule the World – Take That
smiley - musicalnote Happy Xmas (War is Over)
smiley - musicalnote Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Sadly the speakers weren't located near the performance area, which meant we couldn't actually hear the backing track to what we were singing. Hopefully we didn't sound too terrible.smiley - headhurts


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1-30.11.2016 - Najopomo

I'll add my Najopomo stuff here.


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15-16.10.2016 - Beer and Bus Weekend

It was the third annual Isle of Wight Beer and Bus (and walk) weekend. Think of a pub crawl across the whole Isle of Wight, only you are transported from pub to pub on a classic 20th Century smiley - bus (dating from the 1930s to 1990s), and all pubs involved serve real alesmiley - ale.


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11-25.8.2016 - Crete

We recently returned from a fortnight's holiday in Crete. Alas the first week was a bit of a write-off due to the family being ill; we sadly learnt that the barbaric, bureaucratic private healthcare's only interest was in ensuring no-one bleeds over the red tape. The second week we got to get out of the hotel room and visit places including Lychnostatis Open Air Museum, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, the Historical Museum of Crete, the Natural History Museum of Crete (which, as the name obviously implies, is all about South American dinosaurs), CretAquarium, Dinosauria Park, Spinalonga (Europe's last leper colony) and of course Knossos, as well as take the children to a waterpark which my son loved, but my daughter was unsure of and she spent her time trying not to get splashed.
The hotel we stayed in had its own theme song and dance and had performances each night. My son starred in a production of 'Peter Pan' as Mr Smee, while I freely gave the world my performance as the titular character in a production of 'Cinderella', only for the world to ask for its money back.


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