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Tank Time

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SashaQ - happysad

Hi <BB<

I'm sub-editing The Tank Museum, Dorset, UK. The new version is A88044186 - please subscribe!

One bit I'm not clear about: "with nearby Lulworth the gunnery centre" - is the Royal Armoured Corps Centre the Armoured Fighting Vehicles School plus the Gunnery Centre?

In 1925, although the tank collection was not open to the public, people were allowed to visit the souvenirs and relics in the equipment store?

"This was the George Forty Hall, which turned out nice again." - can you remind me of this reference? I know 'turned out nice again', but not sure I know where it is from smiley - laugh

Tank Time

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Good questions as always, hopefully this answers them.

Hopefully this reworked paragraph answers your first query:
Next to the site that became the museum is the Bovington Camp military base, which together with the nearby Lulworth Camp gunnery centre forms Bovington GarrisonUkrainian president Vladimir Zelenskyy visited Bovington Garrison's Lulworth as part of his February 2023 state visit, but sadly he did not have time to look around the Tank Museum. Bovington Camp was the Armoured Fighting Vehicles School in 1937, teaching driving and maintenance, later renamed the Royal Armoured Corps Centre in 1947 and now as the Armour Centre home to the Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Wessex Yeomanry, Royal Tank Regiment and is used by the Household Cavalry Regiment as well as Royal Navy and Royal Marines Armoured Support Group.

In 1925 it was still a private collection and not open to the public. Souvenirs and relics were part of the private collection. While VIPs were shown the collection - such as the King and Kipling (and probably people whose names didn't start 'Ki' and end in 'Ing'), it was intended for army instruction.

'Turned out nice again' was George Formby's catchphrase - I used it because of the George Forty Hall. (I resisted the temptation to mention George Foreman's lean mean fat reducing grilling machine smiley - burger)

The Tank Museum has been in the news in the last 24 hours:

So it is worth saying before the final paragraph of the History section
"In 2024 the UK's Ministry of Defence asked the Tank Museum for help to reverse-engineer Soviet-era tanks in order to help repair and provide components for tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles being used by Ukraine against their invasion by Russia. The museum's own vehicles and Soviet-era records allowed British tank manufacturers to make replacement parts for vehicles including T-72 battle tanks."


Tank Time

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SashaQ - happysad

That is spooky about the Tank Museum being in the news within the last 24 hours - I must have received psychic vibes that made me look at your Entry today smiley - magic

Excellent additions to that paragraph smiley - ta

Ah smiley - eureka George Formby's catchphrase smiley - ok I reworded the bit about the George Forty Hall to avoid readers thinking Forty is a typo, but if you want to reword it again, let me know.

"cultural events such as Tiananmen Square" - could you say a few more words about this? Tiananmen Square is a place rather than an event (although the place is now strongly associated with an event).

I added the news report about the reverse engineering to the Postwar subsection smiley - ok

Tank Time

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Good updates (though the link smiley - handcuffs is broken).

I don't want to go into too much detail as it is a far too complex event for this entry, and as it is only a brief part of a temporary exhibition it isn't worth devoting too many words to, but we could tweak it to:

as well as cultural events such as 1989's Tiananmen Square Massacre, when the Chinese government sent the military to attack pro-Democracy protestors gathered in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.


Tank Time

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SashaQ - happysad

smiley - ok

Weird about the link - looked like some changes I made hadn't saved, but I sorted it out now smiley - ok

Is Britain's expedition force to Afghanistan 2001?

The Entry is ready for your readthrough smiley - ok

Tank Time

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I've had a read through and have two minor tweaks to suggest, if I may?

You can tweak the Afghanistan bit to "Next to the Cold War hall is a display showing vehicles from Britain's expedition force to Afghanistan (2001-2021)."
Weymouth's link is wrong and should be A39617265

Other than that, all good smiley - ok


Tank Time

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SashaQ - happysad

Excellent - thank you smiley - ok

I made those changes and sent the Entry on to the next stage smiley - ok

Tank Time

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h2g2 Guide Editors

Congratulations! Your Entry is on the Front Page today smiley - magic

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