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Super Congratulations!

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h2g2 Guide Editors

Congratulations Bluebottle!

A little bird smiley - chick told us that you've reached a record 400 Solo Edited Entries! This means you get a shiny new badge on your Personal Space in Pliny smiley - magic

We see you have written Entries on an eclectic mix of topics spanning Film & TV, People & Places, History, Literature and General Knowledge!

If you were asked to compile a Top 10 list of your favourite Entries out of those 400, what would you choose?

Super Congratulations!

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I've narrowed it to 11, if that helps…?

1. Yaverland, Isle of Wight, UK - (March 14, 2000) – My first solo entry
159. Walking Hadrian's Wall - (February 6, 2012) – This marks a personal achievement and time spent with close friends.
191. 'Zulu' - the Film - (January 15, 2013) – I think I handled this potentially difficult film review well.
222. ORP Blyskawica and the Cowes Blitz - (March 1, 2013) – This subject has family connections as one of my grandfather's help build her and my other grandfather always said she saved his life.
236. 'Labyrinth' - The Film - (June 3, 2013) – Just 'cos of the 'Life lessons learnt from Labyrinth' section, which is a creed to live by.
269. Class Segregation and the Evolution of the British Railway Carriage - (March 10, 2014) – 'Cos at the end of the day the whole idea of comparing Britain's class system to railway carriages is unbelievably daft, yet somehow it makes sense.
273. 'The Island of Doctor Moreau' by HG Wells (May 28, 2014) – You can't beat the classics.
303. How Do You Sleep at Night with Copulating Insects - The Lennon/McCartney Lyrics War - (June 1, 2015) – It hopefully goes to show that anyone can interpret anything the way they most want to.
357. Brontosaurus! Post-Extinction Burial and Rebirth - (Jun 12, 2017) – I'm reclaiming the Brontosaurus through the medium of science.
377. Red Dwarf's Guide to Human History - (March 12, 2018) – Again, 'cos it is daft.
381. 'Horrible Histories' - the Television Series - (April 23, 2018) – This personifies time spent with my family and I think the good times shines through in the entry. (We watched 'Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas' together yesterday).


Super Congratulations!

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h2g2 Guide Editors

Great, thanks smiley - ok

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