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Post 2001


If the worst comes to the worst and it does impact on my hearing, I've got a good stock of silent films I can watch as well as books to read; I've learnt from last time.

Yesterday I inadvertently brought pages 81-84 of 'The Nativities are Restless' on my USB stick to upload and at nammettime discovered I hadn't uploaded 76-80 yet, which was still at homesmiley - laugh So that's 8 pages uploaded all at once today to make up for it. I've come to the conclusion that anything can legitimately be mocked if it falls into one of the following two categories:
a.) Anything that exists.
b.) Anything that doesn't exist.
Anything that can be classed as one or other of the above is prime target material.

Glad to hear you had a good birthday smiley - giftsmiley - cake – and had a treat of spotting a birdsmiley - tit. So are there more celebrations over the weekend?
We've no plans – I wonder if there'll be a possibility of going to the cinema to see 'Spies in Disguise'...?


SQ and BB

Post 2002

SashaQ - happysad

Ah, that is good that you have silent films to enjoy when your hearing is bunged up smiley - ok

Well done for managing to keep track of 'The Nativities are Restless' - I'm managing to keep track of reading them, too smiley - ok I think I've missed at least one of your smiley - thepost cartoons, though, so I will need to check that... smiley - ok

Thanks for sharing your conclusion - given that other people exist, you have to mind you don't turn into J*m D*v*ds*n or similar, but as long as you keep depicting thoughtful absurdity and aiming your punchlines 'above the belt', your cartoons will continue entertaining us smiley - biggrin

I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was not very exciting, although I did write about Kingfishers A87964375smiley - biggrin but I got good work done, as I had to learn about Probate smiley - online2long I also opened the bonnet of my car and found I can fill up the windscreen wash reservoir, so that is another 'achievement unlocked'! Getting petrol was easier this time, too, and I got loyalty points so that's good smiley - ok

SQ and BB

Post 2003


Ah, people – me included - are the most absurd things of all, and the more people you gather together, the more absurd they become. Though that might just be my long-founded suspicion of crowds and gatherings… A bit too much like mobs for my comfort. Still, only the last few pages to go – I'll have drawn 100 pages within 2 months, which isn't bad going.

If you've missed any of my smiley - thepost cartoons, you can always find them and links smiley - handcuffs too from here: A85695051. One day I'll get around to uploading the pictures I drew last year onto smiley - facepalmsmiley - book

I saw the entry on kingfishers smiley - tit and must admit that my first thought was on reading 'Common Kingfishers mainly eat fish, as their name suggests' that the name equally suggests that they would mainly eat kings smiley - silly, and possibly also the Fisher King, the mythical bearer of the Holy Grail. Sounds quite a rich diet. smiley - winkeye I'll comment properly and behave in the actual thread, honest!

Congratulations though on expanding your car maintenance horizons, and getting loyalty points too. smiley - biggrin I had a quiet 'stay at home' weekend in the end and didn't go out, except to parkrun.


SQ and BB

Post 2004

SashaQ - happysad

Wow, 100 pages in 2 months is good going smiley - ok My average is about 4 pages per month!

Thanks for the link - I enjoyed catching up on those smiley - ok

"Sounds quite a rich diet."

smiley - rofl Yes indeed! smiley - snork Good point, though - I will think about how to rephrase, as their name suggests they are good at fishing, rather than simply good at eating fish smiley - ok

SQ and BB

Post 2005


How are you and how are you enjoying the floods and storm?

It has certainly affected me each day – the recent weather has undermined and closed my main way into work along the river:

I love the bit that says, 'An advisory diversion route for both pedestrians and cyclists is in place… The diversion will be via Empress Road.' What they don't say is that Empress Road is a dodgy red light district and industrial estate that twists and turns passing the smiley - bus depot and Bevois Park Rail Yard depot and is full of lorries twisting and abutting at odd angles into the road as they navigate the corners and the road surface is terrible and full of potholes and to get to involves a level crossing – frankly, I'd rather take my chances with the undermined boardwalk...

In many ways it was fairly easy to do 'The Nativities are Restless' as I was adapting an existing story - I've already got the structure and what happens when. Just got the last two pages to draw and then I'm done and will have to think of something to do next.smiley - biro

To add a tad more to what I said earlier in the week, I think that while it is possible to give a surface appreciation of things that exist, for something to have value it has be evaluated and appraised before it has true worth and is not merely insubstantial. Humour is one of many measures that can be used. (Another potential measure is jealousy – if you think 'I wish I could do that' or, in the case of birdwatching, 'I wish I could fly', then that's a critical appraisal.).


SQ and BB

Post 2006

SashaQ - happysad

"frankly, I'd rather take my chances with the undermined boardwalk... "

Wow smiley - blue that's not good at all... I've been exceedingly lucky so far - the weather in the afternoon has been bad with heavy rain and high winds, but by hometime it settled down. The drainage has been fixed after last year when the lake appeared, so the odd puddle here and there was quite shallow. I hope this continues here (touch wood, etc, etc) and I hope the situation improves for you... smiley - goodluck

I was lucky that I didn't even get wet when I went to the Horticultural Lecture last night so that was good. Not my favourite style of lecture, as the lecturer had a habit of talking really quietly smiley - shhh then Shouting! smiley - yikes but it was informative about the smiley - snowdrop Winter Garden area at the Botanical Gardens smiley - ok

Ah, yes that is a good point that the Nativity Story gives you a structure to draw on, whereas Random Rants, Career Curiosities, etc are more reliant on flashes of inspiration about what to draw next, so take longer to plan smiley - ok

Thank you for explaining a tad more about your philosophy, and about humour being a measuring tool smiley - ok I shall ponder that some more - measuring is tricky, that it might damage the thing that is being measured, but on the other hand, measuring something valuable helps to prove it is valuable. smiley - ok

SQ and BB

Post 2007


My route in today along the upper river (above Woodmill) was quite flooded, over the path in numerous places, including the newly raised section. Below Woodmill where the river is tidal, the water was far below average water level. They used to have a sluice gate at Woodmill they could open to relieve the upper river at times of flooding but they don't seem to use it anymore, seemingly preferring to let the bank flood.

Hmmm – I had a look to find out why they've not used it for the last couple of years and apparently the old gate is worn out and they're still trying to decide whether to replace it or do something else:

I'm sure I've watched television programmes and films like the lecture you've been to – when they whisper for ages so you have to turn the volume up to be able to catch what they are mumblingsmiley - huh, only for there to be sudden, loud noises blaring outsmiley - headhurts.

Ah yes, you can't forget the old Hawthorne Effect or Observer Effect – that the act of measuring in itself influences what is being measured. And obviously you wouldn't want to use a method that would have a detrimental impact…

Today it is sunny! I've not been outside today as we had board game club (I won two of four rounds of 'Exploding Kittens') but hopefully I won't get soaked on the way home for the first time this week.

The other good news is that they're no longer selling Marah Carey flavour smiley - footprintssmiley - crisps, which makes life easier when it comes to nammet times and making a packed lunch for my son.


SQ and BB

Post 2008

SashaQ - happysad

That is strange about the sluice gate seemingly having been forgotten about... I hope your journey home was OK. I somehow managed to dodge the worst of the weather again, thankfully - in the afternoon I could hear the howling wind and lashing rain, but by 6pm it was fine. I have to go out this afternoon, so hopefully I don't get too wet then...

Glad you got some sun and enjoyed board game club - my sister found similar sorts of games, so she brought some with her for Christmas and we all enjoyed Forbidden Island and Selfish Zombies - very good how the games only last about 20-30 minutes each smiley - ok

" they whisper for ages so you have to turn the volume up to be able to catch what they are mumbling smiley - huh , only for there to be sudden, loud noises blaring out smiley - headhurts ."

Oh, yes - very true!

Good news about the smiley - crisps indeed - I can't say I was tempted to try Mariah Carey smiley - footprints flavour so that passed me by, thankfully... My work colleagues helped me eat some of my Christmas food on my birthday this year, so that was good.

I hope you have an excellent birthday weekend, and I hope your little h2g2 parcel arrived OK smiley - biggrin

SQ and BB

Post 2009


I'm from the Isle of Wight so undermined roads aren't anything new – this is the sort of thing that happens every couple of years:

It is frustrating that the sluice gate seems to be left and forgotten – the path was even more flooded on the way home a couple of days ago, by far the worst I've seen the upper river and cycling through water all the way, but fortunately it has gone down a bit now.

My daughter got 'Forbidden Island' for Christmas – when we play she always insists on being the pilot. I've not played 'Selfish Zombies', though – and to think Zombies are normally so altruistic.

Walkers smiley - footprintssmiley - crisps decided over Christmas to have an advertising campaign featuring Mariah Carey, putting pictures of her on every packet of their crisps. This led to some hilarious adverts in which she tried desperately to avoid having to eat a crisp despite that being what she's been paid millionssmiley - 2cents to do. Yet my son promptly refused to eat any smiley - crisps in a packet with her picture on, but he's been willing to eat the smiley - crisps if they've been put in a tub or on a plate so he doesn't have to eat them from the packet.

I did wonder whether Mariah Carey smiley - diva is the smiley - earth's most successful one-hit-wonder. Her song 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' was not only a UK #2 but has led to her making an animated film, 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' (2017) – adapted from her children's book 'All I Want for Christmas is You', as well as appearing in such films as 'A Christmas Melody'. However when I looked her up I saw she has sadly had a few other appearances in the UK top 3, so only counts as being a consistently successful singer and not the most successful one-hit-wonder in the world.


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