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Yesterday nammettime was the monthly bookclub and this month's book discussed was 'All the Birds in the Sky' by someone. Charlie Jane/Anne? Something like that. Which reminds me I better look up the next book. Apparently it is 'Belle' by Lesley Pearse. Will it be a tale as old as time? I'll reserve a copy smiley - book and find out.

The dance show went very well – it lasted about 3 hours and my son danced twice. They have lots of different dance groups, if you belong to the weekend dance clubs you do more dances but my son is in a school dance club they organise, one of seven children who performed. As he is changing school in September this will probably be his last show. They've been raising money to open a whole dance studio in Eastleigh, which is due to open in the town centre this Spring: their website is

On the whole though the weekend was very quiet as my daughter was ill. So while my wife was rushing my son backwards and forwards everywhere to all the rehearsals and performances and trying to feed him inbetween all weekend, I spent the weekend indoors looking after her – though we did go out to see the show. That was the only time I ventured outside the house – I even had to miss parkrunsmiley - wah

Good to know you got to see the Egret and didn’t have to head straight to the egress.


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SashaQ - happysad

Intriguing book choices indeed... Quite the variety from what I see of reviews. 'All the Birds in the Sky' seems to have divided opinion - did you like it or find it unsatisfying?

Glad the dance show went well - 3 hours is a long time, but that is good that your son got to dance twice. Interesting company offering a variety of activities. That will be better for them to have their own studio rather than having to borrow schools, but mention of 'dance studio' makes me think they had better watch out for gas...

That was good news that your son was well enough to perform, but that was sad that your daughter then caught the bug and you had to miss parkrun... Glad she made it out to see the show, but it sounds like it was better for her to stay in for the rest of the weekend. I hope both children are fully recovered now and you managed to avoid the bug!

"Good to know you got to see the Egret and didn’t have to head straight to the egress."

smiley - laugh Yes indeed smiley - ok

I've had an epic week so far, as lunchtime was even more of an illusion yesterday smiley - puff but today is not too bad and I look forward to my little holiday smiley - biggrin

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I enjoyed the book, but it did seem to have a good set-up and lots of promising ideas, but just when you thought it was going to pay-off, it didn't really. Other than the two central characters, who were strongly realised, no-one else seemed to have much of a personality. The two central characters were always being pulled apart but not for reasons that made any sense. Still it did have Laurence declaring his love for an unconscious Patricia with the words 'she's my rocket ship!'smiley - rocket

If you get time to spend in Southampton, if you go to the Central Gallery they've got part of the Leonarda da Vinci exhibition there – it is one of the 12 galleries across the UK to hold part of the collection to commemorate the 500th anniversary of his deathsmiley - artist. Have you been to the Walker smiley - crisps Gallery in Liverpool to see it?

The dance studio is going to be adjacent to the Swan Centre, so if it explodes then it would take half the shops in Eastleigh with itsmiley - yikes

I wasn't too bad but I did have a couple of days off a fortnight ago. Still, the kids' half term starts tomorrow and I have four days off next week too.


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SashaQ - happysad

Ah, yes your review matches ones I saw online (although the smiley - rocket didn't get a mention! smiley - laugh) smiley - tekcorsmiley - mars

Yes, gas explosions aren't good, to put it mildly - the one on the Wirral took out half the shops in New Ferry smiley - yikes

It was a shame that I didn't have more time in Southampton, so I didn't get to see the Leonardo exhibition but I did have an excellent weekend - I need to get myself motivated to write a couple of Entries about transport, because my Saturday excursion to Gosport was excellent, and I can add about 10 birds to my Year List once I sort my photos out from Sunday smiley - biggrin

Excellent to catch up with you again, too smiley - hug Thank you for allowing me to observe your smiley - whistle skills - I'm in awe smiley - applausesmiley - biggrin My camera's microphone is surprisingly impressive at avoiding ambient noises from what I heard on playback so I will see what I can do on the computer soon! Does your computer have a CD-ROM drive, or a DVD drive or a USB port?

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