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Nope, definitely no rain or drizzle yesterday, just very, very sunny, mid-to-high 20s. Fortunately there were lots of water stations all the way round and I had drunk a lot of water before the race started – which meant I needed the loo most of the way round so as soon as I finished I hobbled to the portaloos. It is surprising how quickly once that finish line is behind it becomes a struggle to move.

You guessed it – I went to Southampton to take a photograph and then, once taken, came right back. Sadly I wouldn't have been able to take the photograph after yesterday (and it is entirely unrelated to the smiley - run).

I'll look forward to reading about the gardens – was it open as part of the National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) smiley - winkeye?

The sad thing about the packing is knowing where we're moving to has nowhere to put anything and no privacy…

<BB< <- BB possibly stands for 'Bites & Blisters'

SQ and BB

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Glad you were able to stay hydrated, and managed to hold it in until you could get to the Portaloo smiley - laugh I know a bit about what you mean about the finish line effect = when my mum and I did the 5k walk last year, we were both quite shaky after we reached the end checkpoint, not least because we were desperate to get some food and not move for a while!

Aha - the photo sounds fascinating, so I look forward to seeing that in due course!

Yes, the gardens were open as part of the 'National Galleries of Scotland', sadly, but later in the year they will be open for local charities instead so that's a bit better.

That is difficult about the lack of secure storage... Hopefully it will be OK once everyone is into the new routine (whatever that might be) but a challenge in the meantime going from one routine to another one with no contingency plan... Glad you're back online at least smiley - biggrin

SQ and BB

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A photo of me finishing the run near the finish is apparently in yesterday's Daily Echo, which is Southampton's equivalent of the Isle of Wight County Press only more mainlandy. I don't get the Daily Echo so I'm trying to see if I know anyone who gets it.

Yep, that photo has been sent into smiley - thepost, surprisingly enough.

I took a bookcase home yesterday that was about to be chucked in a skip and had hoped it would fit in the loft, but it won't fit through the loft hatch gap. So we were going to see about rehoming it elsewhere only for my son after he went to bed to write 'Dreambox' on his whiteboard that he put on it and go to sleep lying in it. So we can't throw it out now and will have to find somewhere to put it.

The new desk's only half the size of the old one so I'm feeling very squished, and there's no wall room for my Beatles poster you sent me!


SQ and BB

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SashaQ - happysad - Editor

That is a good photo of you - quite the action shot!

Sorry youo couldn't get the bookcase into the loft - that is a difficulty about the size of the hatch, and not so easy to turn the bookcase into a flat pack... Fascinating that your son has taken a shine to it, though!

Sorry you're retracing my steps at work - I was able to put one picture on the divider between my desk and my colleague's desk after I lost my wall but it wasn't the same indeed... I'm very grateful to have my wall back now, and my new colleagues even bought me a new picture to put on it so it is even better than before! Sorry you've got no space for the excellent Beatles poster at the moment... You really have been shoehorned into this team... smiley - teasmiley - cakesmiley - petunias Good luck with it all...

I didn't see much of my desk today, as I was out and about, but I did some excellent networking, so it was worthwhile albeit tiring... I'm enjoying reading a Roger Lancelyn Green book at the moment, though (the Mrs Henry Wood one has become rather too scary to read before bedtime now it is approaching the denouement so I've moved it to daytime reading!)

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SQ and BB

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