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Loose chippings aren't normally too bad – the trouble this time of year is of course glass in the gutter, which you can't see in the dark… Has that affected you too badly? Wet drain covers, wet leaves and sometimes wet paint lines can make things slippery too.

Sorry to hear your mould problems are recurring… My daughter is still having tooth pain, with the difficulty being that the school isn't allowed to let her have any medicine there without an official smiley - doctor prescription smiley - biro, so either she goes to school and puts up with it or we have to take a day off work. You can get different coloured slush puppies that you can mix to make different flavours like smiley - pggb, but I wouldn't recommend it for her at the moment.

As far as I'm aware there hasn't been a director's cut of 'Jersey Girl' – again, it is a film that flopped on release so no film company is going to 'throw good money after bad' in restoring a flop. If it had become an underground hit that was a cult success on video then they may have considered it, but it isn't and it remains a fairly unloved film. smiley - shrug

Do you have plans for the weekend? It is getting ever closer!


SQ and BB

Post 1902

SashaQ - happysad

That's good that loose chippings aren't too bad - the road leading off my street was resurfaced a good number of weeks ago, but every time I turn on to it, I hear the stones pinging on the car, and I was worried they were flying sideways as well, but that's not too bad. The main problem I have to watch out for on the pavements is smiley - dog and smiley - pony poo rather than stones, but I know what you mean about wet leaves being slippery under-wheel.

Ah, the age old dilemma of medication at school smiley - erm I had to smuggle my asthma inhaler in on days when I only needed it just in case, as if I told the teacher they would give it to the school nurse who had to get me to take the medication even if I didn't need it... They didn't ask to see the prescription, though, as they trusted my parents knew I needed to bring it. All the best with that situation. I'm not sure what I was thinking of with smiley - pggb but it was funnier in my head than when I wrote it down - something about it being a fictional drink that could be whatever is wanted (violently-coloured ice-cold slush puppies are not what is needed indeed).

"If it had become an underground hit that was a cult success on video then they may have considered it"

Ah, yes. I can't say it is a film I'd be interested in watching!

The weekend is closer and yet still far away smiley - puff I don't have any particular plans yet, but I shall try to do some more creative stuff for smiley - thepost as that is always fun. I'm also planning to go to smiley - book club again in November and December, so I'm reading the books for them already smiley - ok

I hope you have a good journey to the Island with no more smiley - offtopic trouble and have a good weekend, too.

SQ and BB

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I think I'd worry more about loose chippings if I had a racer bike, but my tyres are wide enough not to be too concerned.

I've sent in a couple of things to smiley - thepost this week – surprisingly enough they happen to be smiley - bus related… Tomorrow I'm looking after the children for much of the day, so hopefully it'll be dry so that they can enjoy attending parkrun. Then off to the Island for the day on Sunday, assuming the ferry makes it there…

Have a great – and hopefully dry – weekend!


SQ and BB

Post 1904

SashaQ - happysad

smiley - puff Managed to get everything smiley - mammoth done satisfactorily for today - made more difficult by various technical issues, but I managed to find workarounds as I went along... Another smiley - mammoth lot to do on Monday but I am hoping the technology will be fixed so it will be more straightforward then...

Heavy rain this evening, but my neighbour kindly let me share an umbrella, so I didn't get wet getting into the house, and now I am enjoying not having to herd smiley - mammoth for a bit smiley - zen

I look forward to seeing the smiley - bus items smiley - biggrin and I hope you all enjoy parkrun smiley - ok

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