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SQ and BB

Post 881

SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Ah, sorry about the Mediaeval Fayre - that sounds interesting indeed... Glad you got your kitchen appliance, though smiley - ok

That is a good plan for Thursday to bring your Star Wars towel smiley - ok I hope you have a successful trip to buy your Greatest Album of All Time...

That is an smiley - evilgrin idea of yours about the chatbots smiley - devil but I like it smiley - ok I'm up for it indeed smiley - ok

SQ and BB

Post 882

Sgt. Bluebottle's Lonely Hearts Club Band

I think the Mediæval Fayre was the new version of the St George's Day celebration but moved into May – but sadly the weather was disappointing anyway, so we wouldn't have gone even if I hadn't spent the day waiting for the delivery. It was quite amusing as we had booked a delivery slot and when they delivered our machine, they delivered what appeared to be an identical one to a house across the road at the same time. What are the chances of that?

Right – let's do the Chatbot thing. Let's hope we get some nice, random questions – and more important, interesting responses other than 'Please go on' or a random 'I don't like him'.

Did I tell you that when I went back to the Taskmaster billboard it had gonesmiley - blue. It was a good episode yesterday, I found the bath task very amusing.


SQ and BB

Post 883

SashaQ - happysad - Editor

smiley - laugh That is funny about the deliveries being the same! Perhaps there was some advertising in the area so you both thought about the same place to get a machine from, but it is also impressive that you both needed a machine at the same time...

That's a shame that the Taskmaster billboard had gone by the time you went back smiley - blue Never mind - at least you knew they existed, otherwise I would have gone on thinking that they weren't real billboards smiley - ok

I'm not enjoying this series quite as much as I did the other three, as I get the sensation that everyone is trying too hard to be what they think they should be... Some uncomfortable 'jokes' in it that spoil the mood a bit, but still some good tasks - the bath task was funny (sad that the youngsters fought each other, but hilarious the way they did it!) and Noel's noise at the end was brilliant, but it was a shame he didn't get a good score because everybody laughed too much.

Good to see you enjoyed Towel Day etc - I enjoyed it too smiley - towel

Sadly, my parents didn't enjoy the day so much, as they spent Star Wars Day/the day after their 40th wedding anniversary in hospital smiley - sadface but they stayed true to their vows to be together in sickness and in A&E (or something like that)... All OK now, but I think they should watch Star Wars tonight to recuperate and remember their honeymoon smiley - biggrin

Yes, it will be interesting to see what questions we get, and what reaction the chatbots have to the questions... I saw Dmitri's Cleverbot Quiz was a struggle for him, as Cleverbot kept avoiding the subject, but he calls me the Cleverbot whisperer, so we'll see smiley - laugh

Have a good bank holiday week smiley - biggrin It's my D's birthday so I plan to do some art smiley - artist and cooking smiley - chef in her honour smiley - loveblush

SQ and BB

Post 884

Sgt. Bluebottle's Lonely Hearts Club Band

I don't think there was any advertising in the area that influenced me. We were given a secondhand White Knight dryer over a decade ago and after gradually wearing out over the last year it broke for good last week. So I knew that that make was capable of lasting over a decade despite daily use and got a replacement as close to the one we had before where it was cheapest – Currys PC World. It was over £50 cheaper than the nearest alternatives available from Amazon or AO, so it isn't surprising that our neighbours, if they browsed the same websites I did around the same time, came to the same conclusion.

I saw your towel in the garden. I had quite a quiet Towel Day in the end and just had a short midday run round the park – it was very hot. I carried my towel all the way, though. I'm glad to hear your parents are better now and out of A&E

I should get to see all 6 of my parents next week when I'm off (2 parents, step-parents and parents-in-law). Still not entirely sure what'll happen when, but I'm sure something will. It just means I'll miss my 18th h2g2 birthday as well as Sgt. Pepper Day. At least Dmitri will get a rest from being bombarded by me with smiley - thepost entries. I've sent him 5 entries that haven't made it into <./>thepost</.> yet, plus a photo of me with smiley - towel. Two are ELIZA chats and 3 are quizzes – I'll only send him the answers to the second quiz if he replies and gets all the questions rightsmiley - evilgrin

It's a bit of a sad day today as there's a leaving do after work for someone who was sacked (I'd say compulsory redundancy counts as being sacked), but sadly I can't go as I've got to rush home, pack and attend a family meal at 5:45pm! Fortunately I know where my smiley - towel is.

Happy Birthday to D – sounds a positive plan full of celebrationsmiley - hug


SQ and BB

Post 885

SashaQ - happysad - Editor

Ah, yes that is logical to explain the coincidences smiley - ok

It was very hot yesterday smiley - puff Slightly better today that there is a bit of a breeze, but in the office it is a battle between the air conditioning and the radiator that has to be kept permanently switched on smiley - erm

smiley - evilgrin I didn't know you had been chatting to ELIZA some more - I look forward to reading those when they are eventually published smiley - biggrin My next Entry will be in <.>thepost</.> this coming Sunday smiley - biggrin

Glad your colleague is having a leaving do - when I was compulsoryredundanated, they 'didn't want anyone to make a fuss' so a bottle of wine was left on my desk, someone carried my box for me when I was escorted out the building, and that was it smiley - sadface

Sorry you can't go to the do, but good luck with all your packing smiley - towel, and have a good evening too.

Thank you smiley - hug I'm looking forward to celebrating D's birthday, and I will make a report on h2g2 like I did last year smiley - biggrin

SQ and BB

Post 886

Sgt. Bluebottle's Lonely Hearts Club Band

We don't have any air conditioning in our building, but in our room we do have windows that don't close properly and rattle and howl in the winter smiley - winkeye It's just hot at the moment.

I think one ELIZA conversation is coming up for the next issue of smiley - thepost (don't forget the first '/' smiley - tongueout) but I don't know if I'll be able to read it before next week. I might have two issues of <./>thepost</.> to read in one go. Hopefully you'll like the quiz what I wrote for the issue in a fortnight's time.

The leaving do is my friend's idea – he's been here about ten years and wants a chance to say goodbye to people, even though he was been officially told 'you're redundant now – we'll pay you until the end of July but don't come back in after Friday'. I don’t know if his team did anything for him – of course he's only worked in that team since the Project Align restructure of two years ago, so it isn't the team he's spent most of his time here with.

Hope you have a good time and great week, and speak to you again soon!


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