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Post 1961


I can't help but feel that no-one really knows what they're supposed to do in circumstances like those, which probably is a good thing as they're not events you want to become over familiar with.

I don't know if you ever watched comedy 'The IT Crowd', however one scene that sticks to mind is one where the characters had to attend a funeral and, when confronted by the line of relatives, one said that he didn't know what he was expected to say in those circumstances, and was advised to 'say 'I'm sorry for your loss' then move on'. And so, when it was his turn to speak to the widow, duly said 'I'm sorry for your loss – move on'.

Did she have a pocket watch on a chain that she kept looking at?

Well, my thoughts are with you over the weekend. Must dash – I'm meeting a friend after work I hope.


SQ and BB

Post 1962

SashaQ - happysad

Yeah - I hoped Ms Jones might have helped everyone to look their best for the procession, and might have put an order of service somewhere for me, but it didn't matter because I had memorised the order of service and it was a funny to wear my birdwatching coat. It was more organised for D because I didn't process and her family knew there would be a lot of disabled people attending, so we were properly seated. I wonder if becoming overfamiliar is a coping strategy, but the subsequent nightmares are still rather powerful for me, so I am not ready to become a 'professional' mourner like some people are...

I do know The IT Crowd - I find it quite good, but some bits are more cringeworthy than funny, and that scene would count as that! I can't remember if I have seen that episode, or had to not watch that one, but I can well imagine it!

I hope you had a good weekend, and managed to meet your friend - I went to Book Club after work, for the first time in about a year. There were quite a few people and it was a good discussion, so I enjoyed that, and it didn't go on too late so it was just right. I went to a Choir Concert yesterday, which was lovely, too - I nearly had to sit in the naughty corner because of buying a ticket at the last minute, but people I know managed to squeeze me into a place at a cabaret table, so it was very friendly, and I did a little bit of singing (for some reason Hark The Herald Angels Sing is a song that causes me to sing ridiculously high pitched, but it is fun!).

Today it must be Thursday - I never could get the hang of Thursdays... On Friday I had to turn my computer off and put it ready to be checked, so I moved my papers and my Spanish Chestnut to the other side of the desk. Today I arrived to find my computer had not been checked, but the cleaner did a thorough job and threw my new Spanish Chestnut away smiley - erm Luckily it doesn't matter because it was only my second favourite Spanish Chestnut this time, because I'm getting used to the surprise clear desk policy, but it didn't put me in the best mood this morning - the engineer who is checking the computers thought mine was not in use because it was turned off smiley - facepalm, so he didn't bother checking it, but he will do it tomorrow instead...

Anyway, that's my moans - I hope your day is going as expected smiley - goodluck - good to see you around in h2g2.

SQ and BB

Post 1963


Merry Advent! I've put my smiley - xmastree up on my desk – the little paper one that you sent me smiley - gift, so thank you once again. And the 6' tree that I carried here by train a few years ago has now been put up near my desk too. Little by little the office is beginning to look festive – we're tackling it slowly, people are generally doing about five minutes decorating here and there.

I did indeed manage to meet my friend (the singing one from 'Bank Wars' smiley - winkeye) on Friday. We'd planned to check out the Christmas market, but had forgotten that it was 'Black Friday' and sadly the city centre was packed full, so we didn't do the traditional Christmas market bit – we'll delay doing that for another day before Christmas.
Saturday was spent madly dashing about with my daughter, who hasn't been well all week and woke up in pain in the morning complaining of both tooth and stomach pain. We phoned 111 – the local non-emergency medical number – and they got her emergency dental and GP appointments which took all morning but the upshot is that her tooth is badly infected again and the emergency dentist recommends extraction, however as she was the emergency dentist and not her own dentist she couldn't do any more than prescribe antibiotics and painkillers. We've got to get her dentist to do something, but we can't keep having the problem repeating.

On Sunday I went to the cinema – Southampton had one showing of 'Jay and Silent Bob Reboot' – it's a film that is only having a very limited release in the UK. That showing was Sunday night at 7:30pm, so I went with my former assistant to see it. I was delighted – if you look past the rude and crude stuff then it is a paean to fatherhood.

'Hark the Herald Angel Sing' smiley - angel is deceptive – it starts low and then gets high. A cabaret choir concert? Where were you?

Sorry to hear about the loss of the Spanish Chestnut. I'm surprised you don't have a 'PCs Off' policy – we have to make sure ours are off every night for environmental reasons. Which is very annoying when you want to switch the PC on on an updates morning and it takes hours before you can do anything…smiley - grr

Anyway, today I've put the first four pages of 'The Nativities are Restless' on smiley - facepalmsmiley - book. I'm going for an Advent Calendar approach where there'll be a few pages uploaded every workday. Assuming I finish drawing it before Christmas… Fortunately no arguments about calendars this year!


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Post 1964

SashaQ - happysad

Merry Advent to you too! Yay for paper smiley - xmastree and that is good news about the 6' tree as well smiley - biggrin No smiley - holly here yet, but we did eat some Cadbury's Roses, so that felt festive smiley - ok

I actually did some Christmas last night, especially for you and your family - I'm guessing your daughter is not well enough for school today, so I have put some fun goodies in a box for your children and smiley - cat to play with now (and I also put smiley - giftsmiley - giftsmiley - gift (wrapped) in the box ready for Christmas Day). It should be with you by Friday smiley - ok

That was unfortunate that 'Black Friday' disrupted your plans a bit, but glad you managed to meet your Bank Wars friend anyway smiley - biggrin I forgot about it being 'Black Friday' - I did notice the car park was a bit busier than usual when I arrived for my evening out, but I had no trouble finding a blue badge space and the library café was not too busy so it was OK.

Glad you got to go to the limited release of the Kevin Smith film, and glad to hear you enjoyed it smiley - ok

"'Hark the Herald Angel Sing' smiley - angel is deceptive – it starts low and then gets high."

Ah smiley - eureka that explains it - I start middling rather than low, so end up squeaking when it gets high smiley - laugh Deceptive indeed! It was only a concert in the Village Hall, but it was very well done, with cabaret tables, drinks and nibbles, and a good range of songs smiley - ok

Not sure what happened with the engineer, as everyone is expected to turn their PCs off every night, so I think it was just an excuse to cover up his mistake - the checking took place this morning, anyway, and no problems were reported smiley - ok It is very annoying about updates, yes - on my home computer I am mostly able to pick a time when I can leave it to do its own thing for hours, but I have been caught out at work (the last update it did started running one night, failed at some unspecified time, and chugged away until the next morning when I had to force shutdown and then start again from the beginning, but luckily the second attempt only took 20 minutes...).

I'm enjoying your cartoon advent calendar so far smiley - biggrin The Family Tree page was indeed educational - fascinating and funny smiley - ok

SQ and BB

Post 1965


You didn't have to send us anything! I must admit I'm a bit behind on the Christmas card sending, as instead of writing the cards I'd much rather draw! Particularly as I'm trying to finish the story by Christmas, and you might have gathered I'm taking the story slowly. Although I think it is only you and I reading it – I'm still enjoying doing it anyway. I've got as far as grumbling that while I can buy 50 Christmas cards for £3 smiley - 2cents, 50 second class stamps cost £30.50smiley - yikessmiley - thief Lots of grumbling over that…

I was indeed off yesterday looking after my daughter and taking her to the dentist smiley - nurse – who completely contradicted what the emergency dentist smiley - doctor said on Saturday, saying that there's nothing particularly wrong and that waking up screaming in the middle of the night is a normal part of 'being on the front line'. I'm not entirely sure what she meant by that?

I'm still trying to work out why Herald Angels would sing the word 'Hark!' (You might have noticed I have a habit of trying to work in song lyrics into cartoons and this one is no exception, with a few Christmas carol lyrics in there and I've a plan for a Queen song you may have heard before to be in it too). I've seen that you've commented on smiley - facepalmsmiley - book so I'll reply to your comments there later. smiley - biggrin


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Post 1966

SashaQ - happysad

It's my pleasure - I had a funny day in summer where I needed to go to two supermarkets that were giving away cards for children, and was given a pile of cards by each of them because of being a disablified child smiley - laugh I had fun with the goodies, and I'm sure your children will have fun with them, too!

Wow, that is quite the comparison of cards v stamps... On the one hand 70p doesn't seem much to move an item 100s of miles, but on the other hand it does mount up when multiplied by 50...

"waking up screaming in the middle of the night "
"Keep Passing the Open Windows"...

Sorry your daughter is still struggling smiley - blue It's one thing to be preventative of PTSD in one way, but on the other hand such an attitude could cause PTSD in another way... Let's hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and sort the problem out... smiley - goodluck

"I'm still trying to work out why Herald Angels would sing the word 'Hark!'" smiley - laugh Punctuation matters smiley - ok I look forward to looking out for the Queen lyrics smiley - ok Glad you're enjoying the drawing, as I'm enjoying the reading, and I'm sure other people will be seeing it even if you can't see that they are seeing it smiley - ok

Have you changed into winter cycling gear now? It has been much colder up here the last few days smiley - brr so I'm wearing a jumper as well as the usual winter clothes in the mornings (the office still gets to be sauna-like by the end of the day, so layers are needed smiley - ok)

SQ and BB

Post 1967


Good to know there's not an upper age limit to being a child smiley - biggrin Have ever suddenly thought smiley - yikes 'I've just turned into an adult!' or do you still think you're the same person you were when you were, say, 8?

I had a thought earlier about 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing' – what if you changed an n to a g? Then the line 'God and sinners reconciled' becomes 'God and singers reconciled' which means that, as we have already established that the Herald Angels are the singers, God and smiley - angelsmiley - flyhi have recently had a falling out, possibly an industrial dispute of some kind.smiley - silly

It definitely is colder this week! In fact I've just started wearing trousers, although sadly the pair of trousers I wore for the first time cycling to work this year on Monday ripped by the time I got here. It is always frustrating when clothes disintegrate unexpectedly, especially when it lets in a draughtsmiley - brr Mind you, people in the office have opened some windows either side of me, so I'm in a draught anyway. It does get too hot otherwise, it is true.


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Post 1968

SashaQ - happysad

That is an excellent question. I am aware of being the same person as I have been aware of being since I was about 4 and first felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I have matured somewhat. In general I feel about 15 (not least because I wear clothes for 15 year olds and am only just able to watch 15 certificate films) but I do 'adult' occasionally, especially as I have my own home so have to make some independent decisions. I will have to 'adult' more now dad's not able to help me with random stuff, though... Have you turned into an adult now, or do your children help you to have times when you 'adult' and times when you 'child'?

"possibly an industrial dispute of some kind" smiley - laughsmiley - silly

Gah, that is annoying when the trousers rip when it is too late to do anything about it - I sympathise and am thankful for Sellotape that has held things together for me on several occasions!

SQ and BB

Post 1969

SashaQ - happysad

Funny you should mention 'adulting' today - I needed petrol, and in 22 years of driving I had never used a petrol pump (they're not for use by people under the age of 16) but I did it just now smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin

For the last 15 years, dad very kindly filled up my car for me, and often did even before that when I was at uni, although sometimes I was able to telephone a petrol station to ask for help from a member of staff. I tried using the telephone method today, but these days it only seems to work when I'm at work so I decided to just have a go myself. Thanks to Google Maps I was able to find a petrol station with a good amount of space between the pumps and a ramp into the shop, so I could get out of my car, reach the pump and the car's fuel cap, and then pay. I found the petrol pump is designed for taller people, so I wasn't quite at the right angle to lift the filling nozzle in and out of the unit, but I managed smiley - oksmiley - oksmiley - ok It was slightly more expensive than the petrol station with no space for me to get out of the car, but it was mission accomplished! Dad wid be proud of me smiley - ok and I award myself a gold star for adulting successfully! smiley - star

SQ and BB

Post 1970


Today is an Important Date for the h2g2 calendar – it's the 30th Anniversary of the last broadcast of original 'Doctor Who'smiley - tardis.smiley - wah

(Not that I object to New Who, only since her announcement as the Doctor in July 2017 Jodie Whittaker has only been in 11 episodes. 11 episodes in 2½ years! Whereas Tom Baker was in 172 episodes in 7 years. Admittedly these were 25-minute-episodes rather than 45 minutes, so if we half the number of episodes Tom was in to even it out then Tom has a score of 86 episodes which at Jodie Whittaker's rate of progress will take her over nineteen years to catch up to.)

I certainly feel I've always been the same person – my hobbies and interests haven't changed much. However I have had to live an independent life for quite a while, what with my parent's divorce when I was eight resulting in my dad leaving and then my mum spontaneously selling the family home and moving abroad when I was 18, saying 'you've got two weeks to get everything packed and out' was a bit of a shock, particularly as I had to desperately get a holiday booked from where I was working in order to go home to pack and that wasn't appreciated with no notice…

I don’t know how 'adult' I'd count, though, because I do admit to often not worry too much about minor things such as keeping up to date with washing up until I need to, on the grounds that they'll still be dirty tomorrow. Besides which it always seems unfair that I wash everything up, go to work, come home and discover that all the knives and plates have been dirtied in my absence. I would much rather spend my spare time doing some stuff I enjoy, such as drawing. The good thing about ironing is that it means I have control of the television for a whole two hours!
I try to get the children to help out and teach them independence, telling them they'll have no ice-cream until they've, say, washed up all the plastic items – but then my wife'll wash it all up saying that she didn't like the mess which doesn't teach them self-reliance at all.

Well done on the petrol pumping! smiley - star I think I've used one before, despite not driving. I've paid for petrol before, often to thank people who've agreed to give me lifts to placebos. Or even places, which is what I'd intended to type, but people should get lifts to placebos more often, don't you think? It seems to me like you've found a petrol station you can be loyal to – is it nearby or in an inconvenient location? And do you get loyalty points there?

I hope your weekend goes well. Tomorrow afternoon we're doing a puppet show – performing Christmas carols at a smiley - xmastree festival at St Andrew's Church, which we've not really rehearsed because we've been concentrating on 'A Christmas Carol' (Puppeting 'A Christmas Carol' should not be confused with puppeting Christmas Carols, they're completely different. And the dictionary objects to word 'puppeting', preferring 'pupating' or 'pipetting', neither of which are correct…). And Sunday hopefully I'll be able to get to my first CC6 of the year, assuming I can work out how to get there which is based on asking for a lift.


SQ and BB

Post 1971

SashaQ - happysad

Wow, those are stark statistics about the rate of smiley - tardis episodes... I have to admit I have watched a few episodes of the new series (2005 onwards) but haven't really got into it like I did with the Tom Baker, Colin Baker and Peter Davidson eras, which were classic smiley - ok

"I certainly feel I've always been the same person – my hobbies and interests haven't changed much."

smiley - ok Well done for becoming independent and being the same - that is heavier weight of the world on your shoulders... It is one of many things I am very grateful for, that my parents allowed me to keep a solid base in their home after I reached 18, so it was one less thing for me to worry about when things didn't go according to plan when I was 25... I salute you, and D, for managing by yourself, but it is disappointing when parents think it is appropriate to do that at what is a challenging time... My mum is secretly superhero 'silly mummy' ("everybody needs a silly mummy"), hence she gave you the records apropos of nothing except you have the same record player as her, and she gave D funny random presents, too smiley - biggrin

That is a challenge to enable children to develop independence naturally without being forced into it. Your tactic is sound, but it is the age-old difficulty that it is quicker for your wife to do the chores than to help the children to do them with her... My dad would have been tempted to do the chores for me because it was easier, although he did do well teaching me skills like woodwork, but mum did well finding me chores I could do, like dusting on cleaning day, and safe food preparation like making pastry or stuffing smiley - ok

" it always seems unfair that I wash everything up, go to work, come home and discover that all the knives and plates have been dirtied in my absence."

'Adulting' causes the dirtying to happen, but feeling the unfairness is 'not adulting' indeed smiley - laugh Good that you can multitask with the ironing smiley - ok

"I do admit to often not worry too much about minor things such as keeping up to date with washing up until I need to, on the grounds that they'll still be dirty tomorrow."

Truth smiley - ok

"people should get lifts to placebos more often, don't you think?"

smiley - laughsmiley - ok That is a good point that the 'new' petrol station has a loyalty scheme, so there will be very little difference in price compared to the other one smiley - ok It is on the way home from work, so very convenient - I will definitely go there again smiley - ok

"'pupating' Christmas Carols" smiley - snorksmiley - laugh

I plan to have a good weekend, yes - there is another lecture on Sunday, so that promises to be interesting. I hope your performance goes well - I saw the adverts for the smiley - xmastree festival and it looks like it will be a lovely event smiley - biggrin Good luck with running, too smiley - ok

SQ and BB

Post 1972


I agree – although there might be an element of rose-tinted glasses involved, and I did particularly like the last two years of Sylvester McCoy. I admit I did, of the Noo Whos, enjoy David Tennant and Matt Smith – Christopher Eccleston never seemed to want to do it, Peter Capaldi's approach seemed to concentrate on being grumpy, which didn't really work well and whereas Jodi Whittaker has enthusiasm and the Rosa episode was outstanding, at the end of the day she's only been in 11 episodes which leaves her as having had the second-least impact in the role, above only Paul McGann. I don't dislike her, I'd just like to have more of a chance to find out how much I enjoy her being in the role.

How independent do you feel you are now? I've been lucky in that for much of the time since I was 18 I've had my wife with me to help too, but I still feel able to live fairly independently. May I ask what didn't go according to plan when you were 25 – was that after leaving uni and finding work?

I hope you enjoy your lecture smiley - wow and have a great weekend. smiley - biggrin I'm hoping to do some drawing and try and work out how to draw camels. I've drawn one once that, by a fluke, didn't turn out too badly but I've a dreadful feeling I'll have to draw some moresmiley - orib


SQ and BB

Post 1973

SashaQ - happysad

I wasn't keen on Sylvester McCoy's Doctor, so I stopped watching it then. I saw a couple of Peter Capaldi episodes that were quite good because they had the flavour of the Doctor having a grumpy exterior with hidden depths, but I agree other episodes were just him being grumpy so I didn't watch the whole series.

"I don't dislike her, I'd just like to have more of a chance to find out how much I enjoy her being in the role." - well said - I haven't managed to see any of her episodes, but I did see they had mixed reviews.

"I've been lucky in that for much of the time since I was 18 I've had my wife with me to help too, but I still feel able to live fairly independently." - smiley - ok

I feel less independent at the moment, because dad did quite a lot for me... However, he did do some stuff that I used to do for myself, just to be kind, so I can do that again if I put my mind to it, and I am very pleased to have learned how to use a petrol pump, because I thought I wouldn't be able to smiley - ok I am fairly independent at home because it has been made as accessible as possible for my needs. There are some things I can't do, but I can make independent decisions about how to get them done (like getting the RAC to fix my car tyre that time when my parents were on holiday, or asking a neighbour to change a lightbulb). I can also do things like travel by train (which D's encouragement helped me to do smiley - ok), and go out to meet friends when I want to, so that's not bad at all.

"May I ask what didn't go according to plan when you were 25 – was that after leaving uni and finding work?"

It was around the time of leaving uni - when I was 25 my PhD grant ran out but I hadn't finished so I had to pay for a fourth year of study, then I wasn't able to get a job in academia like I had planned because of 'publish or perish' (even though I managed to get my PhD in the fourth year, I couldn't get my paper published, so my nonexistent career perished) and then I had to leave the student accommodation I had been living in, because I was no longer a student. I could have been in big trouble, but my parents took me back in and looked after me during the desperate days of jobseeking A87941172 until I got myself sorted out, so I am very grateful indeed...

Good luck with the camels! smiley - goodlucksmiley - biggrin

SQ and BB

Post 1974


I didn't draw any camels or donkeys in the end – there's nothing in the background of the Magi scenes, which at least makes those quicker to draw.

I really liked the Sylvester McCoy era and the hints that he had an unknown past and was 'more than a mere Time Lord' , able to be both comic and also extremely dark.

So how did you get on with the lecture?
My weekend was good– my debut public performance puppet show went well, although it would have been better if we'd had an audience, and boy did my arm ache after. Still it was good fun. We did two 20-minute sets and though no-one seemed to be around for the first set, we did have an audience for the second one – I know as someone took some photos. As well as using Ray Sting my puppet we also took turns to use puppets with guitars and drum kits, so in some songs I was pretending to play a guitar, which makes it difficult to work out which photos I'm in.

And my first CC6 of the year also went well – it was quite an undulating route - an out, round a loop twice and back, with someone playing a tuba where the out and back met the loop. They were playing Christmas carols – the first time I passed him he was playing 'Away in a Manger', the second time I passed him he was playing 'Away In a Manger' and the third time I passed him, he was playing 'Away in a Manger' – can you guess what my least-favourite carol is? Yet when I mentioned this to other runners from my club it seems I was the only one to have heard that particular carol at all.
They'd also tweaked the route from the past to avoid the really muddy bits, so I didn't get too muddy at all, which was almost disappointing.

What was your paper on?


SQ and BB

Post 1975

SashaQ - happysad

"there's nothing in the background of the Magi scenes, which at least makes those quicker to draw." - smiley - ok

"the hints that he had an unknown past and was 'more than a mere Time Lord' , able to be both comic and also extremely dark. " - Ah smiley - ok Unfortunately something about him just irritated me, so I didn't manage to get into the plot smiley - laugh

The lecture was excellent - sort of 'Wirral Sub Specie Aeternitatis' A87860866 so there may be an Entry in that somewhen smiley - ok Plenty of people I knew were there as well, so it was good to catch up smiley - ok (and there were no bingo calls). Glad the puppet performance sessions went well, and that Ray Sting had a role - I can imagine it is upper-body exercise indeed...

"They'd also tweaked the route from the past to avoid the really muddy bits, so I didn't get too muddy at all, which was almost disappointing." - Ah! smiley - laughsmiley - ok

That was funny that you were the only one who kept hearing 'Away in a Manger'! I'm glad to know it is your least-favourite carol, too - at the carol concert I went to last week, they played it with a new tune, so it was slightly more pleasant, but the person sitting next to me was really annoyed because the original was her favourite! smiley - laugh

The paper was part of my PhD thesis - the first part of my thesis developed a formula for applying Euler's Geometric Theorem A28808517 to doughnuts that had been sliced in certain ways, but then I proved that the formula was useless in the sense that it couldn't tell if any doughnuts existed in the first place, so it wasn't worth publishing. The second part of my thesis corrected an error someone else had made, and hence I was able to build on what he had done, but strangely I was advised that that wasn't worth publishing either (x years later, I wonder if that was because someone quietly mentioned it to the person who made the mistake so he could quietly fix it and build on it himself smiley - whistle). The third part was a more sophisticated formula that my supervisor agreed would be good to publish, so I wrote the paper, but then it wasn't good enough to be published... And there we have it...

In retrospect, I am better off with the career I built instead - I perhaps do slightly less interesting things at work, but my job is not all-consuming like it could have been, so I have brainpower left over for a variety of activities that I find fun smiley - ok

SQ and BB

Post 1976


Was 'Away in a Manger' a new tune, or a different one? Like lots of traditional hymns there are different versions– such as 'Abide With Me' where in films about the 'Titanic' they usually go for the wrong tune - with the tune for 'Away in a Manger' that's popular in the US completely different to the tune popular in the UK. I also know two tunes for 'The Holly and the Ivy'.

At nammettime today I went to WH Smith's near the Bargate and got this year's bumper Christmas 'Radio Times', which I can have great fun highlighting later (but no time today). It also came with a voucher to get a free 'The Tiger who Came to Tea Party Book' from Ryman's, which is located at the top of London Road – so obviously I did.

Thanks for explaining about your PhD thesis – I hope you do indeed feel better off with the career you have. The 'what if' game can be interesting, but it doesn't do to dwell too long on the life you could have had and what might have been.smiley - shrug Reality never lives up to the fantasy.


SQ and BB

Post 1977

SashaQ - happysad

The conductor said it was a new tune, but she could have meant new to the choir, I'm not sure - the choir sang a number of pieces with tunes by the same composer, but I don't recall the name.

"The 'what if' game can be interesting"

Yes. Some 'what ifs' are good, such as when I was 14 I realised walking was not for me as I can achieve much more as a wheelchair user - what if I hadn't, then I would have been a housebound table with crutches for two of the legs, so I don't regret 'giving up' on that smiley - ok But yes, other 'what ifs' don't need dwelling on too much, like what D and I might have achieved if things were different.

Enjoy the Radio Times smiley - biggrin That is excellent that you got the free book as well - I presume you've seen

Yes, in terms of my career I am very glad and fortunate to be in my present job, where it is a good variety of tasks that use a good number of my skills but without the 'publish or perish' pressure smiley - ok There may well be storms ahead, but I am as best placed as possible to 'ride the wild wind'...

SQ and BB

Post 1978


I've been in an Away Day all afternoon and just escaped now! It is a busy day – I'm off tomorrow afternoon in order to attend my son's concert, then Thursday I've got the day off as my daughter's school is closed for the election (it is our polling station) and on Friday it is our team Christmas dinner (not the full Uni one, which I never go to).
Are you Christmassing yet? I still don't think it feels Christmassy yet.

I've not had a chance to read the 'Radio Times' yet – yesterday was Puppet Club and we had a rehearsal for our show. It did mention the new adaptation of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' on the cover, so that's something to look forward to. Mind you, following the success of the Julia Donaldson adaptations each year – not to mention 'The Snowman' – it isn't surprising that they're planning on adapting a childhood classic for Christmas. David Walliams has written a very similar story, 'The Slightly Annoying Elephant', in the past. I've also seen a spoof titled 'The Teenager Who Came to Tea' too – not to mention my Dinosaur story smiley - winkeye.
But despite the existence of things like Netflix, Britbox, Amazon Prime, Disney and so on and so forth, you can't beat the pleasure of highlighting a Radio Times. (Other television guides are available but they're all rubbish. Much cheaper, mind, but not as good.)


SQ and BB

Post 1979

SashaQ - happysad

Well done for escaping from the Away Day eventually! I'm sure you're having a good afternoon today smiley - biggrin I had lunch with a former colleague - it was very good to catch up smiley - ok

It is our team Christmas dinner on Friday as well, so that should be good smiley - ok It doesn't feel Christmassy yet, though, I agree - we did Secret Santa today, but there are no decorations in the office.

At home I was pleased to receive a card from the person who wasn't going to send any cards - she agreed it was good to keep in touch smiley - biggrin And I also received the card from you and your family smiley - biggrin so I enjoyed the Christmas Crossword smiley - ok

"you can't beat the pleasure of highlighting a Radio Times. (Other television guides are available but they're all rubbish. Much cheaper, mind, but not as good.)"

smiley - ok Yes, the Radio Times stood me in excellent stead when I was in uni and only had a radio - the crossword in that was also enjoyable. Yes, a good Children's Classic is excellent for Christmas TV.

SQ and BB

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The Away Day went well in the end. Wednesday also worked out too – I managed to get home in time to get changed and then attend my son's steel pan concert smiley - drumroll at his school – he played a song twice (as not everyone had their own steel pan and so to let everyone have a go they played their song twice). Despite my arriving early to get a front-row seat he ended up at the other end of the hall to where I was smiley - winkeye

Yesterday I had the day off as my daughter's school closed due to the election, so I decided to treat her with a trip to Winchester to go ice-skating. I'd bought the tickets online in advance for 11am a couple of days ago once I knew that there would be trains running, and after voting on the way to the station we arrived in time to catch the train. Sadly the weather really was dreadful and heavily rained all the way because the number of trains running to London was only the two stopping trains an hour which call at places like Eastleigh rather than one every ten minutes from stations like Southampton Central, the train was cram-packed, standing room only and no way to get into the carriages as all the corridors were packed with people standing. Fortunately the journey was only ten minutes as we stood in the vestibule.

We arrived in Winchester and my daughter really was soaked from head to toe, so on the way to the market we stopped off at the Brooks Shopping Centre, which is one of those older, not trendy shopping centres but – delight of delights – has a reopened HMV!smiley - wow I bought her new, dry leggings, socks and shoes to wear to dry her out and, afterwards, enjoyed a look around at the DVDs and CDs. I've missed HMV.

We then went to the Winchester Christmas Market – where they've lots of posters up saying that Winchester has been shortlisted for being one of the best Christmas markets in Europe and we must vote for it to win – I'm not sure I can ethically do that if I haven't been to the other nominated places to compare?smiley - huh

The icerink had a roof so was nice and dry. It is funny that when we've been to places like trampoline parks or climbing walls there's always a little video to explain to you how to bounce smiley - boing or how to climb – but at the ice-rink there was nothing. Just a case of 'here's some uncomfortable boots, there's the gurt big patch of ice, get on with it'. Ice-skating isn't like riding a bike – you can very easily forget what you're supposed to do and it isn't something that comes easily or naturally, so some guidance or helpful tips would have been appreciated on things like how to move forward, how to turn left, how to turn right and how to stop. So though we did circumnavigate the ice rink around the edge a few times, I don’t think you could legitimately describe our movements as 'skating' per se, as that implies a gliding motion which we lacked. Still, the object was mainly to have a good time and I believe that that was achieved.

We received a parcel on Wednesday that I suspect may have come from yousmiley - gift - so a big thank you and we'll open it in under two weeks!


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