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Fortunately the office, being big, has 4 doors although I only ever use 2. Well, 2 doors to the outside. There are several sub-offices branching off it – 8 this side of the L as well as a kitchen, and presumably roughly about the same number the other side, which is where I'll be by the end of the week. The hatch still seems quite high, I don't know if they'll do any more to it over the next few days/weeks.

As for fresh air, we had an official e-mail this week about ventilation and that said:

"University policy is that cooling and ventilation is only provided where necessary, generally in windowless or sealed rooms where cooling is part of the ventilation system, or for cooling of equipment to enable it to function normally. It is not university policy to install cooling or air-conditioning in all areas that occasionally see high temperatures owing to the high capital cost, running and maintenance costs and associated carbon emissions. For all other areas staff are advised to ensure that, where fitted, blinds are pulled down and doors and windows are opened to allow airflow through rooms to assist with cooling. Staff are also advised to seek alternative spaces to work in such as in the Library or the Spark if that is feasible and agreed with their line manager. If this is not feasible then staff are advised to take frequent breaks to cooler areas throughout the day."

Which says nothing about fumes on a hot day.

Now that you know there is a 'Toy Story 4' it'd be quite different watching 'Toy Story 3' for the first time, as when we saw it in the cinema we believed it was the final film in the trilogy and there was no intention for Pixar to make any more. The good news about the films is that no-one dies in them – Andy doesn't have to cope with the loss of his parents or see his dad die, which is the sort of thing that seems to happen in Disney films these days…

We had a very dramatic storm last night too – lightning flashed incredibly brightly, lighting up the whole room, but I didn't hear any particularly loud thunder. Which was odd as I was trying to count the gaps between the flashes and the bangs and there were several flashes but very few bangs and no way to tell whether the bang related to the first, second, third or fourth flash.

I walked to work today… Still very hot out and about. Tomorrow I'm moving desks so I'll have to pack up tomorrow morning. Shame they didn't take the opportunity to replace the 30-year-old carpet.


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Hmm, yes that official communication says too much and not enough at the same time - something a bit more apologetic might be heard better, and it definitely needed mention of fumes on a hot day...

Brings to mind the communication I received about my woes on Wednesday - I reported something that the workpeople broke, and the response informed me that the item was only half broken so it was fine smiley - rofl

Ah, I hadn't heard that there weren't any plans for more Toy Story at the time 3 was released... Yes, that is at least something, that no-one dies as in Disney animated films... Toy Story 2 just filled me with terrible guilt, so I found it difficult to watch.

Yes, the storm was strange - I was trying to count the gaps as well and had exactly the same thoughts as you! There was another storm yesterday that was the opposite - plenty of noise, but I didn't see any flashes. I definitely saw the heavy rain, though...

Well done for walking to work in the heat. I hope all is going as well as possible with the move so far. That is disappointing that the carpet is still there, especially given that the goldfish bowl has gone, but I hoe you settle in quickly. smiley - goodluck

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Yesterday was fun. One of the people in our team has their own unique desk for health reasons and while the rest of us have just changed desks, their desk had to be moved. So we were due to move in the morning when they realised that there wasn't actually room for his desk where they planned to put it. After a lot of thought and moving desks and furniture round, the desk was moved into place and our PCs were moved onto our new desks – at which point they discovered that where we are didn't have power or network cable connectors…
…After a lot of scrounging for extension cables etc we are up and running this morning, although I don't have anywhere for my fan. For some bizarre reason they don't allow you to have fans with a base that can stand up, only bulldog clip fans, which were fine when we had little walls around our desks but we don't here. And we can't clip it to the desk because there is a little metal bar that runs round.
At the moment there are stray items of furniture abandoned and jumbled all over the place…

I was given a random boardgame at work yesterday – 'Destination Southampton!' which apparently is a board game designed by a Pompey taxi driver who suggested the first in the series in an early episode of 'Dragons' Den' only for them to reject it, but the brand became immensely popular: I see on their (temperamental) website that they also do 'Destination Scotland!', 'Destination Ireland!' and 'Destination Isle of Wight!' among others.

Sorry, I don't think I phrased it correctly – when my wife and I watched 'Toy Story 3' for the first time we believed it was the last one, and that the characters were in real danger as they weren't coming back – but of course now that we know there is a 'Toy Story 4' that doesn't apply any more.

Lots of characters die in Disney films – Bambi's mum, Simba's dad and Scar in 'The Lion King', Anna and Elsa's parents in 'Frozen', the main character's brother in 'Big Hero 6'…

How far away would lightning have to be to take a day for the thunder to arrive?smiley - silly


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Ah, that is the challenge for 'the powers that be' with office moves and 'lean working' strategies, that pesky people with individual needs like seating and cooling can't just fit into the standard box... Power sockets are rather more fundamental, though, so you would have thought that they would have thought of that! smiley - laughsmiley - erm

That was interesting reading about the 'Destination!' game - random indeed, but I hope you find it entertaining from a local knowledge point of view if nothing else!

Sorry, I was agreeing with you but think I didn't phrase it correctly either - yes, given that Toy Story 3 was expected to be the last one, it could have been the case that someone died even though that was not the case in the previous films, so it added an extra level of threat at the time. Yes, in relation to Disney films it is certainly not just 'these days' that characters die - even in Snow White it is implied, but Bambi is the infamous one... Even the fireflies in Princess and the Frog were only minor characters, but they still affected me...

"How far away would lightning have to be to take a day for the thunder to arrive? smiley - silly "

Good question indeed! smiley - laughsmiley - ok

I hope you had a good weekend - mixed weather here, but I enjoyed going to an indoor art exhibition in the rain, and the first Horticultural Show of the season. The Show went quite well - I got good feedback on my photos although I didn't win a prize for them. I won a prize for A87800385 but I was disappointed that they awarded me a prize card, then at the end of the Show they gave everyone 10 minutes to collect their prize cards from the show benches, but by the time I got there after 5 minutes someone had already thrown my card away smiley - blue Luckily I was able to copy a card from last year to make myself a new one, but the incident left a nasty taste behind... Hopefully the arrangements will go more smoothly at the next Show this coming weekend when I am one of the volunteers!

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Post 1785


The move still has furniture all over the place and one of the doors to the office no longer locks as well as the office having high holes where the assessment hatch is, so we've been told not to leave anything of value on displaysmiley - thief, although I'm not sure what we're supposed to do with our PCs…

It was very hot weather all weekend – coastal walk along West Wight's Back of the Wight on Saturday, up and down the crumbling cliffs. No villages or roads, just a nice, peaceful rural route with chines to navigate and no trees, so no shelter from the sun. We had planned to walk up to the Pepper Pot but when we got to Chale we discovered that if we didn't get on the next smiley - bus, there'd be no more smiley - bus and we'd be stuck there. Go to Chale, do not pass 'Go', do not collect £200…. So we'll have to wait until next year to go there.

Daniel's latest batch of home brew is powerful stuff! I had a sip on Saturday and the next thing I know visions of carnivals are passing before my very eyes and I'm seeing my older sister on top of an open double decker bus waving while being publicly proclaimed Sandown Carnival Queen 1992…

Sunday we went to Ryde to walk to Quarr and the gate, heading to it from the opposite direction for once. From Ryde Esplanade I decided to get to Quarr without going through bungaloid Binstead and announced that the best way for us to go West was to head East in the opposite direction. Admittedly the route I chose involved walking by my Dad's house (I popped in, said hello and promptly walked out the door, which probably confused them) but considering to get to Quarr from Ryde Esplanade in a direct line involves going through the Island's largest town and the biggest bungalow estate, I thought I managed to come up with a good route that successfully avoided going through Binstead.
We stayed in a caravan rather than my tent /\_\ this year as Will had his family including baby daughter with him, and Peregrin's partner couldn't make it, being unexpectedly stuck in Sweden.

That's very disappointing about the Show – why where they in such a hurrysmiley - huhsmiley - grr But well done for getting a prize!smiley - applause Does that mean you can't enter the next show if you are volunteering?


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Post 1786

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Ah, that is rather grim that that there are holes and the door isn't locking - what to do with your PCs, indeed? I hope they were still there this morning, anyway!

Glad you had a good weekend for the Peregrin Walk, except for the lack of shelter - that is a shame that Peregrin's partner wasn't there, but good that Will's family was there - luxury to be in a caravan instead of a tent! That is funny about the visions - I can imagine your dad was confused! Well done for avoiding bungaloids smiley - ok

I don't know why they were in such a hurry at the Show - last year the venue was double booked 5pm-7pm so everyone had to get out promptly at 5pm and a rush was understandable (but it was manageable), but this year there was supposed to be plenty of time... smiley - grr Anyway, I am still pleased about winning a prize smiley - biggrin

I am able to enter my local Show, as I will be staging my exhibits on Friday night and then volunteering on Saturday, so that works out OK smiley - ok Not like parkrun where you literally can't be in two places at once when you're volunteering in certain places...

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Post 1787


We still have the PCs, which is good 'cos I've got all my smiley - musicalnote on this one. Not worried about the work rubbish, but would be upset if I lose my music. There's still furniture – particularly chairs – all over the place and now all the people who were in the | are now with us in the -, but the desks are in different places so people we sat near are now far away while other teams have joined us in the – too. How will this affect milk-sharing alliances? When I made a smiley - tea I'd ask the person who sat behind me if she'd like a smiley - tea too and vice versa, but does it makes sense to continue this when she's no longer sat near me? But as I don't want to be the person to stop doing it and she probably doesn't either, will we continue to do so through sheer politeness? All these sort of questions are being asked all around the office.

It was indeed fun to stay with Will's family – I went to school with Will's wife and stayed in touch with her, which is how I met Will.

The carnival was funny – I didn't know my older sister was going to be in it, or that it was the 130th Sandown Carnival, and she didn't know I was going to be in Sandown, so it was a complete surprise for us both to see each other. As it was an anniversary carnival they had a smiley - bus of as many former carnival queens they could find who wanted to participate and she was Sandown's Junior Queen in 1989 and 1992 as well as Senior Queen in 1994, though they only gave her a sash for 1992, which is when she won the title Queen of Queens. All Mostly Harmless tradition that meant she sat on a float and waved at people as the centre of attention, which she loved and made her a nightmare to live with at the time... (Sandown's carnival is one of the oldest in the UK but the oldest itself is Ryde's, which started two years earlier). The main carnivals, though, are the Illuminated Carnivals that take place at the end of August. I wonder if she'll be in that?

The real luxury of the caravan was in not having to walk up to the top of the hill to use the toilet or sink! The beds themselves were very narrow, only slightly wider than my shoulders, so I would have enjoyed more sleeping space in a /\_\ but it all worked out well. The campsite was where the railway line to Ventnor was and is located around the corner from Natalie's mum's and your doppelgänger smiley - cdouble Tristan's houses. Facebook's facial failure recognition tried tagging you as Tris again – I do wonder what would happen if I took some photos of you both together from different angles – who would it believe is you?

Who would believe that it is my daughter's 9th birthday on Saturday? Good luck with volunteering and exhibiting this weekend.


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Post 1788

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Glad to hear your PCs and smiley - musicalnote are all OK smiley - ok Our PCs suddenly decided it was 31 June this morning, so needless to say they got rather confused and wouldn't work properly smiley - laugh Sorted now, though smiley - ok

The smiley - tea situation is a challenge... In my first job, there was at first an apprentice who fetched fresh toast from the canteen, made smiley - tea for everyone and paraded her lovely outfit round the office each day. Those were the days... When she left there was a smiley - tea rota so we all took it in turns to make for everyone. When we went open plan, everyone just had to get their own... That is very difficult when you have a good system with someone who is now far away... Would be good to keep the system going, but isn't easy to transport the smiley - tea long distance, and other people might either get annoyed or want to join in on the way!

Ah, that was funny about the carnival - until I saw your photos last night, I thought you had just watched a video of the 1992 event! smiley - laugh By Murphy's Law, if you had made plans to meet, it would have been harder for you to find each other in the crowds!

Glad the caravanning worked out well - the bunk may not be luxury, but it is luxury indeed to have an indoor toilet! That is amusing that smiley - facepalmsmiley - book is still convinced I'm Tris smiley - laugh That would confuse the algorithms if we were in the same photo smiley - evilgrinsmiley - laugh

Wow, that is unbelievable that your daughter is coming up to 9 already - I hope she has a great birthday weekend!

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I've never had a job where people made me smiley - tea, mind you it is a good excuse to get away from the screens for a bit and rest your eyes. I've not had a lovely outfit to parade round the office, though. Or even to wear around a carnival… Hmm, I wonder if you could parade around Carnival's head office in Southampton…?

One funny thing about the carnival that I hadn't spotted before I saw because for the first time ever I was stood outside the Castle pub, whereas in the past as we lived on St John's Road we always stood on the corner of St John's Road and Station Avenue to see it pass by. The Castle is a pub that bought a few decorations from Brading Wax Museum's old Chamber of Horrors that has been Daniel's family's local for 40-50 years. One of the carnival's marching bands, the Ventnor Jazz Band, started off at the front of the parade, got as far as the Castle and every last one of them dashed into the pub to order a smiley - ale. Which annoyed Daniel as he'd hoped to go back in and order another drink, but couldn't get near the bar. Just as the carnival's end was passing they staggered out one-by-one and started playing again, playing and marching along the road again in ones and twos. I wonder if they all regrouped by the carnival's end?

Today at boardgame club we played 'One Night: Vampires'.smiley - vampire


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Post 1790

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

smiley - laugh That is a clever tactic by the Jazz Band! They might well have been able to regroup by the time the parade finished, so the organisers wouldn't notice what they had been up to - I had to follow a marching band in 2012 when I took part in a mini parade for the Paralympics, and I set off at an easy pace, but soon had to run to keep up with them!

I spoke too soon about the 31 June bug yesterday - it came back in the afternoon so it was a bit of a panic to get everyhing finished before the end of the month while working around the problems... My mug A87926313 was collateral damage, too - I dropped it twice in the 11 years it had been my work mug, but it bounced both times; my colleague accidentally knocked it off the desk and it was third time unlucky...

A Vampire boardgame sounds fascinating - good how the club has unusual games rather than just classics. I hope the gameplay went well smiley - vampiresmiley - bat

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Post 1791


Apparently the jazz band are well known for it, but in the past they used to have a half pint at every pub the carnival went by and put their orders in in advance, but due to pub closures over the decades they now get to the Castle and have two or three pints each to make up for itsmiley - alesmiley - alesmiley - ale

I've played in a marching band on a few occasions back when I was in the BB, and have played my bugle on the streets of Sandown, Lake, Shanklin, Swanage and Bexhill-on-Sea, as well as the Bell Lyre on Sandown High Street for Christmas.smiley - drumroll

So far at the boardgame club we've not played a game I'd heard of before going to the club. 'One Night Vampire' is a quick-fire version/expansion pack of a game that began with Werewolvessmiley - fullmoon. The first version had cards in which every player is either a villager or a werewolf. The villagers all have different roles and can do different things, but the idea is that if you are a villager you have to kill the werewolf but if you are a werewolf you have to turn the rest of the villagers into werewolves and persuade them to kill an innocent villager instead. Every 'day' in the game ends with someone being killed as you have to vote who to kill off, and if there's a tie then two people get killed off. The Vampire is the same but with vampires, and you can play the two together so that you have werewolves trying to turn villagers at the same time as vampires, and extra expansion packs include aliens so that apparently you can have up to 75 players and you can keep going until one person is left.

The 'One Night' version is quick-fire and means that all the activity happens in one night so each round only lasts ten minutes. The idea is that there's only one round and if the villagers kill a smiley - vampire then they win, but if a villager is killed then the smiley - vampire wins. It is one of those games that is easier played than explained.

Sorry to hear about your mug!smiley - teasmiley - wah It looks like a Pudsey Bear mug? Do you have a replacement now?

Today's my last day with an 8-year-old daughter! So it is very much about celebrating with her this weekend. Enjoy the volunteering and showing!smiley - goodluck


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Post 1792

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

I applaud your marching band marches smiley - applausesmiley - biggrin

That is good that the games are something different, and that the gameplay for that one smiley - fullmoonsmiley - vampire is about 10 minutes so you can have a good few goes in the hour smiley - ok

Yes smiley - tea mug was a Pudsey Bear mug, and now Pudsey has the right hand side of his head missing, not just his eye bandaged smiley - laughsmiley - blue I've got a (?temporary) replacement today - it's much bigger than the other one, which means I get one largeish consistent brew but it goes very cold by the end, rather than having two small hot mugfuls with one being strong and the other weaker. Not sure what is best, yet, so I will see how it goes!

I had an excellent weekend, although it was rather hard work - I won another prize for A87800385 and for flower arranging, and even for Photography, too! smiley - boing My sister did well, too, as she baked cakes and made jam smiley - ok The volunteering went well during the day so most things went smoothly. The tidy up at the end was rushed again, though, strangely - the 'helpers' lifting the tables threw away some of the table decorations, which is not people's personal property like last week, but will cost money to replace... Might help next time if we can give them a written list of instructions a week before the event, to stop them blundering in like the proverbial bulls in china shops... Are there volunteer briefings or written instructions at parkrun to make sure everyone knows what they are doing with eg laying out the course?

I hope you and your family had a great weekend, and your daughter enjoyed her birthday! smiley - cupcake

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Post 1793


The good news with ten-minute games is that it means I can continue to say I've won at least one round of every game we've played smiley - winkeye

I had a giant two-mug smiley - tea which was too large – as you said it ended up cold quicker and I spent the afternoons desperate for the loo… Why were your drinks different strengths?

smiley - applauseWell done on the show victories – an award-winning family! Sounds like the other volunteers were definitely bulls in a china shop rather than bowls in a china shop smiley - winkeye

At parkrun there's different amounts of training depending on role you are doing and how confident you feel about it. There's often about a dozen people doing the set-up so it is easy to pick up – pick up arrows and cones and put them down where we say, just remember that they have to be visible from the direction people are running from.

It was a good weekend – my daughter and some friends went to an indoor climbing place, which was much taller than the previous indoor climbing place we'd gone to. The previous place was probably a better height for them as my son and daughter didn't like climbing very high at all, but the climbing walls and other facilities were much better. The climbing place was at Whitely Shopping Centre, which is a large retail park off the motorway. I've gone to Whitely two or three times a year for the last five years – but only to park in the carpark and then go either to the park to do a parkrun or woods and fields to run a RR10/CC6. Never actually went to the shops/entertainment there before. They had a dotto train and some dinosaur figures to encourage children to go there over the summer. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the local paddling pool with some more friends.


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Post 1794

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

"The good news with ten-minute games is that it means I can continue to say I've won at least one round of every game we've played smiley - winkeye"

Aha! smiley - ok

I drink at least 750ml during the day (3 x 250ml mug) for proper hydration - I sometimes manage 4 mugs full without getting desperate for the loo if it is particularly hot indoors. I have found out that this current mug is 330ml so two mugfuls wasn't quite enough yesterday. The different strengths occur because it is a bit like a teapot, where one cup out of it is not as strong as the other one...

Thank you smiley - biggrin I am continuing to enjoy the award-winning produce this week - the flowers are still lovely to look at and the cake is delicious smiley - biggrinsmiley - cake Yes, they were definitely bulls smiley - laugh or escaped goats smiley - rofl

Ah, that is good that there are some volunteers each time who know what they are doing, so they can help new ones and keep everything organised... smiley - dontpanic

I've seen Whitely Shopping Centre, but not been there - that's good that they have a very handy carpark! Glad the facilities were better quality so everyone could enjoy themselves. I can understand your children being not keen to go too high - I have a couple of friends who have done adapted climbing, and it does look safe, but I wouldn't fancy going too high either in case I got stuck somehow... The paddling pool sounded good, too - the weather on Sunday was very warm, but yesterday was more breezy so it felt cooler.

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Post 1795


I tend to drink 4+ smiley - tea during the day and of course lots of water in my journey to and from work. I do tend to leave my smiley - tea to brew for at least 5 minutes, usually double figures, so it is always quite strong.

I'd say here every day since the summer started has been very warm and dry – funny to think that in parts of the country there's been flooding and dramatic dams when we're as dry as a bone here. Hopefully it'll still be dry when I have a couple of weeks off! At the moment it seems like lots of people are off, but the amount of spontaneous courses being called into existence with students waiting to start in September, but no details or paperwork existing yet, have dramatically increased compared to previous years. Oh well…


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Post 1796

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

"I tend to drink 4+ smiley - tea during the day and of course lots of water in my journey to and from work."

smiley - ok I drank 2+1/3 x 330ml smiley - tea yesterday, so that worked well smiley - ok I'm not sure I like the handle on this mug, though, as it is not the most comfortable for some reason, so I will examine alternatives next time I go to a charity shop smiley - biggrin

Yes, it is fascinating how localised weather can be... It would be absolutely typical if it were pleasant weather now when you're in the office and then torrential rain when you have time off...! It was torrential rain here this morning but nice now. I'm hoping the weather will be good for birds this weekend, as I'm going down south for a little holiday myself. Well done for holding the fort and handling all the spontaneous courses...

SQ and BB

Post 1797


I'm still enjoying walking to work and back one day a week, but I must admit it rained a tad yesterday – a short but heavy burst – so I obviously jinxed it. My run of having won one round of every game we played at board game club also came to an end too as at work we played the 'Bears v Babies: Not Suitable for Work Edition' card game. The reason it isn't suitable for work is because an expansion pack for the original game has very rude picture cards, the novelty of which wore off for me quite quickly. It is by the same company as 'Exploding Kittens', which also features cards with amusing pictures and has an expansion pack you can purchase if you think card games desperately need bizarre pictures of multiple logic-defying bodyparts.

At work everyone has now moved, and most of the furniture has gone. The door locks once more and there are shutters on the assessment hatch so we no longer have a draught and burglars have to smash their way in before they can steal our . The assessment hatch itself is still 4-5' off the ground and we've been told that there are no plans to have it a wheelchair-friendly height. Instead they are going to install a doorbell, presumably so that our students can go 'ding-dong' while throwing their essays through a high window as if they were playing basketball smiley - football. Not that anyone can get anywhere near the hatches in any case at the moment as that's where the pile of crates is.

Yesterday I walked to the swimming pool on the way home, as the family wanted to go swimming and my daughter wanted to show me how confident she is. smiley - biggrin

I hope you have a good journey and definitely good weather for your tip down south on the North Island.


SQ and BB

Post 1798

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Ah, that is a shame that it rained and you lost the games, but that's good that you're enjoying the walk and the playing. I have vaguely heard of 'Exploding Kittens' but do not think "bizarre pictures of multiple logic-defying bodyparts" are necessary smiley - laughsmiley - ok

That's good that things are settling down for you in the office. Disappointing about the assignment hatch being a basketball hoop, though... That's even worse than the last hatch I submitted something to - there was a wheelchair-height section, but the doorbell to attract the attention of the staff was out of sight and out of reach on the standing-height section smiley - erm so I waited for ages before saying, "erm, hello?" smiley - laugh

Yay! That's good news that your daughter is doing well with swimming smiley - biggrin

"I hope you have a good journey and definitely good weather for your tip down south on the North Island."

smiley - ok Thank you - the weather forecast looks a bit wet and windy, but hopefully it won't be too disruptive... I've not been very organised with planning activities this time, sorry, but I hope to be down south again 7-8 September to see Charlotte decorated with rainbows smiley - rainbow so I'll let you know!

I hope you all have a great weekend, too smiley - ok

SQ and BB

Post 1799

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

It is Winter on the first train, but I'm dressed for Summer smiley - brr

There's no smiley - tea and not even anything 'almost, but not quite entirely, unlike tea'...

The train is struggling to climb hills because the engine is not 100%, but we're getting there, slowly but surely! Luckily I gave myself a good amount of time to make the next connection, so I'm not too worried yet...

I hope you're having a good day so far! smiley - tea

SQ and BB

Post 1800


The game was quite a long one so we only played one round – I'm not fussed about getting a rematch as it wasn't the best game we've played. One of the presents my daughter got for her birthday last week smiley - gift was a game of 'Uno' so we've been playing that at home.

Yesterday evening we went to the cinema to see 'Horrible Histories: The Movie: Rotten Romans' before it vanishes without trace. It really is a good, fun, family-friendly film with very Pythonesque references. And what a cast – Sir Derek Jacobi as Claudius to name but one. But it can't compete against 'The Lion King' or 'Toy Story 4', but was good to see filming at Butser Farm, which is where I took the photo you can see here: A74480420. Not many of the original cast seemed involved, which was a pity – and no Death smiley - skull They did feature the original Boudicca song from one of the early series.

Tomorrow's parkrun is a club championship race. One run a month is designated a club championship race for members of Eastleigh Running Club, and the positions that club members finish in gives you points and the person with the most points averaged out over their best 6 races in the year wins. I've only run in two of the races so far so won't be likely to make the top twenty, but there should be a lot of Eastleigh runners at tomorrow's parkrun. Each race is a different distance from 5k up to Marathon, some free to enter, some official runs where a charge applies, but all in the local area.

Hope the train makes it okay despite the winter weather! I'm sure Charlotte is eagerly looking forward to you spending 48 hours with her too smiley - winkeye


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