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Post 1761


It is getting to be that hectic time of year again – I wasn't ignoring you last week, but I was called away on Friday afternoon to volunteer for Graduation Preparation duties. It is Graduation Week this week but I'm already trying to be in multiple places at once with the children's sports day smiley - runsmiley - football and performance as well as my wife apparently needs to do a few training and transition days by the end of the month, which will need me to take time off to do the school run.

I did indeed do Romsey's Mountbatten School parkrun, probably the quietest course I've been to for a while.

I took my new camera to the Isle of Wight Steam Railway's 1940s Weekend and gave it a try out. Disappointingly the drizzled all day. The increased framerate from 3fps to 5fps was very noticeable for starters! The ability to take video with it might be quite handy, though I don't know what I'd do with it.

It was a good day and I enjoyed catching up with family members too, as did my son. I also took him around the neighbouring Haven Falconry while we were at Havenstreet and he enjoyed seeing the birds, although they weren't allowed to fly due to the wet weather.

I hope you had a good time with your sister too. smiley - biggrin

The funniest part of the weekend was that at midnight on Saturday/Sunday a JCB turned up outside our house and dug a big hole, which is still there now.

I've heard good things about 'Yesterday' and Richard Curtiss is a good writer – if I get a chance to I may well see it in the cinema, if it is still out when my wife and I can go without having to worry about who is looking after the children.


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Post 1762

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

I guessed you had had a busy Friday afternoon... Wow, that is hectic for you all - good luck with everything and I hope your children enjoy their sports day and performance smiley - biggrin

Congratulations on getting an excellent time at the parkrun, and thanks for updating your Entry! That is interesting that there is such a camber and the paths are narrow - also good that it was relatively quiet now it has been a few weeks since it was inaugurated smiley - ok

Glad you got to test your camera out, even though the weather wasn't the best. I don't know what my camera's hi-res framerate is, but I do know it matches the speed of wading birds' heads when they are bobbing up and down finding food, so I end up with 10 photos of a bird with its head in water... Video is handy, but it is 99% dependent on having software to do something with it... The video editing software on Windows Vista was the best for what I need, but I can get fairly good results from Adobe Premiere Elements these days, after much trial and error... smiley - facepalmsmiley - book has some options that you may be able to use.

Glad you and your son saw some birds, even though they weren't flying smiley - biggrin Glad you caught up with family, too. I didn't meet my sister after all, but I met my dad at A87875987 and he helped me with bird spotting (I didn't see any new species, but was pleased to see chicks of various types and ages out and about).

"The funniest part of the weekend was that at midnight on Saturday/Sunday a JCB turned up outside our house and dug a big hole"

smiley - yikessmiley - laugh I bet that had you reaching for the peanuts! It was an eventful weekend on the JCB front - I didn't see the one that was deployed near me, but there was a major water pipe burst that affected the area around my house and took until the early hours of the following morning to be fixed... (luckily I got enough water out of the tap during the incident, even though the pressure was low, so I was OK smiley - tea). I hope the problem necessitating an emergency hole outside yours is soon resolved!

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Yes, busy Friday and this week the office is quiet as a fair number of people are involved in Graduation and the park was filled with hordes of graduands smiley - prof and their families at nammettime.

I doubt that Mountbatten will become a busy parkrun as having a no smiley - dog or pram policy and encouraging people to park 10-minutes' walk away may put tourists off when they can go to other ones nearby, such as Salisbury, Winchester or Eastleigh. Being small means it can develop its own identity and sense of community easier than larger runs such as Southampton.

I'm not sure what video stuff came with Windows XP, but I have Photoshop 6 (the 2000 version, not to be confused with the more recent Photoshop CS6) which works and manages to do what I want to for photos, I'm less fussed about what happens with video. I'm not sure if you can upload the videos to smiley - facepalmsmiley - book anyway?

One day I'll have to add more photos April-June…

Our neighbours had no power so that's why they dug a big hole in the ground, only outside our place and not our neighbours'. Though they dug the hole very quickly, they seem to be in no hurry to fill it back in.

It looks good to me, press the button!


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Post 1764

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

That's good that you get to hold the fort while others are involved with the Graduation. I hope the weather has been good for it - yesterday was pleasant here until late afternoon when there was heavy rain, and today has been dull but warm so far, which was a bit hot for running around between meetings shepherding people to where they needed to go this morning, but at least was dry... Lunchtime was an illusion, but this afternoon is quieter so far smiley - zen

Yes, that is good that the parkrun can focus on the local community without worrying about too many tourists given the location and logistics compared to other places smiley - ok

Yes, I can imagine photoshop 6 does what you want it to do - I have 14, but that can make it harder to do common things that should be easy even though some complicated but uncommon things have been made simpler to do... These days I use the microsoft picture thing for cropping, Paint for resizing, and photoshop for enhancement smiley - laugh

I have made a couple of videos for h2g2 in smiley - facepalmsmiley - book because it has a built in slideshow feature these days, and friends manage to upload snippets, but I haven't tried uploading any of my camera's videos yet - I tend to go straight to youtube with those...

That was strange that your neighbours lost power because of an issue near your house, but you were fine! Then again, wiring is a mystery to me - late last year everyone in my road had a power cut except my next door neighbour! smiley - laugh

Button pressed smiley - oksmiley - modsmiley - magic

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Post 1765


It's been warm and sunny here today so far this week, lots of blue sky for graduands having their photo taken in the park in their grad rags. The ceremony itself is held in the Guildhall, which is where I had my sing thing this year, which is just across the park from the Spark where they have receptiony stuff, and a marquee has been erected in Guildhall Square for the newly-conferred graduates to loiter within after the ceremony.

Meanwhile vast numbers of crates are piling up around the corridors ready for the office moves that will be taking place soon in the latest restructure this year, while the asbestos people's lorries are hanging around again.

Tomorrow morning is sports day, so I'm only in in the afternoon, followed by a whole day off on Thursday. So another perfect opportunity to try out my camera. I've never bunged anything on YouTube but I suspect there's rules against doing that with the school sports day. The sports day is relay events where the children are divided into their house teams – both mine are in Lysander (yellow) House, which traditionally loses at Sports Day. But as long as they enjoy themselves.


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Post 1766

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

That's good that the weather is perfect for people to show off their grad rags to best advantage smiley - ok

Good luck with all that - restructuring is a messy business... I haven't seen any asbestos lorries (yet) but random pieces of furniture are dotted about in corridors as people are taking the opportunity to do a summer tidy up (not a restructure, but a few people have tidied themselves away)

I hope the sports day was good fun - I was in the Yellow House, too (Elm) smiley - ok Yes, youtube isn't the place for videos of people aged under 14. I hope your camera captures excellent action shots smiley - ok

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Post 1767


On Monday there were very daft people trying to take selfies of themselves in the grad rags with the uni in the background, which wouldn't be a problem if they weren't in the road at the time…

At least they don't have to worry about the traffic at the road that runs between the Guildhall and Guildhall Square – the concrete block barriers there and by the shopping precinct have been removed and replaced by bollards that can slide to the side – they have little traffic lights to say whether they are on green or not. Presumably they only slide to the side to allow vehicles' entrance and egress when vehicles are authorised for specific events.

The Income Team have to move out of the office before we get to move round the corner. Our office, A101, is a giant L shape facing the road and we're moving from the l to the _ part, which means we'll be nearer the other kitchen which I've never been to. I don't think I've really walked down that part of the office before while Income have been in there. There's always been a smiley - weird almost hostile vibe so the two halves of the office have kept completely separate.

School day went well, though I probably tired myself out more than they did in trying to watch both children in their different classes on opposite sides of the field doing their activities and darting back and forth between the two. I was aided by my daughter always wanting to be at the back and her teacher being slower to get started than my son's teacher, while my son usually likes being at the front. Which meant I was usually able to watch my son take his turn, dash across the field to my daughter's class and arrive just in time to see her doing her bit. I've not seen the photos I took yet so I hope they came out okay.

There's an RR10 after work today – hopefully I'll get to go to it. Just have to work out lifts. It is also in an un

I was in Red House when I was at school, though I forget which manor it was. (Each of the four houses was nominally named after one of the four manor houses in the area, but no-one ever used those names and everyone always said Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. The middle stripes in the school tie was a different colour depending on house).


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Post 1768

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Yikes - some selfie-takers are definitely trying to get a Darwin Award...

That's clever about the bollards that slide to the side! A bit similar outside the Museum of Liverpool - there is a bollard that sinks into the ground when security confirm I've booked a blue badge parking space, but if someone tried to sneak through after me their car would be impaled by the rising bollard!

Fascinating how teams can stay separate with hostile vibes even in an open-plan office... I can imagine it will be a squash to fit you all in to the _ after having been in the | I hope the kitchen is at least as good as the one you've been using... Good luck with it all.

Glad you all enjoyed sports day - that was good keep-fit for you, running between events! I hope you got some good action shot photographs smiley - ok I hope you got to go to the RR10 and had a good run. Seems a bit formal to me that you had different ties based on House, but I hope it didn't lead to too much rivalry - everyone in my school wore the same pattern of tie and we just had little plain-coloured badges that we wore on sports day and end-of-term-performance day.

I see you had a good parkrun and managed a Groundhog Day and a number with the same minutes and seconds! Very pleasing! I hope you had a good weekend all round. I was quite busy - I enjoyed the wildlife photography workshop and for my half-birthday I treated myself to a new lens that should arrive this week smiley - biggrin Then I delivered the craft projects I finished last week (two crochet aliens that are good enough to be comforters for premature babies) and then I watched some Tennis smiley - biggrin

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Post 1769


The good thing about cycling is that it is difficult to stop a bike. I probably told you how a few years ago I cycled to work and one of the main roads was blocked because a tree had fallen over, but I simply lifted my bike over the tree and kept going with the whole road to myself.

Payroll, Income and Finance have moved out now and random people have moved in to where they were with several hammers, making a lot of loud banging noises!smiley - grr Not sure why, though?smiley - huh It would be nice to think they're taking advantage of the opportunity to replace the 30 or 40 year-old carpet, but I doubt it.

The RR10 was good, I finally finished in a team for the first time this year! As well as everyone getting their own place, they can contribute to a team. Men have teams of 5 and women teams of 3. So the first 5 male finishers for Eastleigh are Eastleigh A, the second five are the B and so on. I've always finished in the last 3 or 4 for Eastleigh and so not been in a team as only if there's 5 does it count, but this time I finished 6th from last and made it into a team.
I was surprised to see I made it at the same time as the last time as I ran at Eastleigh (doesn't count as an official Groundhog Day as I had Mountbatten in between) as I ran two laps on my own and then chatted round the third lap and didn't try too hard smiley - laugh Same person I chatted to last time too.

As far as I know we didn't really have any rivalry based on houses at school. We would have a year assembly and a house assembly each week, and the house assembly normally consisted of 'This week's red house year 9 male hockey team lost its match, the year 10 women's rugby team lost its match, the year 11 men's smiley - football team lost its match, the year 12 women's netball team lost its match and the year 13's mixed cricket team lost its match'. Sporty people were put in Green House, who always won everything. The only other difference it made was the order you got to go to the lunchblock, so one week your house would be first lunch, the next second lunch etc. If you were on last lunch you could guarantee all the smiley - burger and smiley - donut would be gone.

I've unusually put some pictures of birds on smiley - facepalmsmiley - book - though they are in cages, as well as some other pictures.

Did you take photos of your two crochet smiley - aliensmile? Possibly with your new lens? Sounds intriguing… I didn't watch any tennis smiley - racket1smiley - racket2 this year, or the woman's smiley - footballsmiley - earthsmiley - tea. The only sport I'd've liked to have watched was the Island Games, which yet again wasn't broadcast on televisionsmiley - wah. This year the Isle of Wight did well and came 9th.

Still don't think Gibraltar counts as an smiley - island though.


SQ and BB

Post 1770

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Ah, yes the ability to lift bikes over things is handy when you need to continue a journey smiley - ok

Sorry it was noisy in your office - I hope they have finished and that you can see an improvement!

Fascinating concept about the teams - if the number of runners is divisible by 15 does everyone get to be in a team, or would the last 'teams' just be last?

That's good that the Houses were OK with each other, although it sounds like a bit of 'Sorting' went on to put all the sporty people in Green. I nearly had hot lunch in secondary school, as we were given a menu before the start of first year with five choices per day and it looked great, but when I went into the canteen on day 1 I had a choice of red soup, orange soup or green soup so I brought sandwiches on day 2 smiley - laugh

Great to see your bird pictures, and I'm glad you found the pictures of the crochet smiley - aliensmile that I put up last night smiley - biggrin No need for the new lens for them as they are about 8cm wide and 20cm long, whereas the wildlife I was photographing was more like 2cm x 2cm smiley - ok

That is a shame that the Island Games wasn't televised, but I'm sure it will be one day as I see random athletics events appear on the Red Button occasionally smiley - ok What events feature? Are there a good number in water?

SQ and BB

Post 1771


The good news is that today is definitely quieter so far. Lots of paint fumes, true, but quieter… There was a bit of drilling earlier, but not too bad now. The worst bit is people come into the office and ask us where people we don't know are now. They've not updated the address book so it still says in this room… The bit they're doing the work to isn't a part of the office we're going to, but the room next door to the L which is informally called the goldfish bowl because it is a separate room behind a glass wall. It is where the finance Income Team that dealt with money were based in an extra-secure area and we mere mortals were never allowed inside for any reason. It is where they nicked and hid my smiley - xmastree last year.

With the leagues there is a strict 'male' league and 'female' league, so if there were 15 runners from Eastleigh, say 11 male and 4 female then it would mean there are two male teams of 5 and one female team of 3 and two runners who did not qualify to be in a team. They split it that way as there are usually far more male runners than female runners (though there is one transgender runner in the league) I usually finish fourth from last for Eastleigh so not in a team. It's our Drop Out run today so I next get to run in a fortnight.

I spent nammettime between brencheese sandwiches and free school dinners as I was classed as being in a low-income single-parent family, so when we qualified for free food there wasn't any choice in the matter, that's what I had as times were tough. Thinking about it, the school café was the only restaurant I ever ate out at before I was 18 except for the café at Portsmouth Dockyward which my paternal grandfather took me to when we visited the dockyard as my birthday treat when I was 11? or 13? and a pub that my maternal grandmother took me to close to the Southampton Hall of Aviation, which we had visited that day. My mum would never eat out unless she'd prepared sandwiches…

We believed that a lot of sorting did indeed go on in the houses and that they were theoretically grouping people who were sporty, arty, dramatic and academic together, but it didn't always work. My mate Daniel ended up in Green House but he isn't at all sporty and never has been. I can't remember which house Tris (who isn't you despite what smiley - facepalmsmiley - book thinks) and Andy ended up in but I think my wife was Blue House. It was all a long time ago now…

Was the red soup too hot, the amber soup too cold and the green soup just right? Or smiley - frog-flavour?

As for the events that the Island Games feature, it varies depending on what facilities the host island has. Typical games would include:
smiley - modArchery
smiley - runAthletics
smiley - racket1Badminton
smiley - smileyBasketball
smiley - smileyBowls
smiley - smileyCycling
smiley - footballFootball
smiley - smileyGolf
smiley - smileyGymnastics
smiley - smileyJudo
smiley - smileySailing
smiley - smileyShooting - both Clay Pigeon and Target
smiley - racket2Squash
smiley - smileySwimming
smiley - smileyTable Tennis
smiley - racket1Tennis
smiley - smileyTriathlon
smiley - smileyVolleyball
smiley - surferWindsurfing
You know, someone should write about the Island Games: A87749473
Our old school hosted the Island Games one year and got an athletics track out of it.


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Post 1772

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Ah, that is extra annoying when there is noisy building work going on and it isn't even for your benefit... Also annoying when the address book takes ages to be updated, causing maximum confusion...

Good counterexample to my example that missed out a few key words and was more complicated than necessary as well! smiley - ok So if there luckily happened to be 15 Male runners and 9 Female, then everyone would be in a team? That is good that the league is starting to welcome transgender runners smiley - ok

As I recall, the red soup was indeed too hot/spicy and the amber soup was too sweet, but the green soup was smiley - frog-flavour smiley - yuk so I didn't want to have it again, especially as I had had to pay for it and homemade brencheese was cheaper... Not good for the people who relied on it, though... (in primary school I ate a negative amount a couple of times and my friend was made quite ill one day because she was allergic to something but the teachers wouldn't let her leave it on the plate...).

Our Houses were based on alphabetical order, so they were well mixed, but there were some traits, eg several yellows were called swots, several reds were trendy and several blues and greens were sporty.

Good to see sailing and windsurfing feature in the Island Games, but that is a variety of sports indeed smiley - ok Great Entry smiley - ok

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Post 1773


They've hung up some anti-asbestos bubblewrap inside the goldfish bowl now and the people are wearing face masks, while we've got all the windows open to try and remove the fume smell.

But yes, if there are 15 male runners and 9 female then our club would have 3 teams in each and everyone would be in a team.

I can't remember being offered soup at school – mainly cold smiley - burger or cold smiley - hotdog, with those fake hotdog sausages and not real sausages.

I went browsing the charity shops at nammettime today. Over the last few weeks they've always had something I liked on a certain shelf in the window of the British Heart Foundation. 'Innuendo' was there, the Culture smiley - book I was missing was there, the 'Captain America' 1940s serial was there, a cover of Bob Dylan songs album was there, The Moody Blues' 'A Question of Balance' was there, so I was looking forward to seeing what treasure would be there today, as for the last few weeks it has been almost as if that shelf has been calling out to me.

Do you know what they had there today? A smiley - bleepin' Kris Kristofferson CD.smiley - grr I'd sooner listen to Des O'Connor.

This week I've been enjoying the logistical exercise of getting everyone's bicycles to the work bikeshed ahead of Sunday's 'City Ride' where they close some streets of Southampton to motorists for a couple of hours so cyclists – particularly children - can use them. (Add lots of angry letters written to the local newspaper on Monday morning saying, 'How dare cyclists have 2 hours a year in which to enjoy Southampton traffic free! They should all be run over and killed!' And work has been hectic this week because of a pointless Unistats exercise. (Lots of courses that were created for marketing purposes and we know aren't going to be offered and so are being closed without ever having had a single student didn't have HECoS Codes attached, but we needed to add lots of details to them for Unistats even though they're not running courses and no-one ever looks at Unistats anyway, making the whole mad-panic exercise pointless on numerous levels).


SQ and BB

Post 1774

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Here's a funny quiz - I particularly like Question 1 smiley - laughsmiley - fish

I hope the smells from the building works aren't too bad for you today smiley - goodluck

Amazing how school dinners can be made so unappetising...

Ah, that charity shop is teasing you indeed - what better baddie to balance all the goodies you found than a Kris Kristofferson CD of all things smiley - yikes

Well done on completing the logistical exercise - sounds like you'll all have a good time even if some people begrudge you 2 hours... I'm hoping to meet my sister this weekend instead, as she recovered from smiley - hangover illness

Ah, that is challenging work stuff - I have used unistats myself, but not for the purpose it was particularly intended, so it's not surprising that changes are proposed...

SQ and BB

Post 1775


Just returned from another leaving presentation of someone I've worked with and been in choir with for years and years…

We've still got lots of fumes and had drilling noises – they seem to have removed the floor, ceiling tiles and some of the walls from the goldfish bowl, so who knows what they're doing…

Do you remember the comment I made about the photo of smiley - cat outside our house? You might want to mention the very best of that, you know…

I hope you enjoy meeting your sister – it looks like another wet day tomorrow so we may go to the cinema, and I may go to the smiley - sheepsmiley - blacksheep. And then next week I'll have to work out how to get all the bikes home. Monday is my children's last day at school – why it is worth their going to school just for Monday is anyone's guess…? And after that I've got to work out what is going on with the annual walking/camping weekend which was going to be next weekend, but there's a degree of doubt and uncertainty.smiley - huhsmiley - headhurts


SQ and BB

Post 1776

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Wow, that is major work going on in the goldfish bowl smiley - yikes I was all smug here last week as it was quiet, but today the drilling noises have started with a vengeance... The sound of summer! smiley - laugh

I had a look at photos of smiley - cat but couldn't find anything Very helpful... I did like the photo of your wife's re-enactment of the magpie incident, though smiley - yikessmiley - laugh I'm getting a bit closer to nature than I would like in my house, too - some sparrows were nesting outside in the corner of my porch, but they've somehow managed to work their way inside the ceiling so I can hear them scratching around and tweeting *almost* as loudly as if they were in the room!

I had a very good weekend indeed. Meeting my sister was good - we enjoyed being outside in a garden as it was dull but warm and stayed dry. My mum agreed to play Queen Monopoly with me so that was very enjoyable (especially as I won smiley - blush) - the new rule, where if anyone lands on a property then it can be bought by anyone who can afford it, certainly speeds the game up, so we used all the features - Mum built a stage (equivalent to houses) at Hammersmith, but had to sell it before she could put a gig on (equivalent to a Hotel) while I got to put on a gig at Imperial College London smiley - cool

I hope you all had a great weekend, and I hope your children got on OK today - that does seem a bit of a waste to have to open the school for one day, but hopefully it was full of enjoyable activities. Good luck with the logistical exercise in reverse, and with finding out what's going on with the camping... smiley - goodluck I hope your smiley - sheepsmiley - blacksheep shearing session went well if you went there smiley - goodluck

SQ and BB

Post 1777


They've been demolishing more walls in the no-longer-room next door (it is now open to the corridor, where the turnip once stood).
The photo of smiley - cat outside the house was to remind you that we'd been Cribbinsed – ie, Bernard Cribbins who vocally is best known for singing 'Hole in the Ground' and 'Right Said Fred' – and Very Best of Bernard Cribbins would have earned you five points smiley - disco. Never mind…

I hope the sparrows are able to find their way out again!smiley - yikes Sounds like you had a good time with your family. We did a spot of cycling on Sunday and saw 'Toy Story 4' on Saturday. parkrun was busy as Southampton was closed, but I managed my fastest time at Eastleigh this year, though it is still 5-minutes slower than my fastest at Eastleigh ever and almost 3 minutes slower than last year.

I did have a haircut at the smiley - sheep baa-baa, but because of the way they were poking and waving my hair around I didn't realise that they didn't really cut my fringe at all in the end, more deceptively hid it, which is what I most wanted done to stop my hair getting in my eyes…


SQ and BB

Post 1778

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Wow, that is extreme building work - I can't imagine why that would be done, but presumably all will become clear to you over the next few weeks...

Ah, I remember the comment now but wasn't able to make the required number of logical deductions to discover the existence of 'Very Best of Bernard Cribbins'... Never mind indeed - I learned something!

Yes, I hope the sparrows will be OK, too - the scratching noises worry me, but judging by the timings of the tweeting yesterday it sounded hopeful that they had all been out flying and only came back in to sleep...

Glad you all had a good weekend - did you like Toy Story 4? Well done on getting a great time at parkrun when it was busy - I reckon dodging the crowds must add a bit to your time, so that is not bad at all smiley - ok

Ah, that is the smiley - grr about smiley - sheepsmiley - blacksheep when they don't cut your fringe but just wave it around... Nearly happened to me last month, but I noticed the deception this time (last time I didn't notice so had to use my hairdressing scissors at home - luckily the front is easy for me to fix...) I hope you can fix your hair, too - having hair that doesn't get in one's eyes is a key part of making the effort to get a haircut...

SQ and BB

Post 1779


Today they're bashing holes in the walls in this office to make an assignment hatch, which so far appears to be about 4½ foot off the ground, which is a bit higher than I would have expected. Perhaps they'll make a lower bit next to it by the time they're done. They also appear to be painting the walls while knocking them down next door. They've not set off any fire alarms yet, so that's a good sign. But hot with fumy paint smells isn't fun. We can't get out of the office at the moment as they've got ladders in front of the doors to paint the entrance.

I've started getting e-mails from my walking friends saying things like:
smiley - footprints'I'm a bit worried about the gap in your communal training, Matt'
smiley - stnirptoof'We need to try and get Matt up to speed.'
Which I'm finding disappointing…

And yes, 'Toy Story 4' was good and I'd recommend it. I still think the third film had a better ending, but it was better than I was expecting it to be and had an emotional smiley - wah ending.


SQ and BB

Post 1780

SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

That is a fascinating assignment hatch starting point! Has there been any development so far today? Also fascinating about the simultaneous demolition and painting smiley - laughsmiley - raisedeyebrow Yes, that is a small comfort that they haven't managed to set the fire alarms off (yet).

So annoying when the main door is blocked - I discovered that had happened here today, just at the point when I needed the loo, which is typical... Luckily I managed to find someone to let me out within 20 minutes so it was fine, but running round did make me rather warmer than I had been... I hope you were let out yesterday without too much trouble, and I hope you're managing to get some fresh air from somewhere today. It is cooler outside here than it was yesterday, after an impressive thunderstorm overnight, but the building heated up nicely so it is warmer in the office today...

That is sad that your team are not happy with your speed still smiley - footprintssmiley - blue As they need you because they weren't able to replace you with someone who exceeded their speed limit, they should be more accommodating... Good luck with it all, and look after yourself smiley - goodluck

I guessed Toy Story 4 might be smiley - wah at the end - I heard Toy Story 3 was, so I have only watched a few clips of that. I still have some Disney animations to watch on DVD, but after The Princess and the Frog put me through the wringer, I haven't found the right time to try another one ('Tangled' looks reasonable from the cover, but I'm sure it will contain at least one 'moment'...). I enjoyed Despicable Me 3, though - Illumination films seem to be good like that as they end well without having to scrape people's insides out first.

Good luck with the moving tomorrow - I hope everything is sorted out as smoothly as possible smiley - goodluck

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