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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Wow, that is fascinating technology, the smiley - bus-mounted air filter smiley - ok Sounds positive that you will notice a difference when the whole fleet is fitted with them smiley - ok

That is lucky that your local cinema has been included in the £4.99 deal (along with my local cinema, as it happens, not that I go to the cinema very often these days anyway, for reasons unconnected to price...). I hope you enjoyed the films you saw, and that your daughter enjoyed the birthday party!

I had a good weekend - it wasn't muddy in A87875987 because the weather was very warm, although it did rain while I was in one of the hides, so I stayed dry smiley - ok I didn't see any new species for my list, but took some pleasing photos as a Sedge Warbler posed for me smiley - biggrin

Coincidental that I watched Despicable Me 3, too, and see you've also written about it in an Ultimate Guide smiley - laugh Educational Entry - I see 'Sing!' cameoed in DM3, but I didn't get the reference apart from it being a generic talent show smiley - ok

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They claim that we'll notice a difference, we'll see…

We had a good weekend with a lot of cinema-going, which led to a lot of entry updating after. There's a lot of work involved in getting the entries ready to enter PeerReview on 1st January 2020, which isn't helped by the films that are coming out in December.smiley - grr

Hopefully I'll get my bike back today complete with working gears. smiley - biggrin


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Rain again - it's impressive how dark it is here this morning, like midwinter rather than midsummer, but it is definitely summer warmth.

I hope it stayed dry for you on Friday, as you went out with a colleague - I went out as well, and enjoyed the evening sunshine (my colleagues and I were going out for Tapas, but we found a lovely Thai Restaurant instead that had full (delicious) meals for the price of one (unusual) item of tapas!).

I hope you got your bike back in full working order and zoomed home last night smiley - ok It was a pleasant evening - I went out late to check whether my rose needed any water and was surprised to see a little hedgehog! Luckily I had my camera with me smiley - ok Even though my 'garden' is small, there are a few slugs around, as they occasionally find their way into my porch for some reason, so hopefully the hedgehog found some good food in there smiley - ok

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I managed to time my journey to work well and avoided the downpour – but camera is still not workingsmiley - blue Can't really afford a new one, but can I afford to wait until I do and miss out on all those precious moments?

On Friday I only went as far as the cinema, so the weather wasn't a consideration. But I've got my bike back, it has a new rear cassette that isn't split in half and everything. I think they did a service too so it does feel like I can smiley - zoom to work and back again. I borrowed a friend's bike during the rail strike having had to wait until 7pm for a train home last Tuesday, which was kind and considerate but it was a mountain bike with an uncomfortable saddle, felt like I was peddling like mad and not going anywhere and I definitely missed not having mud guards during the wet weather! There's nothing like having your own one back.

Today is the day for people to hand in their answers – so far I've had one quiz handed in. I'm hoping I'll get three. That would be a good number.


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

I can imagine you're much more comfortable now you've got your bike back - that's good that you were able to borrow one instead of spending money on rubbish train journeys, but it must be like borrowing someone else's shoes or wheelchair, that it does the job but doesn't feel right...

Glad you avoided the rain, but very sorry to hear that your camera still isn't working smiley - blue I'm not sure how to help... I presume you've already taken it apart as far as you can, and checked the battery and memory card, and put it back together again... I'm sorry I already gave my old camera to someone else last year... smiley - goodlucksmiley - blue

I've turned into Cousin Itt again this week, but I am pleased that my haircut lasted from January after I actually asked for and got what I wanted smiley - ok I'm hoping the hairdresser can do the same again this weekend, but we shall see... Haircuts were one of the topics of conversation at my meal out on Friday - someone else eventually 'had the guts' to ask for what they wanted so they were very pleased, too. A strange business, but there we go smiley - laugh

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I've just had a 30-minute tour of the new simulator suite beneath my feet – what they've been making with all the drilling and banging noises over the last 18 months. I must say it is quite impressive – apparently the smiley - earth's first maritime bridge simulator was at Warsash in the 1970s and the first engine room simulator a decade later. Today they have engine room simulators and numerous bridge simulators that are so realistic you do feel as if you are swaying, no lie.

Yep, that's exactly it with riding someone else's bike, although I can't say I've ever worn someone else's shoes. The handlebars aren't the right distance from your body or quite at the right angle or height, it just doesn't feel quite right.

The battery and memory card are fine – that's one thing, ideally if I could get another Nikon then I'll already have a spare battery, battery charger and basic lens.

smiley - goodluck at the barbers!smiley - sheep (That's a poor pun, baa baa = smiley - sheep, and a hairdresser would be a rabbit in clothes. Or possibly a cabinet with bunny ears).

It is sunny at the moment! Tomorrow I get a free nammettime so will actually be able to go outside and enjoy it, assuming it is still sunny then too. No RR10 tonight, though, and next week we're marshalling so it is three weeks until we run again. I hope you're able to enjoy fine weather too if you're getting it.


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

That's good that you got to see what all the noise was for - sounds impressive simulation indeed!

Here's a couple of links that might help...

I like that pun - go to the smiley - sheep baa baa's to get shorn like a smiley - sheepsmiley - laugh I like the idea of a cabinet with bunny ears too smiley - laugh I'm not sure about someone who puts rabbits in clothes, though smiley - bunnysmiley - laugh

Glad you got some sun yesterday - here it was quite dark all day, but warm and humid. Much fresher today, so I did manage to enjoy the fresh air and warm bright weather while dashing to meetings even though lunchtime was a bit of an illusion smiley - puff It has been a week and a half already and it is only Thursday, but I have achieved things so that is pleasing smiley - ok I hope you had a good nammettime and I hope everything else is going as well as possible.

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We've had some good news – my wife's been offered a new job! She will officially begin working as an LSA to a reception-year girl with special needs in a school in September and will have a couple of transition days in July. So that's exciting.

Yesterday my son had a transition day at his new school he'll be joining in September, but he is a little confused and upset. He went and was told he was in Miss Watson's class, but yesterday evening we all went to an introductory evening, went to Miss Watson's classroom and was told he wasn't on the register and was actually in Miss Cambridge's class. So now he is confused as to what class he should be in and what is going on. So we're waiting to hear back.

Thanks for the link – I'm not sure we'll be able to get the DSLR fixed as they do say excessive water damage is one thing they can't repair, and it was submerged underwater when I returned to the tent /\_\, but they do fix water damage. So I wonder how you know how excessive the damage is?

I bought a smiley - book in the charity shop that claimed to be the definitive guide to Peter Cushing's career, as I thought that would be helpful as I'm writing about three films and he's in one. Yet it didn't mention his appearance in John Deacon and The Immortals music video 'No Turning Back'smiley - yikes
At the moment I'm trying to decide whether to write one entry or four. I had planned to write one entry that covered three films, but have found a lot of information about the first film that I'd like to include, but would be better as a standalone entry rather than in a summary entry. So I could potentially have four entries: Introduction, Film 1, Film 2, Film 3. The trouble with that is that there's a lot less to write about for the second film and I've virtually nothing to add for the final film, so summaries suffice for them.

I must admit it was very impressive in the maritime simulation suite – and they also have funky air conditioning too! They have the ability to virtually recreate lots of different ships, sea conditions and also places, so they showed us a virtual Pompey Harbour in one bridge suite as well as the bridge of an oil tanker on the heavy sea in another one (the one which had the rough sea that made us all feel we were swaying.) They had fake windows just like a bridge of a real ship with an oval screen, and once you walk into the room the door behind is a screen so it is a full 360degree simulator. And if they link all the bridge simulators and smaller simulators together they can run an exercise with dozens of virtual ships in the same area.

The next time you see the BBC etc do a documentary about a ship and have a virtual recreation of the Titanic or SS Great Britain etc, just think that it is filmed under my feet

Do you have plans for the weekend? This evening is the school summer fayre and afterwards I may pop to the pub smiley - ale with Jude. Sunday is looking like a day of walking in preparation for September - about 20+ miles smiley - footprints


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Congratulations to your wife - that is good news, and sounds like a lovely job smiley - biggrin

Sorry to hear about the confusion at your son's new school, though - that is upsetting to be turned away from the classroom after having spent a day in there... I hope they reply soon to get it sorted out smiley - goodluck

Yes, I noticed that about the water damage/excessive water damage - hard to tell from the outside indeed... I would hope they would give you an estimate first rather than charging for a fix and then not doing anything... Good luck with it all smiley - goodluck

"Yet it didn't mention his appearance in John Deacon and The Immortals music video 'No Turning Back' smiley - yikes "

smiley - yikes Scandal! smiley - laugh

Yes, difficult to decide on Entry splits in that scenario... Perhaps three Entries would do it, combining 2 and 3 in one, but then the introduction wouldn't say much... Or two Entries - one overview Entry of all three films including a link to the detailed Entry about Film 1... smiley - goodluck

I did have in mind to try to put another Entry in Peer Review this week to make 11 Entries by me, but didn't feel like it after such long days at work... I should be able to finish it this weekend, anyway, and keeping 10 on the go is quite sufficient, really, as you say... I'm glad Caroline Herschel Entry was picked quite quickly, though smiley - biggrin and your Spyder's Web Entry deserves to be picked quite quickly, too, to join the ranks of the Spy-Fi genre in the Edited Guide with The Persuaders smiley - winkeye

smiley - wow The Maritime Simulator really is state of the art - sounds amazing, and should lead to excellent documentaries indeed smiley - ok

This weekend it's haircut first smiley - sheep then the usual food shopping, but Sunday should be good as it is an Open Garden day near me and there should be plenty to see (as well as smiley - tea and smiley - cake) smiley - biggrin Enjoy the Fayre smiley - biggrin and good luck with running and walking smiley - footprintssmiley - goodluck

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It was a weekend with quite contrast. You could sum it up by saying I went to three summer fayres in two days, got stuck in traffic, saw no-one and walked 25 miles.

On Friday it was the children's school's summer fayre, which they enjoyed. They had the usual hook a duck and other stalls as well as a barbecue selling smiley - burger and smiley - hotdog, police cars and fire engines for children to look inside, the school choir performing and it ended with a teacher being gunged. I had hoped to meet Jude afterwards, but she was unable to make it in the end.

On Saturday after parkrun we went to the local church summer fayre where the school choir were performing, as we were giving a lift to one of the children to Romsey, where the puppet group my children are in were due to perform at the Romsey Abbey's fayre.

Unfortunately the M27 was closed over the weekend to allow them to build a bridge. This was on the hottest day of the year when Londoners would be flocking to Bournemouth via the M3 & M27 and when 5 cruiseships were in port – which meant that all of Hampshire's traffic was at a standstill from the knock-on effect.
So it took us 95 minutes to drive the 6 miles from Eastleigh to Romsey and when we got there we discovered that the puppet show had cancelled by the group's leader because he decided it would be too difficult to get to. So that was disappointing. Still, we had a look around Romsey Abbey before turning around and going home and my wife saw one of her friends there who had made the journey to watch the show.

Yesterday was a 25 mile walk, which took from 1pm to 8pm. We walked the Monarch's Way to Mottisfont, then the Test Way north to where it met the Clarendon Way, which we walked back. Strangely it took half the time to walk to the Potter's Heron than it had the day before to drive there, but when we were out walking for 7 hours we never met any other walkers. In 7 hours we only saw less than a dozen people in total. So theoretically the south of England is one of the most densely-populated areas of smiley - earth but we just didn't see anyone.smiley - weird

Hope you had a successful haircut smiley - sheep and enjoyed seeing open gardens – hopefully they'll be bird-filled!


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Wow, that was an epic weekend for you - quite the contrast indeed...

That is particularly striking that you were able to walk to Romsey so much faster than you were able to drive... Glad you were all able to make the most of the afternoon in the Abbey, even though the puppet event had been cancelled without giving you proper notice...

I hope you feel OK today after your marathon walk... Everyone else in the South must have been in their car while you were out walking!

I did have a successful haircut smiley - sheep - not quite as excellent as the last one, but at least I said the magic words again and the front looks good (the barber didn't show me the back, so when I got home I discovered a few remnants of Cousin Itt-ness that were easily fixed with my hairdressing scissors). The cut is not quite as short as in January (grade 8-esque rather than grade 6-esque) so nobody at work has commented yet! smiley - laugh

The Open Garden Day was good, but hard work... It didn't start off well because I decided to go down a footpath to get to the first garden, as the local newsletter said the footpath's entrance stile had been removed and the steps along the path had been made into ramps - what they neglected to mention was that the exit stile has not been removed smiley - facepalm so the footpath is still useless to me... Anyway, I went back and went the long way round and got there only 30 minutes later than planned. There were no birds to be seen (although I could hear a few) as it was so busy with people. I met loads of people I know, and I met Flash Gordon the Koi Carp too smiley - laugh The smiley - tea and smiley - cake was much needed, and the weather was just right so it was a very successful event smiley - ok My muscles know they had a good workout yesterday, but I'm fine now I've 'warmed up' since this morning smiley - tea

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The one thing I noticed is that the people I'm walking with don't seem to believe in resting at all. I had assumed we'd walk five miles and have a five or fifteen minute rest, walk another five miles and rest again, but no – no rests whatsoever, just the constant walking. So that made it very tiring. The foots smiley - footprints are definitely protesting today, particularly my left which has a blister on, which is frustrating. I use KT tape on the soles of my feet to prevent blisters, but when I did the long walk last year one of my toenails turned black and dropped off, so I concentrated on taping my toes as well as the soles of my feet. This time the soles of my feet were fine where I taped them, but right on the side of my feet just the other side of where the tape ended is where I picked up a blister. So the tape works, but it isn't quite big enough to cover my whole foot.

Isn't that the wrong way round – short haircut in winter, longer hair in summer?

Very frustrating about the styles! They’re not very helpful at all, mind you I suppose the same could be said about kissing gates and those inverted V gaps that are designed to stop bicycles from going through but block prams and presumably wheelchairs also (while the kids just lift their bikes over them so it doesn't stop cycling in any case).

If Flash Gordon the koi dies, do they dispatch war smiley - rocket Ajax to bring back his body?smiley - fish

I did see a red kite while walking – and a taken wicket.

And at long last the first issue of 'What the Dinosaur' is in smiley - thepost!


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(Not that you particularly need to know about my blisters, but as you were kind enough to sponsor me last year for a walk I didn't actually do, I want to make sure that you feel you've got your money's worth regardless.)


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Thank you - yes, your blister and the KT tape are interesting to me smiley - ok That is good that you've proven the tape is so effective, although the blister does make me worry that you again might have found yourself in a team of competitive people who would abandon you in the middle of nowhere if you can't do what they tell you... smiley - goodluck

"Isn't that the wrong way round – short haircut in winter, longer hair in summer?"

It is, rather, but there we go - I get what I'm given... The shortness of the winter cut took me by surprise, but at least it looked great and lasted for ages! This cut is more what I was expecting, lengthwise, even though it could have been neater, so I accepted it.

Yep, the barrier on the footpath would be no barrier to kids who can lift their bikes over, but is a barrier to prams and wheelchairs... That reminds me I need to check the Council's plans for it, to make sure they aren't thinking it is finished because one end of the path is OK...

"If Flash Gordon the koi dies, do they dispatch war smiley - rocket Ajax to bring back his body?"

smiley - laugh Yes indeed they will, I'm sure! smiley - ok

Well done on seeing a Red Kite - that's a bird I've not seen so far this year, and they are magnificent smiley - biggrin

"And at long last the first issue of 'What the Dinosaur' is in smiley - thepost !"

Yay! Great to see - your artwork is very impressive smiley - ok I can imagine you've honed your dinosaur- and Isle of Wight-drawing skills over many years smiley - ok

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Well it is the same team as last year, and yes they are more competitive than I am, plus all taller with a longer stride, making it difficult to keep up.

In other news I see the Jubilee Sailing Trust are in financial difficulty: They are a charity to encourage people of all abilities regardless of physical impairments to sail tall ships. One of their first vessels (which they don't own now) was the TS Royalist, which was built at Groves and Guttridge in 1971, the shipyard in East Cowes both my parents worked at, and they helped construct.

I'd be interested to hear what you think of how 'What the Dinosaur' progresses as I'm trying to be both coherent but hopefully unpredictable. So let me know what you suspect is going to happen next smiley - winkeye


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

"Well it is the same team as last year, and yes they are more competitive than I am"

Ah... Extra good luck with it, then smiley - goodluck I can't imagine your motivation for doing it, as for me 5k is more than far enough, but do look after yourself, please, as it's not worth permanent damage if eg your toes fall off and your team mates eat them, rather than helping you to stick them back on, to get extra energy to leave you behind even more quickly... (this I could imagine smiley - yikes)

That is a shock about the Jubilee Sailing Trust - beautiful ships that must have been excellent projects to work on constructing, but a shame that the cost of the maintenance of them contributed to financial crisis... smiley - blue I know of them, but sailing doesn't appeal to me (the only craft I have piloted was a little hand-pedal boat in 2ft-deep water at Gulliver's World Theme Park smiley - laugh) so I haven't followed their activities very often... I wonder if new Paralympic-style events since 2012 have impacted on the number of people participating...

"coherent but hopefully unpredictable"

Intriguing smiley - bigeyes I have made my prediction in the other thread and look forward to seeing the next page soon smiley - ok

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No, not a feminist beauty pageant, but the MS World is the world's largest residential liner, a cruise ship where people own and live in their cabins permanently as it sails all around the world. They've been hoping to attract cruise ships to Cowes and the MS World is the first to visit.

I'm not sure to what extent Paralympic-style sailing events since 2012 have impacted on the number of people participating with the Jubilee Sailing Trust, particularly as sailing has been dropped from the 2020 and 2024 Paralympic games. As Solent has both sport courses and Warsash Maritime Academy, we had quite a few young enthusiastic sailors, including Geoff Holt, who became the first quadriplegic sailor to cross the Atlantic solo back in 2009. smiley - eureka Ah, you probably mean the number of non-sailing events and activities have increased since the Paralympics, so there's more choice rather than simply sailing?

I've never been to Gulliver's World, is it good?

I think the appeal is the challenge of trying to push through my limits and doing things I never thought would be possible for me. That said, there's probably a very good reason why I didn't think they were possible for me to begin with…


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'


Wow! She will be a sight to behold...

Yes, sorry, I was thinking of events like canoeing and rowing, which are water-based sports but not sailing...

I enjoyed Gulliver's World just for those little boats - hours of fun! It was a bit tired in the 1980s compared to Alton Towers and Camelot but they seem to be doing OK now (unlike Camelot) - I see the ladybirds, the swing roundabout and the boats are still there smiley - biggrin

It is good to challenge yourself and your limits, but yes things may become possible, but they take time... Have you run a marathon yet? I recall you doing 10k, but I'm not sure if you'd done 24 miles in one go rather than in relays before your marathon walk...

I've got lots of fresh data to play with today, and the weather is pleasant while not being ridiculously hot indoors, so that's good smiley - biggrin

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Post 1759


Good news – I've got a new camera! Well, technically it is a second-hand camera, but it is new to me. I went for a Nikon D3300 in the end, which is a more modern equivalent of my old camera, but more advanced. The main difference with the latest model, the D3500, is that it doesn't have wifi or Bluetooth. I reckon it takes longer to link up two Bluetooth devices than it would to simply take the memory card out and put it in the laptop and it doesn't waste battery that way either.
Hopefully I'll get to try it out this weekend as my son and I go back to the 1940s!

Yesterday I should have been given an award because I was outstanding in my field! No, actually, I was out, standing in my field. Well, a field. It was our turn to host the RR10 so I did a spot of marshalling, clapping and cheering while guiding runners (and a couple of impatient cars that wanted to leave while people were still running).

Nothing wrong with smaller theme parks – particularly if you can actually walk onto the rides without having to queue for hours. You don't even need to have rides for theme parks. Is Warrington near Warmington-on-Sea?smiley - winkeye Not that I've been to Camelot either, and only went to Alton Towers once.

I've not run a marathon (42km) yet, but apart from running 28 miles over previous Endure24 weekends, the furthest I've run is 20 miles as part of the Great NorthSouth Run (which had a few drink stops) and of course half a dozen Half Marathons (13.1 miles).

I took my son to school today – he had another induction day at his next school, and was still unsure where to go or what class he'd be in, but I can only go as far as the school gate. Hopefully he'll be okay. Meanwhile the rest of the school also have their inductions in the year ahead, so my daughter's in her class for next year with a new teacher too, but at least she's staying with the same children. Hopefully they'll tell me how they got on when I get home.

This weekend I hopefully will finally do Mountbatten School parkrun!


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

That is great news that you have a new camera - sounds excellent! Yes, when I was looking for my new camera a couple of years ago wifi and bluetooth were not high on my list as it is quicker and cheaper to transfer the data by hand via the memory card! I hope you get great results with the camera and enjoy exploring the advanced features smiley - ok

Well done with the marshalling - I found Ra Ra Rasputin in my dancing game last night, so I played it in your honour for being outstanding in your field smiley - applausesmiley - biggrin (not the easiest choreography, but I got a reasonably good score!).

Yes, that was an advantage of Gulliver's World being not the most popular theme park at that time, so we didn't have to queue long, and I got a double go on the boats each time because it was difficult for me to get in and out of the boat, so I got my money's worth smiley - biggrin Warrington is not near the sea, but apart from that... smiley - laugh Camelot had a few rides (eg the ladybirds) but the main attraction was the jousting arena, yes.

I hope your son got on OK yesterday smiley - goodluck That's good that your daughter got an induction with her next teacher, too - I hope that went well for her smiley - ok

Have you seen/are you planning to see that film 'Yesterday'? I've seen the trailer a few times and it sounds like a fascinating entry into the pop musical genre!

I hope the parkrun goes as planned! I hope you enjoy the 1940s day, too - sounds good! My sister is visiting this weekend, so we'll probably go out for lunch, and I'll try to get some craft projects finished, too smiley - biggrin

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