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Well after building my own Dalek, it seemed like a good idea to make use of all the photos I took and tell people how I made it. And also an excuse to talk about Doctor Who and put up some photos, so if you're interested here it is,

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I call him Max

15th May 2005
Have now finally finnished my Dalek.

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I have decided to try and build a dalek, why?, well to see if I can do it and it'd be nice to have. So I'll see how I do.

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Panopticon 2000, 2/9/00

My first Doctor Who convention, and hopefully not my last, i got to see Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Nicolas Courtney and a few others, bought a few videos, a t-shirt and a key ring, not a bad time.

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newquay, cornwall, 16-22/8/00

I have been on holiday to Newquay, I was hoping to have a look into few second hand music shops, because I've been looking for a couple of albums of Roger Taylor and his band The Cross, didn't find any when on going to truro for the day I went into one shop and found the precice four I wanted, I have since found out that Truro is where he grew up.
I didn't realise how much I was enjoying myself until I came back.

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