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The Flying Headbutt

Post 22821

jack white

It's official, Mac.

We are never going to win another game.

Or hold on to another lead.

smiley - grr

The Flying Headbutt

Post 22822

McNamara That Ghost

Only Chelsea away next.

The Flying Headbutt

Post 22823

jack white

Yet another draw.

Although at least it was a draw that annoyed Chelsea fans.

If they can't beat us when we gift them a lead and a one man advantage early in the game they must be seriously rubbish. smiley - doh

I seem to recall we were discussing the nightmare of a potential Luiz/Mustafi partnership when the news broke that we were signing Luiz. And, to nobody's surprise, we were proven correct.

Nice of N'Golo KAnte, of all people, to recreate Steven Gerrard's most famous moment for us, though. smiley - laugh

The Flying Headbutt

Post 22824

McNamara That Ghost

It was funny seeing Chelsea perform the tribute act to the infamous Stevie Me moment they created.

Yes another draw, funny how we have gained points on Man Utd in the last two though. smiley - laugh

Another five games and they will be really worried.

The Flying Headbutt

Post 22825

jack white

The last couple of mornings in work have been quite amusing. Let's just say that the United fans are a little down in the mouth. smiley - laugh

It's weird that were way behind them in the league and I can still have a go at them but we have to take what little pleasure this season is offering us.

Although, having laughed at the Man U v Burnley game I then realised that United's incompetence enabled Burnley to find their form just as we're due to go there in the league. And Bournemouth have found their form too after an abysmal run just before we play them in the Cup.

Thanks, Gods. smiley - grr

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The Flying Headbutt

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