I constantly blame a lot of my behavior on the fact that I am currently a university science student (Marine and Freshwater Biology to be precise) hence the name.

Little quirks like: the time a friend of mine had some snail shells, the first think I thought was Class: Molluska, instead of just plain ol' "Snail".
And even when I am quite inebriated and possibly under the influence of a little more i still think in terms of logic and science. I have argued with people over the fact that at night, grass is grey not green, our brains think it's green becasue it's green during the day, but at night only our cones are picking up light and therefore it's grey. (I am really serious this is what i was saying after about half a Mickey of rum and some more)
It's a real shame sometimes and I have resigned to the fact that it makes me a major nerd, but as another friend so aptly put it: "at least you are passionate about what you are studying".
I have decided that I absorb the world in three terms: Science and Poetry. The third shall remain unmentioned. ;)
I know that it sounds odd, but I quite enjoy the arts. That is another thing i have a passion for. (Made it kind of difficult to decide what i was going to do with my life...hmmm science or arts?) But i chose science as a major. Arts is more of a free time hobby thing for me, something to do to unwind.
I love writing poetry. It makes me happy. That's all i have to say about it.

I am not the most athletic of persons. I played soccer for a while and i was alright. but nothing amazing. right now i count dancing as physical recreation. and for those of you out there laughing and pointings fingers...watch me dance and do the same thing that i am doing for the lenght of time that i am doing it and we'll see who's laughing. I think that if you move any part of your body for three hours straight it should count as excercise.
I also go SCUBA diving, which is fantastically amazing, but expensive and therefore seeing as I am a university student and by definition broke, i don't go as often as i would like.
I have tried rock climbing a few times and i quite enjoy it, but alas there are no facilities where i live so i will have to wait until i go back to university after the summer.
N.B. I live in the Bahamas (Nassau)

Well, enough about me...
I am absolutely ecstatic that there actually is a Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It maketh me quite glad. I must say. The scientist in me is saying: "Alright, let's get crackin"

See you ladles and gentlespoons later



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