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Happy new year!

Why does it seem that so many of my journal entries say nothing but "Wow, it's been a long time"? 'Cause I'm a lazy bum. I'd like to say that I'll try harder, that I'll keep in touch more. I could even make it a resolution! But why resolve to do something that I know I'll fail at?

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Latest reply: Jan 1, 2001

long time

So here I am again, writing in my journal on h2g2. I'm sure lots of people put interesting things here. I'm sure it all leads to fabulous discussions. But not for me. So sad.

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Latest reply: Sep 26, 2000

Lots of "no replies"

Well, here I am again. I wanted something on this page with the year 2000 on it. So here. I've dipped a toe back into the SST, so why not here? Aside from the fact that I have too much to do.

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Latest reply: Aug 1, 2000

Starlight Lines Employee Forum

I know that I'm too picky. I know that I have no right at all to tell other people what or how to write on the forum. But I drives me crazy. I am opinionated and as a long-time member I feel that I should be able to say what I feel. So, since most people seem to think that I am not justified in my critique, I'm leaving. It's the only fair thing to do. They have as much right to attack me as I have to attack them, and if I don't like it, I can leave. And I have.

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Latest reply: Feb 24, 2000

I was a guinnea pig...

...and boy did I get polled. That is to say I participated in h2g2's research poll last night! I used to be an interviewer, I know the job sucks. But at least she was calling people who wanted to give their help. Mind you, after the interview was over I kept thinking, "why did I say that? I should have said that instead!" Oh well. I hope what little I said helps.

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Latest reply: Jan 21, 2000

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