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Happy new year!

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Why does it seem that so many of my journal entries say nothing but "Wow, it's been a long time"? 'Cause I'm a lazy bum. I'd like to say that I'll try harder, that I'll keep in touch more. I could even make it a resolution! But why resolve to do something that I know I'll fail at?

Happy new year!

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The Apprentice

What a terrible shame. You must find resolve from somewhere. Even the thinnest strand of commitment in your existence can provide an anchor. I know that posting to the Internet seems like something of a fruitless pursuit and something of a chore - especially as so many of the sort of people who irritate you in the real world also appear to have migrated to the Net as well - but it's kind of enjoyable and you can safely stick two fingers (or one, whichever your preference) up at the people, practices and preferences that you dislike and know that there are people out there that:

(a) agree with you, and
(b) like the way you said it.

Stick with it and don't be a stranger. Or I'll keep writing these rambling notes on your page!

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