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Who's To-Do list is this?

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Starting another account just to store a to-do list? I'm impressed. OR weirded out.

Who's To-Do list is this?

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Deadangel - Still not dead, just!

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It's not just to store a To-Do list...'s to do what's stored on a To-Do list - just not this one. smiley - tongueout

The account was actually created to do the serious bits, writing for the Guide, having proper serious discussions, doing the research etc, while the main account is for blethering to (and about) 2legs, adding random comments, and all the usual drivel.

Having 2 jobs, no life, internet access only at work, and all the other nonsense appear to be getting in the way though. smiley - wah

No, I'm not telling you what the other account is, bit I will let you know if you guess it correctly. smiley - biggrin

Who's To-Do list is this?

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Your other to-do list includes quite a bit of PR, I gather.
Two to-do lists! smiley - yikes I can barely keep up with one (which has been known to reach 17 bulleted points on bad days, most of them highlighted in red pen).

I'd recommend that you quit one job to enable more reviewer and writing. A person has to have his or her priorities in order, and clearly yours are out of whack. Except for the part about blathering to and about 2legs.

Who's To-Do list is this?

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

To do list eh?
And you've done so little with it.,-95.677068&sspn=34.999041,79.013672&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=South+Korea&ll=23.885838,19.6875&spn=168.539169,272.109375&t=p&z=1

smiley - ufo

Who's To-Do list is this?

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Deadangel - Still not dead, just!

"you've done so little with it. "

I like taking my time over things that matter. (I'm also dead lazy).

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Who's To-Do list is this?

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