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It has been pointed out to me that a relatively new acquaintance, young Miss Juliette Losq, has a rather excellent website wherein she exhibits, virtually, if you will, a remarkable set of samples of her artwork. It's an online gallery.

There's Still Life, portraits, landscapes and something else... oh, yeah; life studies.

The biography page tells you about her time at Newnham College, Cambridge and the Courtauld Institute.

I'm impressed, to say the least.

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Latest reply: Jan 11, 2004

Moan, Moan, Moan

Why can't the Guide be a little more like the Guide in the books insofar as entries seem to be trying too much to be factual and lacking character?

Opinion is nearly always inseparable from 'fact', so all the 'according to this researcher' stuff dotted around this website's official entries seems a bit too... I dunno. It puts a wall between the Guide and the User.

I mean, the Guide doesn't always have to be RIGHT, of all things, does it? Can't someone use the Guide to find a restaurant, but disagree with the Guide on whether the Beluga caviar is exquisite or not?

If a User reads on the Guide that the food in such-and-such a place is very good, that User's going to be a twit if they think 'Well then that's indisputable fact'.

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Latest reply: Oct 8, 2003

Busy Day, Good Day

Tomorrow, that is. Hoping to watch X-Men 2 at around 12; Leicester Sq with any luck. Then a meeting at Alomo Productions in the afternoon.

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A New Way To Write Comedy

Going to bed in about half an hour, then getting up at 1am. Have three pints of Theakston's Old Peculiar to quaff and will get back to bed circa four of the clock.

Don't know that it'll help much with my meeting at Alomo Productions on Thursday, but it'll make interesting going.

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A company likes it and is taking out an option on it. Hooray.

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Latest reply: Sep 27, 2002

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