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That was the past..

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Hang on to your hat for the future smiley - winkeye

We did use to rival Wiki didn't we? And I think we will again. The thing is, we're two totally separate things. It's kinda like in the books, the references to alcohol in the Encyclopedia Galactica and in the Guide.

Go look up the entries in Wiki and here. Kinda similar.

But Wiki is a reference site, we're a Guide. They're large, so was the BBC. In the short space of time we've had our hands on the code we've been able to fix far more bugs than the beeb did, because we don't have layers of bureaucracy to go through each time. We just fix the bug.

And the future development should move faster still. We've got plans smiley - winkeye

smiley - rose

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That was the past..

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