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They shut me down!

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Jimi X

My old observatory is closed!

Peta asked me to take over the h2g2 University Observatory

So, that's where you can now go for a sky update!

If you could update the links, that would be great!

BTW: Nice to see that you're back. GREAT job on the Simpson's entry!! smiley - smiley

- X

They shut me down!

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Thanks Jimi - I was never really gone, but I only popped in for a few minutes from time to time just to see what was going on......I'm back now, but I doubt I'll have the time to spend on h2g2 like I used to smiley - sadface

I visited the new observatory and it looks great! Are you going to leave the old one up the way you have it now - if so I'll put both in the lobby, with a closed sign on the old one (a la Shazz's house of relaxation). If not, I'll just change the link to the new location.

BTW, have you noticed that I've finally caught you on the heavy hitters game? We are separated by a mere 4 points, however. I never did give you my lineup, and although it has changed several times in the past few months, here it is now:

C Mike Piazza NYM
1B Todd Helton Col
2B Delino DeShields Bal
3B Jeff Cirillo Col
SS Cristian Guzman Min
LF Carlos Lee CWS
CF Steve Finley Ari
RF Jeffrey Hammonds Col

As you can see, I do much better when the Rockies are at home smiley - smiley


They shut me down!

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Jimi X

I wondered who you had a catcher - Piazza! That explains a lot.
That's a solid looking team. I can't keep a full squad on the field - every week, the day after rosters are to be submitted another one goes on the DL.

As for the Observatory, at the end of next month I'm going to take it down and replace it with the other one. I just hope I got everyone who is linking to it. smiley - winkeye

Have you checked out the University of Life pages? That project really energized my h2g2 experience!

They shut me down!

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Actually, I had Pudge Rodriguez until he broke his thumb on Mo Vaughn's bat. So much for the Rangers...........The Cubs are teasing us with the best record since the all-star break, but there's no way it will last!

I will be sure to update the link to the new observatory. Too bad there isn't a way to sneak a link back to FD in there smiley - smiley

They shut me down!

Post 5

Jimi X

I'll make that happen with the next update! smiley - winkeye

But don't tell anybody!

Heh, heh, heh...

They shut me down!

Post 6

The Ghost Of TV's Frink

smiley - smiley

They shut me down!

Post 7

Styx the Rat

sniff sniff sniff
*stands on hind legs and looks around*

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They shut me down!

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