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Frink! Remember me?

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Hey, ummmmm.... what happened?

I leave for a couple months to finally grab that bite of lunch that I was hoping for and when I get out of my drunken stupor (?) my page is in tatters, I no longer remember GuideML, and I feel utterly lost...

Is there anything really important that I should know about that happened - lets say - in the last 6 months... *quiet sigh*

BTW - I was on the Denver beltway a couple weeks ago... Nice city from what was able to see...

Frink! Remember me?

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Hey there Frus!

I have to admit that I've been gone for a few months as well - I stopped by from time to time to see what has been going on, but I went months without posting anything....I'm back now, but I'll never have the time to spend on h2g2 like I used to smiley - sadface

They changed GuideML to make it more strict, and it really did a number on my pages. Not only were my links not working, but they actually disappeared, replaced with this: . So I have to hunt down all my links again.......and the pulldown boxes weren't working, and some of my tags weren't correct......I've nearly got it sorted, but it is trying my patience!

Too bad you didn't have time to visit Denver. It is as good as advertised. smiley - smiley

Good to see you back

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Frink! Remember me?

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