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Hi there smiley - smiley Good to see you back! smiley - smiley


*waves at TVF*

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Hi Joanna! Thanks for stopping by smiley - smiley I'm glad to see someone noticed I've been gone for a while, although I haven't really been gone......I've popped in occasionally to see what has been happening around h2g2, but I've really been too busy IRL to do much else......and ever since they went to the stricter form of guideml, I've slowly been trying to fix my pages as well!


*waves at TVF*

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How're you doing with that? I know its less than comforting to find your page says 'XML loading error, illegal character something or other smiley - smiley

Have you tried the new skin yet? That was something else that seemed strange to begin with... smiley - smiley

Well good luck with getting your pages going again...

*waves at TVF*

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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Thanks Joanna, I think it's mostly sorted out now....and your part of the Misfit roster is finally up again! I had a lot of difficulty with the dropdown window I was using, since java and h2g2 don't like each other so much anymore. Also, none of my links used quotation marks, which was fine under the older guideml, but not so fine under the more strict guideml we now have. Not to mention tags not matching, the ampersand character not working, etc. etc. etc.

At least now they tell you where you've made a mistake smiley - smiley

I thought the alabaster skin was downright ugly when I first saw it, but I'm starting to get used to it. I just wish cyan text showed up as well in alabaster as it does in classic goo smiley - sadface

how's the presidential campaign going?

*waves at TVF*

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Apparently theres stuff in the pipeline for tags for colours which show contrast against whatever skin ppl are using at the time.. or something smiley - bigeyes

The campaigns going okay; Demon Drawer was almost fatally poisoned but thankfully he survived, although we still don't know if it was an assasination attempt by any of the other candidates...

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