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Nice Day to All

Well, wait long enough and even RSBohn/U37566 will check in. Not much to report here. I'm working at Center7 now [URL removed by moderator]My kids are growing up and my wife just gets better every day.

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Latest reply: Dec 19, 2000

Playing with search engines

Want a list of sites that link to your page? You can add a 'Links to this page' link using AltaVista. I'll post the details soon.


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Latest reply: Jun 12, 2000

Cassette Tape Adventure

We took a vacation (holiday) to Prescott Arizona last week. I thought perhaps I might put some music on cassette tapes so we could listen to it on the way. So I bought a used tape deck from DI. It has two decks, one does recording and playback, the other is playback only. I had to buy a cable to connect it to the sound card on my desktop (from Radio Shack -- They wanted my name and address, even though I was paying cash! pbbt!). I had to open the deck and repair it some. Then I queued up a slew of MP3 files from my MP3 radio station I only bought one cable, so I couldn't easily listen to the new tape in the office. I had to wait to listen in my car.

It was bad. Just bad. I guess I should spring for a Nomad.

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Latest reply: Jun 9, 2000

2000-01-15: How I nearly broke my spine

I took my three children sledding on January 15. We had a good time. Then I got on the sled and rode it over a three foot drop. I heard something go 'POP!' As I lay there in the snow gasping for breath the kids ran up and said 'Cool Daddy! I wanna try it!' It was a long hike back to the car, and a longer drive to the chiropractors.

The bottom line? smiley - winkeye If you are over 30, stay off the slopes.

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Well, I'm still alive. So are you. Isn't life great?

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