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Wotcher me ole fruit!

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I just thought I'd drop by to say hello.


Sorry to hear that looking after your health if proving difficult... I've always had to watch my weight since I was a teenager and, when I was in my mid thirties, was diagnosed as having an auto-immune thryroxin difficiency. In other words, my immune system thinks it should attack my thyroxin which would account for my always being prone to gaining weight at the merest sniff of something tasty! Just think, all those running shoes and miles clocked up wearing the buggers, exercise classes, gym memberships could have been avoided if I'd just gone to the doctor and had a blood test!

I always wondered why, as a vegan I struggled to stay slim as, normally vegans are supposed to be slender due to their diet..... smiley - bigeyes

I suppose your current diet can't be far off a vegetarian/vegan one, then?

BTW, I enjoyed your page introduction about the cinema, etc..... Very interesting. My hubby is one of those types who always seems to know/remember directors, script writers, etc..... I on the other hand have trouble remembering actor's names and faces, never mind anything more complicated! It's a wonder I can recognise my own family at times! smiley - winkeye

Wotcher me ole fruit!

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

Hi Gwennie,

glad you stopped by....boy, talk about how our bodies can screw ourselves up really well - I had no idea I was diabetic until my doctor decided to blood-test me after something (I thought was) utterly unrelated happened. Better to catch it sooner than later, though.

My current diet is mostly vegetarian, although I've a penchant for eating anything that looks tasty, especially the heavily-sugared. I now have to learn to cook, or find an unreasonable facimile, to maintain some food-chemistry stability.

Glad you liked the page; I started off thinking this was going to be really dull...apparently not. The secret to remembering the credit-list on pictures is to be passionate about may well have a strength in some other area.


Wotcher me ole fruit!

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*Thinks hard for a minute on whether she has any strengths in other areas......*

Nope! I don't think so! smiley - bigeyes *Gives a vacant grin!*

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