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The fun one can have with tables

Fell off a table yesterday night at a staff party, dancing to YMCA. That's all. 

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I have to cook potatoe in a minute - this obviously terrifies me. I don't think I can stand the responsibility.
After that I shall learn my lines for a play I'm in on Friday. I find leaving things to the last minute is always the best policy, as it leaves you with all those free minutes before the last one.
Today, I have done little and yet it has been a good day. I have fed a goose, for instance.....and that sort of opportunity is not one that many get. 

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Simon's Days

 Monday 17th May
Stuck in a shite town for another few months in the dust of my best friends who left long ago. My wonderful girlfriend is still here although her looming A-Levels mean that teachers see more of her than I do. Counting the days.....

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