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Just installed a new operating system and have spent the weekend playing with it. Got rid if Microsoft and we are now with Linux. The distro we have chosen is great but it shows how much MS have the monopoly on the world of computing. Software that comes with things such as webcams, mobile phones, even when they are not supported by MS are more often that not designed to run on it.

We are still experimenting, there are ways around most things but if we find we are limited on what we can do with our computer we may have to go back - boo-hoo.

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What a weekend

Just back from a great weekend in Ireland. Stayed with R's family in both Dublin and Kilkenny and had a couple of drinking sessions. Nice to get away for a bit and see everyone over there... but how hard is it to come back to work after!!!

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Today I am mostly...

... eating

A mexican style lasagne with layers of tortilla, rice and beef, hot salsa and cheese sauce. Me fella is cooking it now and I can't wait it is going to be yummy!!! He has also got triple chocolate brownies in the oven which smell delish - how lucky am I!?!

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Top 5 - Books!

I have decided that these are, in no particular order...

- Beloved: Toni Morrison
- Gone With the Wind: Margaret Mitchell
- Great Expectations: Charles Dickens
- Tess of the D'Urbervilles: Thomas Hardy
- Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen

But now that I've written them down I can think of loads more that should be in there. I may have to come back to the list...

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Lately becoming weirdly obsessed by researching randomly on h2g2 - I seem to have forgotten I have a life, boyfriend, housework etc. Can't complain - I have found some really useful articles: Including one on condoms that I may refer to when doing condom demonstrations in work (Don't worry - I am a Youth Worker, I don't turn up at the office, slap a fake willy on the table and demand for people to impress me: I do... but not in an office!). A375455

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