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I have just seen the trailer.

Whilst it is obviously important to avoid making sweeping generalisations about an whole film based on a couple of minutes' worth of trailer I can't avoid a rising sense of disappointment.

I think the best thing to hope for at this stage is that perhaps it was just the trailer (including the voiceover) which was concocted by someone who DIDN'T GET THE POINT and not the screenwriting, casting, CGI and design as well.

The worst thing is probably that after too long a wait we'll be left with something equivalent to an americanised version of the TV series...

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Remembered password, finally. I have some work to do here...

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Big bath in the sky...


Ever since seeing the animated babel fish through the living room door as a child (who should have been in bed), a lot of that I think has been a compromise between the wish that DNA's ideas would one day be reality combined with the pessimism that we will never be so lucky.

Very sad day.

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Proper Job

So... I now work for one of the country's largest financial institutions in which five years' (on and off) worth of training in Biology is about as useful as the ability to tread water would be on Mercury. Having recently turned 25 the fact that I've only just got something where the word "prospects" can be applied without laughing sometimes worries me.
The first thing that struck me about the job and my fellow staff was the complete lack of recognition my colleagues showed when various Viz euphemisms were employed in a icebreaking excerise, followed by their apparent enthusiasm to see the film "Miss Congeniality". No doubt some of them would call me sad for not wishing to spend every Friday night in the Eros nightclub so I feel free in applying the term to them.
On a happier note, I now have Pagemill, Dreamweaver, Flash and the domain names wingpig and porkfarthing. I now need to stop downloading vast amounts of crap (nice new 40GB HDD for birthday) and get on with writing things. I haven't done anything for the Guide for ages, too. I shall soon. The newfound pleasure of looking at a screen with 1024*768 resolution (nothing new I know, but it's been a long time since the technological utopia of university) should hopefully mean that I gaze longingly at it whilst typing frantically frequently in the months to come.
My girlfriend now appears to be 'tidying'. I shall have to leave, lest something unimportant and useless but nonetheless sentimentally valuable is cast unto the landfill. I believe that large amounts of crap add a feeling of homeliness to an home whereas she believes Swedish pine and little bits of shiny chromed kitchenness will achieve the same effect. My reasoning is that everybody should keep something with which to severely embarass their progeny in years to come.

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Excellent. Stuff I have written now appears on the BBC website. Another dream of childhood has been fulfilled, not that I knew what a website was until I was 17.
Can't be bothered to do anything here at the moment and I need to read the stuff that explains whether or no I could have used "can't be d". Channel 4 news are seeking to push back the boundaries of acceptable language with the use of several hitherto banned words on the 7pm bulletin but I'm not sure what the BBC thinks.
Progress is good.

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