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I have just seen the trailer.

Whilst it is obviously important to avoid making sweeping generalisations about an whole film based on a couple of minutes' worth of trailer I can't avoid a rising sense of disappointment.

I think the best thing to hope for at this stage is that perhaps it was just the trailer (including the voiceover) which was concocted by someone who DIDN'T GET THE POINT and not the screenwriting, casting, CGI and design as well.

The worst thing is probably that after too long a wait we'll be left with something equivalent to an americanised version of the TV series...


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Bernadette Lynn_ Home Educator

By now you must have seen it - what did you think (dare I ask?)


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I have been compelled to refer to it as [i]The Abomination[/i]. NOTHING redeems it, not even the chopping-bread-lightsabre gag (appallingly badly-executed) which I seem to recall was mentioned on here in the early days. Horriblehorriblehorriblefilm. Still, if it makes just one person read the books or listen to the radio series to see what the original forms were like then it has served its purpose.


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smiley - space
okay, i'll bite... is this a british film you are talking about?

what are the books and the radio series?

smiley - smiley <---american

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