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Zach Garland

Thanks Red. I'm a bit squeezed right now financially. My recent addiction to MST3K is just a part of the problem. I think the stress of this divorce has turned me into a compulsive shopper. At least I'm not a kleptomaniac... yet!

When I've got the cash to spend, I'll send out an official plea for help here in I think the only proper way to do it is I go to my bank and ask them to cut me a money order for english currency. I think they can do that. I'll have to check. Provided they can do that, the next step will be to mail it to an individual I contact via and email- someone who actually lives on the British Isle. I'll ask them politely if they'd mind going to a store and purchasing a copy for me, then they can ship it back to me, theoretically using funds from the money order. I may try to add a couple pounds above postage to the money order too, as thanks for going to all this trouble. Then I'll be a happy camper.

An alternative would be for DOUGLAS ADAMS TO START SELLING COPIES OF THE ORIGINAL RADIO SHOW ON TAPE OR CD AT THE TDV.COM SITE provided he could take american currency. It would make things a LITTLE easier. DOUG! YOU LISTENIN'?? YOU CAN HAVE MY FIRST BORN IF YA'D JUST... oh who am ah kiddin'? DNA don't read the forums, he's too busy contemplating tea leaves.

As for the radio scripts, I used to have a copy. It was a dog-eared copy with highlights all through it, because at one time I worked on a theatrical one-man presentation of the show for some speech tournaments back in high school. Didn't win though. I sucked at it. Well, it was kinda difficult to reduce the series into a little ten minute one-man presentation. I got the voices down good, but the audience was pretty much in shock by the time it was all over.

Anyway that was back in high school. I've no idea what happened to that book. I think I wore it out so much one day it just sat there on the bookshelf and crumpled to dust.


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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

TV's Frink......I love it! It combines my two favorite shows, The Simpsons and MST3K. Plus, it will help avoid confusion with any future frinks. I think I'll go change my name as soon as I am done writing this. Thanks!

Agree with your comments on MST3k. I know they have had many movies that they wanted to use, but were unable to get the rights. When the show was still on Comedy Central, they would stop showing certain reruns because the rights to the movie would expire. A tough way to run a show, using other people's work, but a wonderful concept.

I own a copy of the Hitchhiker radio scripts that I bought at a local Barnes and Noble a few years back. A search on did not turn up any new copies for sale, but did list a few used editions.

(TV's) Frink


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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Oh, forgot to mention that last week I ordered a copy of the radio series CD from using my credit card (had to find a currency translator to find out how much I was paying). We'll see how long it takes to get here......

HHGG Radio Series

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Thats Sacralidge! How could you do that?!! I could report you y'know!

HHGG Radio Series

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Zach Garland

It's alright, Red. 46 weeks later I can now report the Hitch Hiker's Guide Radio Script book I have is alive and well, though sore for old age, and sitting prominently on my bookshelves. I even pulled it out a few months back and read it again. Love that damn thing. It's in bad shape though. All the pages are falling out and I have parts of it paperclipped together.


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Klonia Servo, almighty goddess of the universe, MiSTie supreme...or at least on Thursdays.

Well, I'm glad to say that three years from the end, MST3K is still running around. Via traders, most obviously, but it is getting better! There are a few of us in England who have experienced the (slightly long) joy of Mystery Science Theater, and we make it our duty to inform the whole world about Joel/Mike, Gypsy, Tom, Crow and Cambot (not to mention Dr F, TV's Frank, Pearl, Bobo, Brain Guy and countless other small roles including but not limited to the Plant that reviews music, Jack Perkins and the Mole People, Sylvia and Jeff). *Takes in a deep breath*

Oh, yeah, a couple of corrections.

Humdingers are HAMdingers, which was processed ham made into little patties (like Spamburgers), but they tasted so awful that they were used in dog food. Anything so terribly awful must be approached carefully.

Next point: Mike vs. Joel.

Any MiSTie worth their salt would know about the great Mike vs. Joel (Joel vs. Mike?) flamewar. It tore apart the worldwide community of MST3K fans and it occured from 1994-1995. People have vowed since that not to talk about their preference of Joel or Mike. Just saying.

Anyway, ciao for now!

HHGG Radio Series

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If you are still on H2G2, Zach Garland, would you be able to tell me if I could get it anywhere on the Internet WITHOUT buying it? Would anyone else know of a place? I'm extremely desperate.


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