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An Italian Job

Welcome and all that, and everything above applies. But I'm off for some Italian sun near the island of Sicily. Back on the 15th May, when the madness will resume...

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20th October

Off on holiday to Cork, Ireland for the Guinness Jazz Festival, and leaving the big brown china teapot in the capable hands of bludragon and Festival. Wonko the Sane may pop in from time to time. Find them all below on October 4th if you should stumble in to the home of the just-boiled kettle. And if you should stumble in, why not tell me what 45 RPM single you would bring to my 45th birthday party, which I'll also be having during my two weeks off. See you all on 8th November.

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October 4th

At last! The 15-week-old stuff that I wrote when I first joined has disappeared into electronic limbo land.

Although the Pope says there's no such thing as limbo any more. So what happened to all those people who'd been in it for centuries? Do they get a compensatory three-month pass to heaven, or a tax-free lump sum against damages? Or will they all just fall to the ground in a great big heap one day?

Anyway, it seems like a long time since I penned my first words in here, and there's been some great developments along the way, like being able to see who's on line. I love all the community pages and on-line chat, and there's some wonderful loonies out there, even if they are no respecters of hedgehogs. And I've even got a doppelganger (note to editors, if they ever read this: why doesn't the server prevent two people from having the same name when they register?). So even if I can't sit up till two in the morning with the night owls because I have to rely on a computer while at work, I intend to continue to be all over these forums like a cheap suit...

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Shoes Update

Well the shoes broke in nicely, you'll all be glad to hear. The sock/shoe clearance is no longer critical, which is good news for somebody like me who doesn't come to until noon and can't be bumbling around the bedroom at 0830 going "will these socks fit inside those shoes at the same time as my feet, or will I have to wear the big pair of Doc Martens to accomodate the socks?" So now I can pluck the Wallace & Gromit merchandise from the sock drawer with impunity. And in the dark. Which it will be again soon.

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May 5th 1999

Well let's kick this thing off.

What did I do today?

Walked into work. 40 minutes, briskly. Two-day old pair of shoes on my feet. They were fine yesterday, today they're giving me hell. Only difference? Yesterday I wasn't wearing Wallace & Gromit socks. True they're slightly thicker than yesterday's socks, but I had no idea the foot-shoe clearance dimension was so important that a half-millimetre increase in the size of the enclosed object would result in such drastically increased friction from the boundary object. Or perhaps I'm being punished for my questionable taste in footwear.
Nothing else bugged me quite as much today, so I'll leave it there.

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