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Viva Las Vegas

Well, since changing access computer thingy, this is my first time back at H2G2, and I have just about managed to get my homepage to look like it should and not like a load of rotten old code. Could this be a sign of good stuff to come??? I wouldn't hold your breath....

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Latest reply: Jul 5, 2000

At last.... failure!

Another proud moment for me - my thoroughly researched, cunningly wrought Guide Entry on Walthamstow is now officially on the Most Neglected list. (Rather like the real Walthamstow, in fact.)

Now, everyone be sure and ignore it so it will stay there, all right?

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Latest reply: Mar 16, 2000


It's a proud moment.

Today my very first Guide Entry has become approved. Well, I have participated in other Approved Entries before, but the one on Llamas is the first to be initiated and mainly written/wittered by me.

*Glow of satisfaction*

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Latest reply: Jan 17, 2000

Boot relief

I have actually managed to get some boots now, so footwear-related emergency over. And they were in the sale too. Hoorah. Probably they will fall apart after three weeks and/or be incredibly uncomfortable, but hey - c'est la vie...

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Fashion, eh?

Who was it that decided women's shoes had to all be totally ridiculous? Here I am, looking for a pair of plain black lace-up boots, and can I find any? Can I bogroll. Men's shoe departments are full of sensible footwear in black and brown, and women's shoe departments are full of tiny bits of red and silver leather held together with paper clips and huge spikes on the heels. What a "sensible" state of affairs, eh...

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Latest reply: Nov 11, 1999

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