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How do you Solve a Problem like Maria!??

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Dragonfly. "A poet can survive everything but a misprint"-- Oscar Wilde

How do you catch a cloud and pin in it down!??

How do you find a word that means Maria!??

..... all right....

I don't think Maria was the problem-- it was those NUNS!!! smiley - smiley It's the religious system, and that's why I am happy to be speaking to heathenistic diety.... smiley - smiley

Maria loved music, and Christ be dammned if she couldn't enjoy that passion!!!

I-- I practiced my piano in this wonderful-looking church on my college campus, until the day I was kicked out... funny...I-- I was praying...

And I wasn't playing show-tunes...

I was respectful!!! They didn't even offer to hear me play!!!

So how do you solve a problem like uppity-no-fun-no-noise-this-is-a-house-of-God-so-take-no-pleasure-within religious system!?? EH!???

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How do you Solve a Problem like Maria!??

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