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Friday 7th May

 Well here we go..The Life and Times of a Bewildered Woman..

Had a very close call today, the stair monster nearly had me!!
if not for some deft manouvres and a soft carpet my skeleton
could have been a unique shape..
I thought I had intruders..maybe even the Mad Axe Man..and had
to bound down the stairs, as you do, to greet them.. Don't worry
I was carrying an extra large ashtray, even better than a torch
when facing unknown nutters..and doncha just know it, the stair
monster moved a step, resulting in me doing the midair wobble,
as time slowed down for me I tossed the ashtray to one side,
corrected the forward overbalance, and with an almighty effort
threw myself back, both hands clawing at the walls..
So I now have an interesting mottling on my butt and quaint
parallel tracks down the walls, as well as wallpaper wedged
under my fingernails. I haven't found the ashtray yet!!
( and it was only my sister!! and her pal come to show off
her tattoo, which was very nice)


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